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Video Rewind: Movie(s) of the Week- Part 1

It's closing time for Bootsie (Mare Winngham) and Dee Dee (Kathleen Wilhoite) in Single Bars Single Women

It's closing time for Bootsie (Mare Winngham) and Dee Dee (Kathleen Wilhoite) in Single Bars Single Women

Remember the good old days when we had three television networks and there was nothing to watch, compared to today when we have over five thousand channels and nothing to watch?

In those long ago days, there was one thing we could count on. The movie of the week or MOW.

There was always something for everyone, but it seems like the "controversial" movies were always the ratings winner.

So, imagine it's Sunday night, you're trying to unwind and you've come across the following movies. What would you be watching in order to prepare for the Monday blues?

Little Ladies of the Night- (1-16-1977)

Hailey Atkins (Linda Purl) is your average teenager, but has been having problems at home with her mother (Carolyn Jones). In fact, things are so bad that Hailey runs away and while looking for a place to sleep, crawls into the backseat of Detective Finch's (Vic Tayback) car.

Finch, an undercover cop, is having a great night.

He first busts teen prostitute Karen (Kathleen Quinlan) and when he gets back to his car, finds Hailey asleep. It's off to the station with her in tow.

While Hailey's in holding, ex-pimp Kyle York (David Soul) takes an interest in her and with the help of Russ Garfield (Louis Gossett, Jr.) they manage to get her to go home.

On her way home, her father (Paul Burke) tells her that things will be better and everyone should work at the family dynamic. Hailey agrees to try, but her mother just can't accept it.

It seems that Marilyn thinks Hailey's going to turn her against Frank and Marilyn isn't willing to try to fix the family's problems.

Frank suggests that they go away for a ski weekend and while it seems like a good idea, Marilyn has her doubts and Hailey overhears an argument between them. After Marilyn drops Hailey off at school, Hailey decides that she's had enough and hops a bus back to Los Angeles.

Once she gets off the bus, Comfort (Clifton Davis) spots her and follows her to a food stand and buys her lunch. Of course he sweet talks her and before she knows it, she's a part of his stable.

Before she starts turning tricks, she runs into Karen and she gives her the rundown about being a "working girl" and she had better watch herself, especially with Comfort.

Kyle sees her on the street and once again helps her get away from Comfort by placing her at a half way house type of place where Miss Colby (Katherine Helmond) is in charge of the girls. The agreement is that Hailey's only going to be there for a short time until Kyle and Russ can place her into a foster home.

Well, Miss Colby seems to be worse than Comfort and Hailey runs away from there and tracks down Karen at a bar/restaurant run by former prostitute Maggie (Dorothy Malone).

Kyle asks Maggie if she's seen Hailey and she says that she has and that she's been working for Comfort.

As Hailey becomes more hardened, Kyle tries desperately to save her from the street since he doesn't want her murdered like his sister was and now the only thing between life and death for the young girl is for Kyle and Comfort to battle it out.

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Single Bars Single Women- (10-14-1984)

If you weren't a barfly in the early '80's, then you don't know what partying was like!

It's Friday night and the regulars of Bandini's are getting ready for another night of drinking and casual sex after a long work week.

Frankie (Shelley Hack) and Patti (Frances Lee McCain) are waitresses at the local restaurant and frequent the bar quite often. Patti's a little jealous of how blasé Frankie is when it comes to casual pick ups at closing time. She keeps reminding her that she shouldn't be so hurt over her recent breakup with Gabe (Paul Michael Glaser) and she should just have fun. Frankie reminds her that she is having fun and it really isn't none of her business what she does.

Schoolteacher Elsie (Christine Lahti) is looking for love and with her birthday the next day, she tells her roommate Virge (Jean Smart) that they both need to get out there and look for a possible mate. Elsie reminds her that for fun, the two might even "have popcorn as a special treat." Virge is afraid that Elsie's going to bring home a murderer if she meets someone.

Bootsie (Mare Winngham) and Dee Dee (Kathleen Wilhoite) are in the prime of their partying days and have developed a reputation at the bar. However, Bootsie's having second thoughts about the boozing and cruising that they do and wonders if it's all worth going out every night. Dee Dee tries to explain to her that life is like buying a blender and what it would be like to have just one for the rest of your life or a variety.

As the night wears on, Elsie is embarrassed when she meets a group of guys and finds that one of them Leo (Leo Geter) was one of her students. She tells them that she's just come from a wedding and dismisses herself until she eventually meets Max (Christopher Allport).

Dee Dee is falling head over heels for Dolph (Rick Rossovich) and they head out to his van for what he hopes is a little something extra.

The Manetti brothers Dennis and Lionel (Tony Danza and Keith Gordon) arrive and Dennis gives a tutorial of the scene. It's Lionel's first time in a bar (since he's ben studying to be a priest) and he meets perpetual seat warmer Sonia (Jessica Nelson) who thinks that she'll eventually meet Mr. Right.

Her hopes rise when she meets Lionel and he starts to pay attention to her, but soon discovers that she's too clingy and Dennis subtly tells her to get lost.

As closing time gets nearer, desperation is in the air as everyone tries to find someone and not without consequences.

Homeless (aka No Place Like Home)- (12-3-1989)

While not a horror film, it's probably the closest thing to terror that everyone is afraid of. Becoming homeless.

Mike Cooper (Jeff Daniels) is happy with his life. He's an apartment superintendent and he's almost done with school to become an electrician.

He's happily married to Zan (Christine Lahti) has two kids David and Tina (Lantz Landry and Kyndra Joy Casper) and knows that once he gets his license life will get even better.

On the night of his mother's birthday, his brother Eddie (Scott Marlowe) and wife Bonnie (Kathy Bates) cancel their plans of coming over to their apartment and instead have them over to their house.

After the evening's festivities, they return to their apartment and find that the building is on fire.

As proud as Mike is, he declines the offer of moving in with Eddie and Bonnie and moves his family into a motel until the school year is over.

Zan has taken extra shifts at the restaurant where she works while Mike looks for work as their savings start to dwindle.

Finally, they agree to move in temporarily with Eddie and things go downhill from there.

Mike is only available to find day work and Zan isn't working since the kids are out of school for the summer. Tensions rise amongst the Coopers as Eddie finds out that Zan has applied for assistance and this brings embarrassment to Eddie.

After a heated argument, Mike moves the family out of Eddie's and they take Eddie's station wagon for a couple of days. Eventually, the family lives out of it.

As Mike continues to find day work, the family moves into a shelter first and then they are able to get a room at a transient hotel in the ghetto of Pittsburgh.

David starts to fall in with the wrong crowd, and Zan befriends Prue (CCH Pounder) someone who lends an ear and gives advice to. While their friendship grows, Prue learns that after a year long wait, she's finally getting her own home and a job.

While Mike was able to find a part time job, his boss has closed up shop and moves down south where the work is plenty.

Mike decides that he's going to follow and leaves his family behind until he can get settled and then he'll send for them.

After an altercation at the hotel, Zan hurriedly packs up the kids and they find themselves living on the street. They go back to Eddie's house and since he's not home, they break in and someone has called the police on them, so they find themselves back on the street.

Zan knows of only one place that she can take the kids to and at least feel marginally safe and that's back to the apartment building and as winter sets in, hopefully life will get better for the Coopers.

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