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Unlucky Mansion - Manhwa/Webtoon

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Unlucky Mansion - Information

Year of release: 2016

Author: Yaggug

Type: Manhwa, Webtoon

Genre: Josei, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Characters: Kang Eun Joo, Kwak Woo Jin

Status: Ongoing


Unlucky Mansion - Synopsis

Kang Eun Joo loses her job as a clothing designer and her rental room at the same time. With her sibling preparing to be a freshman student the following year, she decides not to go home and apply as a live-in caretaker at the Lucky Mansion instead (a job she found online). She went to the Lucky Mansion for the interview and met the house owner, Kwak Woo Jin, but left in the middle of it due to Woo Jin's rudeness. She was eventually hired anyway, and started living with Woo Jin and four other housemates in the Lucky Mansion.

Unlucky Mansion - Characters

Character profile section

Kang Eun Joo

Kang Eun Joo

1. Kang Eun Joo

Age: 26 (?)

Current occupation: Live-in caretaker

Previous occupation: Employee in a fashion design company

Characteristic/s: Outspoken and straightforward

Interests/hobbies: Fashion, books

Favorite authors: Kwak Woo Jung, Kim Joo Hwan

Sibling/s: 1 (?)

Appearance: Tall, has long, black hair; looks like a model and has a baby face according to Kwon Joon

Kwak Woo Jin

Kwak Woo Jin

2. Kwak Woo Jin

Room number: 201

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Age: 26 (?)

Current occupation: Writer/Author

Characteristic/s: Rude, straightforward, anti-social, has a terrible personality

Interests/hobbies: Coffee, collecting nyan nyan designs (limited editions)

Books written: Rest, Outlaw, Mountain, Gentle Lady, Romantic City

Sibling/s: 1 younger brother

Appearance: Has black hair

Trivia: He owns a pink car

Yoon Chae Min

Yoon Chae Min

3. Yoon Chae Min

Room Number: 202

Age: (?) (but almost everyone calls her noona)

Hometown: Daejon

Current occupation: Selling water purifiers

Previous occupation: Flight Attendant

Characteristic/s: Easy-going, usually calm (but has anger management issues)

Interests/hobbies: Baseball (favorite team: Hanhwa Eagles)

Appearance: Has long, light brown hair; a very pretty woman (again as described by Kwon Joon)

Trivia: She wears high prescription glasses at home; she uses electronic cigarettes


4. Park Sung Won

Occupation: He works at one of the biggest electronics company

Characteristic/s: Bright, cheerful, good-natured, responsible, wealthy

Interests/hobbies: Hiking, biking

Appearance: Tall, handsome, has light brown hair

Trivia: They own a vacation house by the beach; his phone is an S Galaxy

Kwon Joon

Kwon Joon

5. Kwon Joon

Room number:

Age: 23 (the older twin brother)

Occupation: Student, street performer/guitarist

Characteristic/s: Optimistic, impulsive, loud and highly sociable; immature (according to his younger twin)

Interests/hobbies: Music/guitar

Trivia: The only resident who is in a relationship/has a girlfriend; the twin's room is the most spacious in Lucky Mansion

Kwon Hwi

Kwon Hwi

6. Kwon Hwi

Room number:

Age: 23 (the younger twin brother)

Occupation: Student

Characteristic/s: Courteous and well-mannered

Interest/hobbies: Watching documentaries

Trivia: Kwon Joon set him up on a blind date that turned out to be a disaster after he talked about a deer which eats centipede which eats the stool of a wrinkle-lipped bat living in a cage

Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

Common bathroom

Common bathroom

Lucky Mansion Layout

  • The first floor is the common area where the living room, kitchen, and common bathroom can be found. The only bathtub in the house can be found in the common bathroom.
  • Woo Jin and Chae Min's rooms are on the second floor.
  • Eun Joo, Sung Won, and the twin's rooms are on the third floor.
  • Eun Joo's room is high rise and has a small terrace.
  • Each room has a door lock and intercom.
  • The fourth floor is a rooftop garden.

Lucky Mansion Rules

  • Outsiders strictly forbidden
  • Everyone must have a meal together at least once a week
  • Those who disobey will be forcibly removed

Home Activities

  • Having meals together
  • Playing cards

Lucky Mansion Environment

Recurring themes inside the Lucky Mansion

  • Violence


Violence is an everyday sight inside the mansion. Almost everyone has violent tendencies except for Kwon Hwi and Sung Won.

Unlucky Mansion - Season 1

Unlucky Mansion chapter 1, scene 1

Unlucky Mansion chapter 1, scene 1

Season 1 Summary

Chapters 1 to 20

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!


Woo Jin while reading Eun Joo's resume (chapter 1)

Woo Jin while reading Eun Joo's resume (chapter 1)

Chapter 1

  • Kang Eun Joo loses her job as fashion design employee at a brand design team, and was also chased out of her rental room
  • Previously sharing a room with a certain Jung Eun and is now temporarily living with Gyung Mi
  • She then applied as a live-in caretaker at the Lucky mansion
  • The chapter ends with Kwak Woo Jin (house owner) reading Eun Joo's resume
Eun Joo and Woo Jin's first meeting (chapter 2)

Eun Joo and Woo Jin's first meeting (chapter 2)

Chapter 2

  • The owner of Lucky Mansion contacts Eun Joo for an interview.
  • Woo Jin (the owner) displays his terrible personality during the interview. Eun Joo found him rude, smashed a glass on his wall, and left mid-conversation.
  • Park Sung Won, another resident of Lucky Mansion and Woo Jin's childhood friend, arrived and saw Eun Joo as she was leaving.
  • When Sung Won got inside the house, he found Woo Jin laughing and telling him that he already found their caretaker.

