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Top Twenty Bands (including Screamo, Punk, and Rock Songs)


Twenty Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of

In today's society, not many people open their musical horizons. Many people stick with one kind of genre and some people might even listen to the same song fifty times over. (really annoying when we ride with you in the car) But as everything else, this is perfectly fine, considering everyone's got their own likes and dislikes. This article is basically for those with a liking for punk, screamo bands, punk rock bands, and other genres with rock and alternative, and I'm here to give you a few songs and bands I'm sure you'll love and listen to over again. And hey, you just might listen to these ones fifty times over, I'm sure.

Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate (Ronnie Radke, Omar Espinosa, Max Green, Brian Monte, Robert Ortiz)

Escape the Fate (Ronnie Radke, Omar Espinosa, Max Green, Brian Monte, Robert Ortiz)

1) I Am Ghost

As a beautifully synchronized band, I Am Ghost offers a bit of a different style of music for punk and rock lovers and should definitely be checked out by you curious scene people. The band has screamo tinged, fast paced songs, but also low key, piano based songs with a duet, such as "This Is Home". Some other songs that should definitely be checked out, maybe even on YouTube, are "Killer Likes Candy", "Those We Leave Behind", "Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Die", and best of all "Bone Garden". There are a few other songs that are good, but if you're a first time I Am Ghost viewer, take it slow. These guys are intense, yet have got a serious melody talent. It might not be your dad's Aerosmith CD, but they sure as hell offer a different taste.

2) Escape the Fate

Two things about this band: Number one, Ronnie Radke was originally the singer for this band and his songs are by far the best. He has been replaced by Craig Mabbit (former singer of Blessthefall) and now Ronnie sings for a band, "Falling In Reverse". If you can, look up songs with Ronnie, like beauties such as: "Cellar Door", "Chariot", "As You're Falling Down", "The Webs We Weave", "Situations", "There's No Sympathy For the Dead", "Makeup" (note: there's two versions of this song and the better one is VERY hard to find. Try looking on YouTube, you'll find the mediocre of the two, but if you want the good one I suggest you hit up Limewire) , "Dragging Dead Bodies in Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills", and etc. These songs have Ronnie's beautiful vocals scattered all over and I'm sure you'll appreciate it. But if you're a Craig fan, some songs with him are: "The Flood", "You're Beautiful", "Ten Miles Wide", etc. And as one of the old Escape the Fate fans, I hope I speak for everyone when I say we miss you Ronnie!

3) We Came As Romans

No it's not a Greek band, and you sure as hell don't need a toga to enjoy their music, but We Came As Romans has got some intense music if you're looking for something different. Some songs I would suggest you listen to are: "Dreams", "To Plant a Seed", "We Are the Reason", "Shapes", "An Evergrowing Wonder", and "Beliefs". Of course, these aren't the only songs they got, but if you're looking for a new band to start liking, I suggest you take my word on these songs. You know it, and I know it, YouTube probably is the best place to go if you want to decide for yourself if this band will be the newest entry into that little iPod of yours.

4) Before Their Eyes

A great band for the person with a little time to vedge out and pop in the headphones. Before Their Eyes has a good tone and style and the singer's vocals are phemonenal. Some songs I would DEFINITELY check out are: "City In A Snow Globe", "Why 6 Is Afraid of 7", (awesome one by the way) "Shotguns Speak Louder Than Words", "Close Your Eyes, It's Okay to Rest Now", and "So In Love". These are some great songs to throw onto your iPod and blast to full volume when your friend starts bugging the hell out of you. Just be thankful the singer's got some vocals worth listening to.

5) Dance Gavin Dance

Not many have heard of Dance Gavin Dance, but trust me when I say that shouldn't be the case. They may not be the best band out there, but like the other bands I've mentioned so far, they are a little different from the rest, which is basically a good thing. Some of the songs I would recommend by them are: "Open Your Eyes and Look North", "Happiness", "Alex English", and "The Importance of Cocaine". These are a few goodies, but of course, if you're itching for some extra screamo, by all means Google them up.

6) Emarosa

Another band that you might want to look up if you're bored with your current playlist would definitely be Emarosa. And in my opinion, the absolute best song you will hear from them is: "Heads or Tails, Real Or Not". Other songs you might want to check out are: "Utah", "Armageddon", and a few others. I won't give away all the deets, searching for them is half the fun right? So bust out your limewire or lemonwire or whatever you got and give them a shot.

