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Video Rewind: Graduation Day

Karen Abbott and Vanna White pray that they'll graduate along with the rest of the Class of 1981

Karen Abbott and Vanna White pray that they'll graduate along with the rest of the Class of 1981

Since it's time for some to graduate from high school or college an appropriate film should be 1981's Graduation Day but unfortunately it's probably one of the worst movies ever to see the light of day.

As one of the early slash/trash films of the '80's, we're taken to Midvale where the town is gearing up for graduation. It begins with a relay race in which star athlete Laura (Ruth Ann Llorens) dies of a heart attack after crossing the finish line. On the sidelines is Coach George Michaels (Christopher George) pushing her to win the race within thirty seconds. The crowd goes wild as Laura wins the race and then triumph turns to sadness after she collapses and dies.

Now if this was supposed to be the day before graduation I don't know why there'd be a meet and I'm not sure how Laura's sister, Anne (Patch MacKenzie) was able to leave the Naval base in Guam and hitch a ride into town with a trucker (Patrick Wright) who wants a little something after being a good Samaritan. When they get into town he gripes about the fuss the town makes about this special day and Anne has him come to a screeching halt as she sees a girl from the track team going for a jog before school.

When Anne gets home her stepfather says she's only come back for the money, but a bold Anne who's toughened up in the Navy tells him she's only back to get Laura's diploma and trophy and she's shipping out after the graduation ceremony.

Later that same day, Anne goes to the school where about 20 students are at the rehearsal for graduation (okay maybe 50 tops). The students chide the principal (Michael Pataki) and his secretary Blondie (E.J. Peaker) rushes to the stage and whispers in Mr. Guglione's ear about Anne being there. He then tells the students they have a "special guest who's travelled all the way from Guam" to attend the ceremony. When its revealed that Anne's there everyone congregates around her as if she's a rock star. True, her sister's dead but there's very little emotion.

Soon the track members start to disappear one by one and before one girl gets killed she's startled in the locker room by two underclassmen, Americas's favorite letter turner, Vanna White and some other girl who eventually find a body in the locker room.

This really is one bad movie and normally I'd be able to mention the characters name and the actor/ess who played the roles, but in this movie who cares? I certainly didn't and really wouldn't want to subject myself to watching this again but it could be used as a good form of torture if someone's made you watch an equally bad movie.

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