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Video Rewind: Grosse Pointe The Complete Series

Marcy (Lindsay Sloane-l) and Courtney (Bonnie Somerville) fatten up Hunter (Irene Molloy) at the craft service table.

Marcy (Lindsay Sloane-l) and Courtney (Bonnie Somerville) fatten up Hunter (Irene Molloy) at the craft service table.

Remember the Fall 2000 television line up? There were some good shows- Bette, Welcome to New York and of course Grosse Pointe.

Unfortunately, none ever saw a second season (thanks to being moved around on what seemed like a weekly basis) but the only show to see a DVD release was the latter. And fans can only wonder what a second season would have been like since it ends with a cliffhanger.

The show follows the cast of the fictional nighttime soap, Grosse Pointe when Courtney Scott (Bonnie Somerville) joins the cast as orphaned cousin, Laura. Although naive, she is up to no good.

While Courtney is, in herself naive, she has to learn the ropes of Hollywood really fast, with the help of innocent Marcy Sternfield (Lindsay Sloane) and show bitch Hunter Fallow (Irene Molloy). She’ll do whatever she can to survive!

As Courtney manuvers her way through the Hollywood hierarchy, she tries to stay true to herself and her principles.

For a series review, it’s hard to pick out certain episodes and write about it. I’ve always looked at this show through Courtney’s eyes since we all look at Hollywood in different ways.

The cast is outstanding and while the show spoofs Hollywood, the cast performs each episode straight. I think if they performed over the top it wouldn’t have been as effective.

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Just as the antics offscreen become obscured, so does the fictional show.

This is a really fun show and should have been picked up by one of the networks (I can just imagine if it was on cable) and for fans there should have been a proper send off.

The downside is the show is really dated with references to what was happening in 2000 and seventeen episodes were not enough.

Also on tap for the show were Jason Priestley and Elizabeth Berkeley, playing exaggerated characters of themselves.

When it comes to special features, three episodes are discussed with show creator Darren Star and the show also features Oscar winner, Nat Faxon as Kevin, the production assistant.

Each episode is close to half an hour long and is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday.

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