7) Four Letter Lie

This is one of those bands that range from beautiful acoustic to outrageous head banging screamo songs. Flexibility in sound is an awesome thing, especially when it comes to bands, and Four Letter Lie delivers better than Dominoes pizza. Songs I would recommend are: "Feel Like Fame", "Firecracker" (a nice acoustic song for those with a little soft side), "Stay For A Lifetime" (another acoustic), "Cake Eater", "What A Terrible Thing to Say", etc. Four Letter Lie keeps the music range high, so I'm almost positive you'll love em. Money back guarantee.


Four Letter Lie



8) In Fear and Faith

This band is the best thing since sliced bread. If you don't believe me I suggest you check out some of their songs and decide for yourself. Some songs that you should definitely lean an ear towards would be: "The Taste of Regret" (very good piano intro by the way), "Silence is Screaming", "Bite the Bullet and Pray to God They Don't Find You", "Relapse Collapse", and "Gangsta's Paradise" (I suggest you check out that last song if you don't check out any of the others. I promise you will not regret it.)

9) The Early November

If you're a girl and also an acoustic guitar fan, then The Early November will win your heart, hands down. Their beautiful acoustics are worth dying for, and their lyrics will probably melt that heart of yours (especially if your boyfriend serenades you with one of their songs). Songs that I would recommend right off the bat would be: "Pretty Pretty", "Sunday Drive", and "Ever So Sweet". That last song is definitely a winner, and if you don't like it, I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with your musical taste.

10) Mayday Parade

If you haven't heard of this band, then you're most likely new to the whole music scene in general. Mayday Parade is for the romantic and confused, the happy and emotional, and pretty much everything in between. The lead singer's vocals are well worth your Google or YouTube search, and the songs you should check out are: "The Last Something That Meant Anything", "I Swear This Time I Mean It", "Miserable At Best", "Just Say You're Not Into It", "Save Your Heart", and "Sleepers Just Don't". But trust me, there are a dozen others that are as good, if not better, and I suggest you give this band a shot. You won't regret a single moment listening to their songs. Unless of course, you're just plain weird.

11) I Set My Friends On Fire

Get ready for a total spin on the screamo scene. I Set My Friends On Fire is a band that pretty much makes you scratch you head and think "they sure sound good but what the hell are they saying?" Well you don't really need to figure that out just yet. Just give a couple of these songs a try. I'm not guaranteeing you'll fall in love with em, but they are off the radar when it comes to following norms. Songs include: "Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos", "Things That Rhyme With Orange", (very good song) "Toxic Screamo" (yeah you guessed it, this is I Set My Friends On Fire's remake of that lovely Brittany Spears song. So if you love screamo and also that blonde who wants you to hit her one more time, check it out), "Crank Dat Cavalry Boy", and also "Sh!t It Talks...I'm Out Of Here". This band not only offers a different sound, but also a few laughs as well. Enjoy

Things That Rhyme With Orange Music Video

12) Psychostick

If you love laughs and you love metal, then you'll love Psychostick. Be warned however, their lyrics and controversial content may leave some listeners bewildered and slightly confused. This is one of those bands with no middle ground. You either love them or you hate them. Some songs I would recommend are: "The Dumb Song", "Pluh", "We Ran Out of CD Space", "Orgasm", "Two Ton Paperweight", and "Throwin' Down". Trust me, laugh your ass off to at least one of these songs, and if you don't, then your sense of humor obviously needs some major tweaking.

13) Chiodos

Trust me when I say the lead singer of this band has some incredible vocals. His ability to reach amazing pitches sets this band apart from the rest, and the songs aren't bad either. If you're still reading this, I obviously got your attention somewhere. So without further ado, some songs I would recommend would be: "Intensity in Ten Cities", "The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge", "A Letter For Janelle", "There's No Penguins In Alaska", and "Teeth the Size of Piano Keys". I'm not saying these songs are gold, but I'm basically letting you expand your musical horizon. You want to taste a flavor of everything out there right? Well here's your chance.

14) Miss May I

Are you ready for some hardcore screamo and guitar mania? Well I've got your birthday present right here. Miss May I doesn't hold back on the screams and guitar action and their sound is actually worth listening to. You might not be able to understand exactly what they are saying, so if you're one of those people who need to hang on to every word the singer says, this band might not be for you. But if you still got an ounce of interest so far, some songs you should look into are: "Architect" (very good actually, if you give it more than a minute of your time), "Apologies Are For The Weak", "Porcelain Wings", and "Swing". This band is pretty hardcore, so when you feel like shutting up the car next to you that's blasting their pathetic rap songs, flip this to high volume and just hope to God your speakers don't explode.

