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Video Rewind: Flesh-Eating Mothers

Lous McCormick (Marie Michaels) couldn't figure out what to have for dinner, so she ate Billy instead

Lous McCormick (Marie Michaels) couldn't figure out what to have for dinner, so she ate Billy instead

While suburbia has always painted a picture-perfect lifestyle, there are many secrets that lie beneath the surface.

As the neighborhood lothario, Roddy Douglas (Louis Homyak) makes his way through the neighborhood by always going out for a "jog" and thankfully for him, he works from home, so he goes on plenty of "jogs" throughout the day.

After spending some time with Booty Bernett (Grace Pettijohn) he's seen leaving her house by Rinaldi Vivaldo (Neal Rosen) who's been suspended from school and has nothing better to do all day than look out his bedroom window. His mother Rita (Suzanne Ehrlich) also locked in the room.

Officer Clyde McCormick (Mickey Ross) goes over to his house to see his son Billy (Scott Lerner) but finds his ex-wife Lous (Marie Michaels) drunk. She tells him that he had better be there to give her, her check. They argue and he goes to the coroner's office to see his friend Dr. Lee Grouly (Michael Fuer). Their visit is cut short when Commissioner Dixon (Ken Eaton) comes in and yells at Clyde for drinking on the job.

Like most housewives, the mothers gather together in the afternoon and play cards at Booty's house. While playing, they talk about sex and find out that most of them have been sleeping with Roddy.

And when he's not sleeping around during the day, Roddy is upstanding citizen by going to the STD clinic and gets tested. He and Dr. Bass (Allen Rickman) talk about their conquests and while Roddy has tested negative for any and all STD's, he gets some numbers from the horny doctor. When he leaves, his assistant, Felicia Codd (Carolyn Gratsch) tells Dr. Bass that she found a virus in his test but couldn't identify it.

Clyde goes back to his former house and finds Lous upstairs in Billy's room where she's eating his arm (the upsetting part is that Billy was wearing the new baseball mitt he bought for his son), so Clyde takes out his gun and shoots her.

Once Clyde's arrested, he tells Lee what he saw which gets him curious and does some testing on his own.

However, when Linda Douglas comes home from school, she goes upstairs and finds her mother Sylvia (Katherine Mayfield) eating her baby brother. Linda races out of the house and later finds her dad and another woman outside a bar and when they go inside, she looks in the window to find them making out.

Over at the Vivaldi household, Rita tempts Rinaldi out of his room by offering him a meal of his favorite dish, mashed potatoes. As he eats, she talks about veal and keeps pushing milk on him. She attacks him and he runs away.

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Later that night, Linda and Jeff Nathan (Robert Lee Oliver) have decided to run away after they've bared what their mothers have done. Rinaldi sees them and joins up with them. As they try to come up with a plan, they're joined by Timmy Nolan (Terry Hayes). He tells them that his mother killed his brother Johnny (Douglas James).

As the mothers are turning into flesh eating monsters, Clyde escapes, while Lee and Felicia have figured out that only women who have had children are being affected by the virus. They develop a serum in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Joyce Shepard (Valorie Hubbard) is mortified at her mother's (Alley Ninestein) behavior at the Women's Coalition Banquet. Not only is she embarrassed, but she's brought her boyfriend Frankie (Tony DeRiso) along so that she could introduce the two.

The zombie moms wander the mean suburban streets at night rummaging through garbage cans and gossiping about their friends.

As the kids try to figure out a plan to destroy their mothers, Clyde discovers that Commissioner Dixon has known about the virus for awhile, since his wife (Lori Gustafson) tried to kill him months earlier. She was only able to rip his arm off, which still sits in the refrigerator in Lee's office.

Lee and Felicia arm the kids with syringes and find their mothers window shopping when they turn the tables and attack them.

Within minutes the magic serum takes effect, and the mothers return to normal. Of course, they don't know what's happened and with all of the mayhem from the night, no one ever questioned the whereabouts of Roddy.

As the number one spreader of the virus, he's once again found in Booty's bed when a breaking news alert comes over the radio advising that there's been some type of outbreak across the country.

While the movie tries to be funny, it really isn't, and the acting is pretty bad.

However, the clownish makeup on the mothers is good which kind of saves it, along with the fact that while they're out roaming the streets, they manage to keep up with the local gossip.

But, you have to remember, this was made during the late 1980's and tried to capitalize on the B movie market, but now it's a cult favorite, so it must have done something right.

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