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VLive Solo: Jungkook Responds to an ARMY’s Request to Be Her Boyfriend for 5 Seconds

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.

Title: I'm sleepy (three bunnies) Date: April 5, 2022 Duration: 1:04:25

Title: I'm sleepy (three bunnies) Date: April 5, 2022 Duration: 1:04:25


On April 5, 2022, Jungkook turned on VLive after having dinner with Producer Bang and the members. He felt that it bothered him that he wasn’t able to go on VLive during his quarantine, so even if he’s sleepy, he turned it on because he misses ARMYs. Well, it turned out to be a very lucky day for one ARMY who asked him, “Can you be my boyfriend for five seconds?” And JK’s response was something that made ARMYs go crazy, making that VLive Q&A viral on Twitter.

Now, we all know that Jimin is a natural flirt, right? We even refer to him as the CEO of flirting because he’s so naturally good at it that sometimes he doesn’t even know he’s doing it, and sometimes he’s deliberately doing it to give us cardiac arrest. Most of Jimin’s VLives has lots of flirtatious moments which really makes him my number one bias wrecker. However, recently, I think I would have to consider that JK has topped Jimin as the most flirtatious BTS because of his recent interactions with ARMYs on Instagram and VLive.

In this article, I’d to share everything that I can remember from his most recent interaction with ARMYs on his solo VLive. He talked about their upcoming concert, about working out, dieting, his current health condition, the Silk Sonic concert that he attended with J-Hope and V, their Grammy performance, his technique in looking sharp for the photos, his dreams, his sensitive skin, his thoughts on exercises, how he feels about the approaching concert, and more.

Here's everything I can remember that JK shared during his VLive:

*JK shared that the hotel doesn’t have the equipment that they’re used to at home, so he turned the corner of his hotel room into a gym since the concert is coming and he needs to work out. He also asked his boxing instructor to come to Las Vegas and promised ARMYs that starting the next day, he’s going to start working out and dieting. He expressed that as he grows older, it gets harder to lose weight. He wants to be thin, so we can see his jawline and he wants his body to have muscles.

*JK talked about the Silk Sonic concert that he attended with J-Hope and V and said that Leave the Door Open as the last song felt like he was in heaven. After watching the concert, he practiced singing a lot and he’s going to keep on improving his vocal skills.

*JK talked about not being able to rehearse much for the Grammy performance, so he was worried. He didn’t make mistakes, but he could’ve done better. He also shared that Justin Bieber’s performance was cool and that being able to see all those performers was amazing.

*JK revealed a trick that he does whenever photos need to be taken. He said that if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, you’d look sharper. He kept on doing this until he developed a habit of always doing it and now, he does it even when he’s singing or talking, and his snoring has gotten a lot worse, which is why he has to break that habit.

*When an ARMY requested for him to sing Stay Alive, he said it’s too high and had a hard time recording the song. Then, he realized that Butter has higher notes.

*JK talked about his dreams in details, hoping that they meant something good. He said that he dreamt of gold stars, about flying and being like a character in a game. He also dreamt of a fairy-like girl like Tinker Bell who told him to memorize a certain spell, so he can fly all he wants.

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*JK talked about having a sensitive skin and that the water in Las Vegas doesn’t go well with him. He keeps on getting breakouts and asked ARMYs to understand that he may not have the best skin condition during the concert. He also shared that Jin, RM, and Suga have amazing skin and that he’s jealous of them. RM only uses toner and lotion and he’s all good, but then JK has a longer process of taking care of his skin. He further expressed that Jin can use any moisturizer, but then JK can only use his own or else, he’ll have breakouts.

*An ARMY asked about slimming exercises and he said, “cardio.” Then he expressed that he doesn’t really like doing cardio or repetitive exercises like running. He prefers boxing because it has more variety, as well as dancing. He’s been practicing house dancing and said that he’ll try his best to be good at it and show ARMYs once he’s confident.

*An ARMY said he should drink warm water instead of cold water and he said he likes cold water and normally does the opposite of what he’s told.

*JK said he didn’t see, “Marry me, Yoongi,” this time. He’s always anticipating it because there are always ARMYs on every VLive where they’d ask Yoongi to marry them.

His best responses to ARMY’s questions/requests:

*An ARMY asked if Jimin went to his room and he said quite cheerfully that Jimin went to his room and hugged him. This feels like he’s teasing ARMYs because in one of his interactions with ARMYs on Instagram, he responded to an ARMY who told him to stop hugging Jimin because she’s jealous. JK teasingly responded to the ARMY that she should keep getting jealous because he won’t stop hugging Jimin.

*An ARMY asked how many languages he can speak and he said that for now, only Korean, but he’s currently learning English through an app and in two years, he will help RM. He admits that he already said that before and it has been two years already, but he promised that this time, he’s trying his best.

*An ARMY asked, “Can you be my boyfriend for five seconds?” This one really went viral because of how JK responded to that lucky ARMY who got his attention. JK said, “You want me? Try and get me.” I don’t know how many times I played this over and over on VLive, imagining how many ARMYs are doing the same, and how many ARMYs fainted that day. I sure hope that one lucky ARMY who asked that question and got that bold response from JK is still alive.

Unexpected things that happened during JK’s VLive:

*In the course of his interaction with ARMYs, he received multiple calls from an unknown caller. He looked pissed off and scared when that happened, saying that he hates the ringtone because it sounds like a ringtone from a horror movie. He asked for whoever was calling to stop it if it’s a prank. Fortunately, a staff or possibly his manager came in to check what’s happening because Jungkook was clearly anxious about that prank call, considering that he’s in a hotel and no Sasaeng (obsessive fan) should know his room number. This is not the first time that Jungkook experienced such thing during his VLive and I hope that the staff and his manager would find that culprit.

*There was a time when he started continuously coughing during VLive and apologized to ARMYs saying that he really doesn’t want ARMYs to see him in that condition. He explained that there are still side effects even if he has already tested negative for COVID-19 and that he’s frustrated about the coughing, but said that he’s stronger than the virus.

Well, seeing some clips from the latest PTD Concert in Las Vegas, he has proven that he is indeed stronger than the virus because he and the rest of the BTS members nailed their concerts.

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