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Valentine (2001) Movie Review

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Revenge on Valentine's Day

A group of five female friends is stalked by a killer who turns out to be a familiar face from their past….

Valentine is an underrated horror movie coming from the early 2000s, that should get more respect. Since it is Valentines’ Day I decided to review it. I have watched this three times now and every time I continue to enjoy it. The cast includes Paige Prescott (Denise Richards), Adam Carr (David Boreanaz), Kate Davies (Marley Shelton), Dorothy Wheeler (Jessica Capshaw), and Shelley Fisher (Katherine Heigl).

Valentine starts off with a flashback to a scene involving a school dance as we follow a geeky kid who is rejected by girls in a row, as most of them give him some snarky remark. The last girl who is sitting alone agrees and they are making out later. But when people see them she lies and says she was harassing her, which gets the other boys to attack him. One of the friends Shelley ends up being killed and the movie picks up quickly after that.

Valentine has some creative kills like the jacuzzi kill scene along with Lily’s death scene. Another thing that makes me love this movie is the end twist which shocked my friend to who I showed this movie too. The worst offenses this movie has is the cast of characters who are all very unlikeable but the worse is Dorothy by far. But I still very much enjoy this movie and would suggest anyone to view it themselves.

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Final Score: 7.5 or 8 out of 10

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