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Vanessa Lorenzo Beautiful Spanish Fashion Model

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A first look at Vanessa Lorenzo

Spanish fashion model Vanessa Lorenzo is present at the Glamour Beauty Awards in 2011.

Spanish fashion model Vanessa Lorenzo is present at the Glamour Beauty Awards in 2011.

Who is Vanessa Lorenzo?

If you are a fan of the country of Spain, you will know that Spain has lots of beautiful women and they also have many that become supermodels. Vanessa Lorenzo is another one of those Spanish supermodels. She was on the cover of 2002 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She has done photo shoots with Almudena Fernandez and worked with her to raise awareness of the fact that the environment must be protected.

Vanessa Lorenzo: Her early life and relationships

Vanessa entered the world on January 7, 1977. A native of Barcelona Spain, Vanessa determined by the age of 6 years old that she wanted to become a professional model. That is amazing considering that most of us at that age are just trying to get used to childhood life. I didn’t even know what was going on when I was that age. She must have been pretty intelligent. Since 2012, she has been in a relationship with former soccer player Carles Puyol. In January 2014, their daughter Manuela was born.

Vanessa Lorenzo enters the modeling profession in an interesting way

Four years later at the age of ten, Vanessa got help from her father who answered an advertisement in the local newspaper. The agency selected Vanessa right away. She spent the morning in classes at school and she had to do four hours of ballet in the afternoons. When she had free time, Vanessa had to attend calls for casting. She got photographed by professionals such as Jose Manuel Ferrer. At 15 years old, Vanessa dropped out of school to focus exclusively on the modeling profession.

A few more photos of Vanessa Lorenzo


Vanessa Lorenzo Gets Involved With Fashion Modeling Living in Paris and New York City

Starting in the 1990's, Vanessa entered the Elite Look of the Year modeling contest and earned a solid second place finish. She followed up that success by leaving Spain at the age of 17 to go to Paris. She had another goal: to work with only the best photographers and go to the best fashion places.

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She had to be rushed to London in order to work on the Pepe Jeans Advertising campaign. Vanessa would spend three years in Paris often getting homesick and having to return to Spain to see her family. For Vanessa, she felt she could never really advance in her career while she lived in France due to the attitude of the locals towards her. Vanessa has also been involved in acting but for the purposes of this article I will focus on only her modeling work. She left Paris to settle in New York City where she signed a contract with the International management Group Agency. This gave her the opportunity to model for Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and of course, the very famous Victoria’s Secret. Which fan of fashion can forget about Victoria’s Secret? I certainly still remember that to this day.

Vanessa Lorenzo in photos

Pictures of Vanessa Lorenzo in a swimsuit


Vanessa Lorenzo Appears in Magazines Such As Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Glamour

Vanessa has also gotten exposure in other magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Glamour. It is no surprise because she has a body that would leave many men wanting to be around her. She also possesses some of the prettiest eyes that I have ever seen.

In spite of her hectic schedule, Vanessa still has time to relax. In addition to her modeling work, Vanessa also made an appearance in the 2002 Greenpeace calendar.

Vanessa Lorenzo vs. Esther Canadas

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