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Venom Let There Be Carnage First Trailer Opinion and some Facts

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Venom Let There Be Carnage New Poster

Venom Let There Be Carnage New Poster

Important Aspects

- This movie is a direct sequel from the 2018 Venom Film directed by Ruben Fleischer (director of both Zombieland and the proximate Uncharted movie).

- Venom Let There be Carnage is directed by the very popular actor Andy Serkis, best known for his Gollum role in The Lord of the Rings or by Ulysses Klaw in Black Panther.

- Tom Hardy is back to play Eddie Brock and Venom, and Woody Harrelson is intruduced as Cletus Kasady (Carnage).

Important Facts in the Trailer

The trailer begins with a fun scene with Eddie and Venom preparing breakfast, it is good to know how this characters live together and how Venom has been learning how to have a normal social life. After some scenes without context we finally see Cletus Kasady, who lives in the psychiatric “Ravencroft”. With some dialogue between them, we can see how Cletus gets his Symbiote and he becomes Carnage. There are some other interessting references here, like the famous “Daily Bugle” logo in the newspaper, the fact here is that it is the same logo we saw in the Sam Raimy’s Spiderman Films, this may confirm the very talked about Spiderverse in the new Spider-Man No way Home, we will have to wait for more info. We have also a previous look to Scream, played by Naomie Harris; she is also a main villain from the Spider-Man universo, maybe we’ll see both characters (Scream and Carnage) fighting against Venom. The trailer ends with an amazing Carnage look. This film arrives in October 2021.

Carnage played by Woody Harrelson

Carnage played by Woody Harrelson


The first Venom film was not (for me) that bad as very people or critics said; it is not perfect but i had an enjoyable time watching it. I really hope this film result better tan the last one; the tone, comedy, action scenes, CGI moments between both films look very similar. So we’ll have to wait to see how Serkis tells us this Brand new antihero story.

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