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Victor Calculates His Next Move to Take Down Ashland on the Young and the Restless

The Newmans and the Lockes

The Newmans and the Lockes

Victor lets Nikki in on his plan

Victor has given Michael permission to pay the doctor who was fired from the clinic in Peru a large sum of money to share the details about Ashland's fake illness. Spoilers say Victor will decide to let Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) in on a secret, so she may learn whatever Michael finds out about Ashland’s true condition. Victor will realize that in order to win he has to keep making the right chess moves and initiate his son-in-law's immediate downfall. He will prepare for war and a fierce faceoff with Ashland in the hopes that it will lead to an ultimatum . Victor wants everything in place so that Locke will choose to leave Genoa City or face dire consequences. Spoilers say this ultimatum will be coming up down the road, but right now Victor needs to make sure he has irrefutable proof. and all his ducks in a row. It's not clear how Nikki will react to this information or if she will be able to restrain herself from involving Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle).


Victor has an end game

Those who watch The Young and the Restless were puzzled when Victor ignored the facts about Ashland and supported his marrying Victoria. Many fans of the CBS soap believe that Ashland never forgave Victor for almost allowing him to die. Victor forced Locke to sign a deal before he would dial 911 when Ashland was having a heart attack. What is not clear is if Victoria's husband is using her or if he really fell in love? He probably has had his eye on a Newman take over all along and believes he will one day own Newman/Locke and the Newman Media division. Ashland believes he is placing his wife's father in check and when his downfall comes he will never know what hit him. Victor Newman always gets his man and comes out on top. Just when Locke believes everything is going his way and that he will have taken down the most powerful man in Genoa City he will be in for a shock. This is when Victor who has been calculating every move will announce "Checkmate."

Victoria's fate

Victor understands that there is no way to pull this off without his daughter being hurt and he must own that. Vicki fought tooth and nail against Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Nick Newman (Josh Morrow) in her determination to marry Ashland no matter what. There is no news on how long Victor and Ashland's game of cat and mouse will go on but viewers do know that Robert Newman just took over the role from Richard Burgi. If he signed a contract for a year then his character will be in Genoa City for some time to come. If he was hired for a short term then whatever Michael digs up will give Victor the ammunition to run Locke out of town on a rail. Early spoilers suggested that Vicki would be left heartbroken and alone but her parents will be there to help her pick up the pieces, Be on the lookout for The Young and the Restless updates related to Victor and Ashland's game of chess and what happens next in this sage before Locke is taken down.

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