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A Night at the Symphony: Eugene Bozza's Variations Sur Un Theme Libre, Opus 42

Eugene Bozza

Eugene Bozza

My sons first day of first grade will always be connected to Bozza.

My sons first day of first grade will always be connected to Bozza.

A Night at the Symphony

I am starting on a journey in the "Night at the Symphony" series of hubs to research and examine classical artist that have made an impression on me.

Most of these artists I have heard performed at different Symphony performances, usually small town Symphony Orchestras.

I have found peace throughout my hectic life by attending performances when I have the time or the monetary means to purchase tickets. I hope to share this love of the Symphony with my children as they grow.

I feel it is important to support local musicians who are brave enough to follow their passions and to put hour after hour of practice into the production of perfection.

When I attend a performance I feel that I am not only experiencing the artistry of the composition but I am listening to the hard work and devotion of artists who deserve recognition.

I have found the best research possible for my hubs, other than attending the Symphony, is to listen to as much of the artist as I can and to come to my own judgements.

With Eugene Bozza I used the time available while cleaning and setting up my sons room for the new school year. I now have fond memories of cleaning out a desk to each rise of the clarinet, and hanging up his clothes when a French Horn shares it's smooth tone.

So here it begins. First, we will look at a brief history of Eugene Bozza and then a quick review of Variations Sur Un Theme Libre, Opus 42.

Eugene Bozza

Eugene Bozza

Eugene Bozza

Eugene Bozza was a French composer and conductor whose primary works where made for large scale stage performances.

He is known mostly for his use of modest woodwind and brass within his symphonies. His work is soft and easy on the ear with an elegant lyrical quality.

He studied at the Paris Conservatory with Busser and Rabaud. In 1934 he won the Prix de Rome for his "La Legende de Roukmani" which earned him his place as the conductor for the Paris Opera-comique from 1938-1948.

In 1956 he became a chevalier of the legion of honor and 1in 1951 ended up in Valenciennes and Director of the Ecole Nacionole de Musique until his retirement in 1975.

Throughout his career he has composed many piano concertos, two requiems, and numerous ballets and operas.

Bozza's Opus 42 is used by many conductors to enable their woodwind, flute, and french horn to their full potential.

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Many of Bozza's works are used to test woodwind performers in schools.


Variations Sur Un Theme Libre, Opus 42

Eugene Bozza's Variaion Sur Un Theme Libre, Opus 42 is written for flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat, basoon, and french horn.

I feel that this Opus tells a narrative in its composition. To me I hear the beginning of a heroic journey beginning with our hero riding into the horizon on some quest.

The first thing our hero encounters is the various animals of the forest who greet him as he passes and show him the safest path through the forest.

Yet the forest grows dark and he finds himself alone as the wind rises and the darkness covers his path. Yet, he continues his quest through the darkness where he sees movement in the trees all around him.

He sends his horse into a gallop and finds himself riding into a rising sun overlooking rugged cliffs that fall into the sea.

Well, that is what I see when I close my eyes. I found that the more I listened to Bozza's composition I realized that everyone of his pieces seems to hold an incredible narrative quality where each instrument takes on the role of a character in the story.

I suggest listening to Bozza when one needs to motivate the creative part of ones mind. Or just listen in the evening before going to bed to calm down and fall deeply into the mysterious stories of your dreams.

In Conclusion

Enjoy your experience with the music of Bozza and if you hear of your local Symphony performing one of his works take the time to experience it live.

Remember to keep listening and support your local musicians by attending a Symphony performance every once and awhile.


Jamie Lee Hamann (author) from Reno NV on August 13, 2013:

Thank you James-wolve. Jamie

Tijani Achamlal from Morocco on August 13, 2013:

Very interesting and well-constructed hub.Thanks so much for introducing this great artist .

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