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Video Rewind: Cowboy Junction


Before you think this is a ripoff of the horrific Brokeback Mountain think again.

Writer/director Gregory Christian stars as an unhappily married man who takes a trip to Cowboy Junction, a place where male hustlers hang out with the hope of making a few extra bucks. For those who travel to the desolate dessert life may never be the same again.

On one fateful day, a man takes a trip up there where he picks up a young cowboy (James Michael Bobby) and after the two have sex the cowboy refuses the money from him but in a strange twist of Fate opens up to him about how he must be his destiny.

Overwhelmed by his confession, the man takes him back home to become his live in handyman. What he neglects to tell him is that he's married and his wife (Elyse Mirto) is okay with his "urges" since the two have an understanding.

After the man leaves for work the next morning, the wife dons a bikini for some early morning sun bathing and tries to seduce the young buck. He comes out and tells her he's not into "cowgirls." Embarrassed she runs back into the house and fantasizes about him.

Later that night she tells her husband about the gay cowboy and he shrugs it off.

The next day she tries to seduce him again but the two end up getting drunk and they open up to each other a little more. She's mourning the loss of her sex life (and baby) while he's grieving over the loss of a friend a year earlier.

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Later that night she tries to seduce her husband (a ritual she does most every night) and he brushes her off. The following night with a glimmer of hope, he turns the tables on her and she thinks they'll resume a normal sex life. While she's getting ready in the bathroom he feigns sleep and upset, she retreats to her pills and falls asleep.

Once she's in a deep sleep, the husband pays a little trip to the guest house (which becomes a regular affair) and confronts his repressed homosexuality. He confesses he's falling in love with the cowboy and the cowboy tells him of his feelings. But one night after yet another disturbing dream of her husband and the cowboy, the wife climbs out of bed and after searching the house goes toward the guest house and sees the two having sex.

When she confronts him the next night he denies it and she goes to the cowboy for answers.

The two put everything together and while the husband has decided to divorce the wife, he catches her leaving for a night on the town and she tells him the cowboy's waiting for him in the guest house and has a surprise for him.

Billed as an erotic thriller, the movie does have a few tense moments but beyond that it's pretty predictable. Getting toward the ending is a little slow but intriguing. You know the bottoms about to drop but when will it happen?

For those looking for an indie that does deliver be sure to add this to your collection.

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