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Video Rewind: For Your Consideration

Cindy (Jane Lynch) and Chuck (Fred Willard) investigate everything Hollywood on their show, Hollywood Now, by leaving no stone unturned.

Cindy (Jane Lynch) and Chuck (Fred Willard) investigate everything Hollywood on their show, Hollywood Now, by leaving no stone unturned.

There's a rumor going around small town Hollywood that Marilyn Hack (Catherine O'Hara) is worthy of an Oscar nomination this year in the drama Home For Purim, a low budget drama about a Jewish family in the 1940's.

The not so tech savvy Marilyn asks one of the assistant directors about "the Internet" and asks if he could do some research on the rumor, and when he prints out the results, she's absolutely amazed by the fact that he could print it for her.

While she's subtle about the rumor, she can't help but fuel the fire (and by doing so the buzz starts to get a little louder) so Public Relations specialist, Corey Taft (John Michael Higgins) begins to spin the story.

First he books Marilyn and co-star Victor Allan Miller (Harry Shearer) onto a local morning talk show and by the end of the interview, the buzz now includes him in the potential run for the gold. His agent, Morley Orfkin (Eugene Levy) used to ignore him, but now he's taking an even higher interest in his career.

As the rumors begin to gain speed, Cindy and Chuck (Jane Lynch and Fred Willard) hosts of Hollywood Now visit the set and announce that ingenue Callie Webb's (Parker Posey) name has been circulating around the buzz as well.

Callie's boyfriend Brian Chubb (Christopher Moynihan) plays her brother in the movie and is a little hurt when his name isn't mentioned in any rumors and due to the tension, they break up.

When Sunfish Pictures president, Martin Gibb (Ricky Gervais) arrives on the set having heard about the rumors, he tells diaper heiress and producer Whitney Taylor Brown (Jennifer Coolidge) that the film is too Jewish and it needs to be toned down. Eventually, the movie is renamed Home For Thanksgiving, but retains the original plot of having Callie's character, a lesbian, bring home her lover (Rachael Harris).

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Once the movie is completed, the actors go their separate ways and each of the potential nominees are seen campaigning in different ways in an effort to get their names out there to the Academy voters, since the movie is popular at the box office. Their stiff competition is the love story The Pride of Plymouth Rock, another period piece (which in reality most Academy members hate).

Following a party at Martin's mansion the next day, one of the cast members is nominated for an acting honor, but leave it to Chuck to track down the three who didn't get nominated, and his line of questioning would surely run them out of town.

The whole movie is a mess with great performances and the goings on behind the scenes are pretty much true to form. It's kind of like The Player on acid, but without a murder.

Each of the actors steal the scenes from their fellow actors, but the two who should have been fitted for straight jackets are Lynch and Willard.

As the hosts of the entertainment news program, they hit all of the highs and really mock entertainment journalism, all the while enjoying it. If you watch these types of shows, you already know that they help feed egos, but Hollywood Now hits them where it counts.

If you're a fan of the Oscars, then I think you'll really love this movie and be prepared to laugh out loud whenever possible.

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