Chapter 3

  • Eun Joo appears to have saved Woo Jin's number as 'Trash.'
  • She was accepted as the caretaker and Woo Jin is calling her but Eun Joo is ignoring his calls.
  • Woo Jin went to a hospital but was not able to meet with the person he intended to visit.
  • He was still being ignored by Eun Joo, so Sung Won, his childhood friend told him to apologize first.
  • Gyung Mi became angry at Eun Joo for being too easygoing and not accepting the employment at Lucky Mansion.
  • Eun Joo finally answered Woo Jin's calls and accepted the offer after hearing Woo Jin's apology (who was being coached by Sung Won on what to say).
Woo Jin apologizing to Eun Joo over the phone (chapter 3)

Woo Jin apologizing to Eun Joo over the phone (chapter 3)

Sung Won coaching Woo Jin on his apology

Sung Won coaching Woo Jin on his apology

Woo Jin and Eun Joo meets again (chapter 4)

Woo Jin and Eun Joo meets again (chapter 4)

Chapter 4

  • Eun Joo moves in and Woo Jin shows her around the Lucky Mansion.
  • She also stamped her employment contract that day.
  • Woo Jin tells Eun Joo that Lucky Mansion residents are set to move in within the week.
  • He tells her that her expressions are "quite fun."
  • He also tells her that she is not allowed inside his room under any circumstances.
  • Woo Jin ended her day with a beer but was disrupted by a huge crash outside the house. She looked outside and saw a man who fell off his bike.

Chapter 5

  • The person who fell off his bike appears to be drunk and is actually Woo Jin's childhood friend and also a resident of the house, Park Sung Won.
  • Woo Jin and Eun Joo escorted him in but he was about to vomit, so Eun Joo threw Sung Won to the ground.
  • The next day, Sung Won apologized to Eun Joo because of his behavior, and volunteered to help her move her newly delivered packages to her room.
  • While arranging her things, Eun Joo talks about having doubts with her career, thus she wants to re-organize her thoughts while doing this job as a caretaker.
  • While chatting, Eun Joo realizes that Sung Won is a/n (annoyingly) pure person.
  • While helping her move her things, Sung Won noticed that she owns a collection of books written by an author called Kwak Woo Jung.
Sung Won helps Eun Joo in moving her luggage and things (chapter 5)

Sung Won helps Eun Joo in moving her luggage and things (chapter 5)

Chapter 6

  • Woo Jin is shown to be working until late night/early hours of the morning
  • Sung Won enters Woo Jin's room while he is still sleeping, tells him to get up and eat as it is already 3pm in the afternoon
  • Sung Won then tells him that Eun Joo has ALL of his books
  • A reporter from Hansung Daily met with Woo Jin for an interview but as usual, he acted rude towards the reporter throughout the entire interview
  • The chapter ends shoeing Woo Jin inside a store, asking the store seller if she was able to get what he requested
Sung Won telling Woo Jin that Eun Joo has all of his books.

Sung Won telling Woo Jin that Eun Joo has all of his books.

Kwon Joon and Kwon Hwi's first appearance in the series

Kwon Joon and Kwon Hwi's first appearance in the series

Chapter 7

  • Woo Jin purchased whatever it is that he requested and the store teller told him to be careful and not get caught in the house after hearing that a new tenant just moved in
  • Panel shows Eun Joo singing Bills (by LunchMoney Lewis) while cleaning the house (the lyrics goes like "I Got Bills! I Gotta Pay! So I'm Gon' Work, Work, Work Every Day! I~ Got~ Mouths~ I Gotta Feed~ I! Got! Bills!")
  • Two new residents arrived in the mansion, namely Kwon Joon and Kwon Hwi who were identical twins

Listen to the song here:

Yoon Chae Min's first appearance in the manhwa

Yoon Chae Min's first appearance in the manhwa

Chapter 8

  • All residents are shown to be hanging out in the common area: Woo Jin is reading a book, Sung Won, a newspaper, while Eun Joo seems like eating fruits
  • The next day, Eun Joo is reading a book by Kwak Woo Jung when the twin called her saying that there is a "really pretty" woman outside
  • The "really pretty" woman turns out to be Yoon Chae Min, the last resident moving in to room 202
  • It appears that all the residents hang out in the common area quite frequently, playing cards and such whenever they are free
  • Because Kwon Joon appears to be bring friends and drinking inside the house a lot, Woo Jin implemented a no outsider policy at the Lucky Mansion

Best Character

Quiz Time!

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is the title of Woo Jin's book that propelled him into popularity?
    • Romantic City
    • Rest
    • Outlaw
    • Mountain
    • Gentle Lady

Answer Key

  1. Gentle Lady

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