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Video Rewind: An Affair to Remember

Nickie Ferrante (Cary Grant) and Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) try to avoid one another on a trans-Atlantic cruise

Nickie Ferrante (Cary Grant) and Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) try to avoid one another on a trans-Atlantic cruise

In the half century plus before social media, one thing is for certain. Gossip always reigned supreme, whether it was word of mouth or reported by journalists.

And so begins one of the most romantic movies of all time.

As his news broadcast comes to a close, Robert Q. Lewis signs off by telling his viewers that playboy Nickie Ferrante (Cary Grant) is coming off the market when his engagement to Lois Clark (Neva Patterson) is announced. The nuptials are set to take place following his return from Europe.

On the first night of the cruise, the ship is abuzz with his presence, and he receives a shore to ship call from jilted lover Gabriella (Michele Montau) whom he was just with. Claiming interference, he hangs up on her and goes about his evening until he sees Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) walk by with his cigarette case.

She tells him that she was on her way to give it to the Ship's Purser and the two engage in some frivolous banter which leads them to her cabin, where they continue their lively conversation.

The two agree to have dinner together which causes fellow passengers to gossip about the couple.

While the two have a lot in common, they begin to spend time together, furthering the gossip and the Ship's Photographer (Marc Snow) snaps a picture of them together on deck. Skillfully, they manage to get the picture and camera, but as the cruise goes on, he's able to snap more pictures of the couple.

Since neither wants to ruin their relationships on shore, they decide that they shouldn't be spotted together following a visit to his grandmother (Cathleen Nesbitt) when the ship docks in France.

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Through his grandmother, Terry learns more about Nickie and he begins to notice her more. They soon realize that they're in love and to make matters worse the cruise is nearly over.

On the last night of the cruise, they decide to throw caution to the wind and spend the evening together since the passengers have been buying pictures of them.

As the ship pulls into port, Nickie proposes to her, and they agree to meet at the top of the Empire State Building in six months and they'll get married. Nickie tells her that he's going to get a real job so that he can prove to her about being committed to the relationship.

Once the ship docks, Nickie looks over Terry's boyfriend, Kenneth (Richard Denning) and as she gets off the ship, she gives Lois a once over and the couples go about their lives.

Immediately Lois has Nickie do an interview with Lewis at her estate and when asked about the wedding, he responds that it'll be in six months (but doesn't mention that it won't be Lois walking down the aisle).

At his apartment, Kenneth is suspicious of Terry, and he figures it out that she's in love with Nickie and she tells him that she's going to marry him in six months. She leaves New York and returns to her hometown of Boston where she goes back to singing at a bar.

During their six-month absence, Nickie decides that he's going to become a starving artist, but paints under a different name and his broker tells him that if he paints under his real name, he'd make a killing, but he doesn't want to make his life easy. When he's not in front of an easel, he can be found working as a sign painter.

On the day the two are to meet, one of them doesn't make it and then during the Christmas season, both couples run into one another at the ballet which makes the foursome uncomfortable.

Again, everyone goes their own separate way until one of them receives a tip and Fate can't be held back any longer.

While romance is always something everyone wants, we all have that one person who will always be our own affair to remember, no matter how old you are, and we keep them tucked away somewhere in or heart or mind always yearning for them.

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