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Video Rewind: Bullied


It's October 2004 and writer/director Anthony Spadaccini has won his first film festival and as part of his celebrating, he wants his closest friends to take him camping.

He's never been camping before and looks forward to a fun, relaxing weekend while all of his friends get to know one another, but, there's trouble from the beginning and it will be a weekend that no one will ever forget.

The first friend that we're introduced to is Jim, who appears to be the life of the party. That is until Bobby appears.

Bobby is gay and Jim starts to complain about his going with them. Anthony says that everything will be alright and to just ignore him, but the tension has already begun.

The three pick up Wade (a black man) and eventually get to Steve (another black man) who is also going to drive. They also pick up Chris who is very quiet and forget that he's there.

Along the way, they make a couple of stops and while no one really knows one another, both Wade and Steve pick up on the tension and discuss how Jim's been treating Bobby, although there are times when Jim and or Bobby say that they won't continue on to the woods. Anthony reassures everyone that everything will be alright.

When the group gets to the woods in the mid evening, they meet up with Eric and Amy. They've now met the others and tend to keep their distance as Jim continues his rant against Bobby.

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There are times when the tension seems to go away, but then it hits the group and tempers flare up once again. Anthony tries again to calm the two down, but is unsuccessful.

As night falls on the second night, the tension is thick enough to cut with a knife and at that point, you have to wonder who's antagonizing who? It's at this point their lives are going to change forever.

While a crime is committed, you can't help but get caught in the emotion since it's all caught on film and you're witnessing the events.

The language is very raw which needs to be addressed before you decide to watch and it will take an emotional toll on you.

This is a movie designed to make you think and talk about due to the nature of the subject and you can't help but be drawn into the subject matter. By this, I mean you know how you're friends with someone and one of their other friends doesn't like you or vice versa? Whenever the two of you around each other, there's tension no matter how you try to avoid one another? This is what happens in Bullied.

But, it doesn't just happen between Jim and Bobby.

It happens between everyone around the campfire, and since everyone is practically strangers, they have to decide when to step in to diffuse a situation. Even though they're all friends of Anthony's, is Anthony the real instigator behind this weekend crime?

There are many avenues for debate, but, as this can be considered a documentary (ala The Blair Witch Project) this film will make you think and haunt you long after the credits fade.

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