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Video Rewind: Blue Skies Again

Ken (Andy Garcia) tries to ignore the upcoming fight between Paula (Robyn Barto) and Calvin (Joseph Gian)

Ken (Andy Garcia) tries to ignore the upcoming fight between Paula (Robyn Barto) and Calvin (Joseph Gian)

I’m in the majority of people who aren’t fans of sports related movies, but this is a long forgotten gem that never really received any type of love.

Lisa Rinna's husband, Harry Hamlin, stars as Sandy Mendenhall, the new owner of the Denver Devils, where he tries to run a tight ship, but causes chaos along the way. For him, it's his way or the highway and he gets what he wants.

After ordering his manager, Dirk (Kenneth McMillian) to lose twenty pounds before opening day, he's met by agents Liz West and Lou Goff (Mimi Rogers and Dana Elcar) who need to talk to him regarding a player's contract.

While this little drama is going on, on the field, Paula Fradkin (Robyn Barto) comes into the stadium to watch the team play. She's met by Mike Ross (Rooney Kerwin) a former Devils ballplayer and now a security guard at the stadium. While Mike accuses her of being a fan, she tells him that she's not and her purpose in coming to Ft. Lauderdale is to get a job on the team.

Thrown by this, he wishes her luck and tells her that she can stay for awhile.

Later that afternoon, Paula's getting carry out from The Devil's Dugout and notices Lou (another former ballplayer) and she introduces herself to Liz. She tells them that she's there for a job and Lou asks for her resume, but she tells them both the real reason and also tells them that she plays ball back home with a couple of minor leaguers and a couple of ex major leaguers.

After Lou does some investigating on her, he informs Liz that she was telling the truth and comes highly recommended. Liz has Lou call Dirk and sets up a tryout, but everything is to be secretive.

As Paula is on the side of the road changing a tire, outfielder Calvin Berry (Joey Gian) drives by to help. She tells him that she doesn't need any help and lets him know that she's planning on playing second base with the club. He laughs her off.

Technically, though there is an opening for second base, as player rep Kirschbaum (Joel Goodman) is traded after he speaks his mind to Mendenhall. After Sandy kicks him out of the locker room (and with no support from the other players) he makes Ken (Andy Garcia) the new second baser.

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At Paula's tryout, she blows Dirk away and later over drinks, Liz and Lou try to sway him to their side and when he reluctantly agrees, they meet with Sandy and he laughs off the possibility of Paula playing with the team.

Back at her hotel room, Lou teaches Liz how to chew tobacco and she receives a tape, via cameraman from Sandy. In her response, she accepts lunch with him, only if he'll watch Paula.

After agreeing to the tryout, he has the guys make fun of Paula as she loses concentration and after failing she decides that she's going to go home. That is until she stops at the stadium one last time and sees Ray Williams (Tommy Lane) wearing himself out on the field, hoping to secure a spot on the team. Mendenhall has already told him that he'd better take a job as a scout and if not he'll be cut from the team.

At that moment (and while talking to Mike) she decides that she shouldn't give up on her dream and Liz is glad to hear that she hasn't decided to go back home. Liz has been working on getting Paula tryouts, but she her heart set on playing for the Devils.

The crew plan on getting Paula seen by Sandy and decide that during the seventh inning of the first exhibition game she'll take the field and step up to the plate.

It seems to work until Calvin is injured when he once again runs into a wall and is in the locker room getting a massage. Dirk comes in just as Sandy is leaving and comes up with an excuse about superstitions, which he makes up as time ticks away.

Even though there's a predictable ending, the journey to it is fun and it's not a boring ride. Everything just comes together and while Paula is hungry, she's not annoying like other hungry characters in films.

While Barto made this a one and done attempt at acting, she really does a good job and is genuine. You really root for her and while this was a onetime gig for her, this movie also launched the career of Academy Award Nominee Garcia.

It really is a shame that this movie was never released on DVD, since it's one of those rare movies that you kind of wish you were a part of, like knowing that you could just pick up and go somewhere and at least go after your dream.

If you're lucky enough to get a copy then by all means do since it's well worth the investment.

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