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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Vengeance (2022)

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Vengeance doesn’t give off very promising vibes in the beginning. The establishing scene would probably have been much better off and far more impactful had there been no background music to distract us from what is happening.

Immediately, I felt that it was one of those movies that was written solely for the purpose of wanting attention at the Oscars, and for that reason, it felt pretentious and woke. While it certainly has a chance to be a nomination for original screenplay, I personally do not believe it has any chance of winning. That being said, Vengeance got better and better after starting off so poorly.

B.J. Novak is indisputably a great writer, and that shows in this film. While he essentially plays Ryan Howard half a decade after his time as an employee at Dunder Mifflin, it still feels like there is a layer to his character that is fun to explore, and the dead-pan humor of the film is right on the mark. Outside of Novak, hardly any of the other characters have any real development throughout the movie. But after careful consideration, I can safely say that I do not believe that is significant enough to be upset about, given the lesson the movie was trying to instill in all of us.

And a lesson it was. While the movie was pretentious initially, it is hard not to see what its trying to tell us, and Novak’s writing has a way with landing just right. It becomes pretentious in a good way. It punches you in the gut until you understand, and what a terrifying realization it truly is. The movie doesn’t feel very energetic for the first hour, but starts to reward you for your time spent with it by the end.

The musical score was used almost strictly for transitions and establishing shots, and I can safely say, was quite effective. It was soothing, fitting and forgettable, but not at all negatively. It makes you comfortable and ready to move on in that moment, and then doesn’t linger long enough for you to remember why you felt that way.

The reason for this score is strictly for the lessons learned in this movie, as outside of maybe an episode or two of Black Mirror, this point has never been fed to the masses in such a compelling and truthful way before, and I believe it deserves a substantial amount of praise for it.


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