15) You Me At Six

This band is pretty easy going, so you won't find any screams and guitar shredding here. But if you just want some plain old fashioned relationship songs, check them out. These songs I'm going to give you are really good, so try at least one of em and go from there. Songs include: "You've Made Your Bed", "Kiss and Tell", "Take Off Your Colours", and "Gossip". Personally for me, this band helps when my ears start bleeding from all the screamo I listen to. It's nice once in a while to listen to a laid-back song or two every once in a while.

16) The Devil Wears Prada

Welcome to paradise. The Devil Wears Prada is a band worth a lot of your time, especially if you've got time to look up their lyrics. They're screamo engulfed, although they do have an acoustic song or two. Some songs I would recommend for your screamo-loving soul are: "Dez Moines", "Ben Has A Kid", "Nickels Is Money Too", "Still Fly" (a great rap song remake if I say so myself) and an acoustic song you might like is "Louder Than Thunder". There's some others but you'll just have to find those for yourself.

17) Asking Alexandria

I'm willing to bet maybe my spare change that you haven't heard of this band. Asking Alexandria has got some good treats for you, so if you've got some extra time on your hands, some songs I would recommend would be: "Bite Your Lip and Fake It", "Final Episode", "In Loving Memory of You Despite", and "Gramophone Elegance". And no, if you already know this band, my spare change is not yours. Go find your own.

18 Ice Nine Kills

I'm saving the best for last. Ice Nine Kills is one of those bands where I don't want to give away too much. I would rather let you guys search and be surprised. But just believe me when I say if you don't look up any of the bands I've mentioned so far, at least do it for this one. Two songs I'll let you get a taste of are: "The Simple Act of Giving Up" (acoustic), and "The Greatest Story Ever Told". (note: before you listen to that last song, I suggest you look up the lyrics and then follow along. The words that go with this song are amazing and the story involved might have your spine tingling afterwards).

19) Enter Shikari

Do you like techno? But do you also like guitars? Are you tired of hiding all your techno CD's under that floorboard in your room because your friends might find them? Obviously not, but if you want the best of both worlds, Enter Shikari blends techno with some major guitar sensations for an all over different sound, so now you can have your cake and eat it too. Songs I would recommend are: "Jonny Sniper", "Juggernauts", "Labryinth", and "No Sleep Tonight". And it's alright if their sound is a bit unfamiliar. That's the beauty of music, and the differences in it sets every song apart from the rest.

20) Funeral For A Friend

If you've made it this far, you really have a passion for music, and for that I thank you. This last band is very unheard of, at least from my experience. My friend actually thought I was making it up when I told her about them. But don't worry, this band's as real as taxes, and their songs are really good. Some songs you should try out are: "History", "Kiss and Make Up", "Rookie of the Year", and "Red Is the New Black". Again, there's more goodies available, all you gotta do is do a Google search and your dreams might come true.

Thus this list goes out with a bang! The twenty bands you probably haven't heard of, and I hope beyond hope that I've at least found someone who has broadened their musical horizons, for if that happens, then my work is complete. If you guys want more band lists, make it clear and I might just write another article, or email drkcyprus@live.com and leave suggestions.


FnQ7312 on August 30, 2012:

though Escape The Fate is the coolest band but Falling In Reverse is better, thank you :)

BusterMcDermott on June 18, 2012:

I need a song covered by Screamo bands. Recommend me some heavy Screamo bands? http://www.ranker.com/list/screamo-bands-and-music...

Spen22 from PA on March 21, 2012:

I am glad someone is giving awesome bands so recognition. I am a huge fan of Escape The Fate and some of the other bands you listed. Keep up the great work on getting great things out there.

Anthony (author) on November 18, 2011:

Thanks Katie xD Yeah I should write more, I've been pretty inactive on Hubpages for the longest time. I'm thinking about submitting again. If you have any preferences for something you want to read about, let me know! I'm always open to suggestions.

Katie on October 26, 2011:

Haha wow I finally found this again! I remember reading this article months ago and being like whoa the only one I've heard of here is Asking Alexandria...... and now I know almost all of them :) Even then, it helps to know which songs to check out first and I'm planning and going back through to listen to them all XD Anyway, this is a really awesome playlist and you should make more like it! I know I'd read them!

DCgirl15 on September 01, 2011:

Awesome playlist! Ive been meaning to listen to a few new songs and these really take the cake :)

music chick from Detroit, MI - Hopefully elsewhere soon enough on July 11, 2011:

thumbs up simply for the early november!

tugbo200-5 on April 24, 2011:


To each his own,I agree on some points but not all.

I can't listen to Punk or Hard Rock without getting

Suicidal thoughts (LOL) that stuff totally freaks me out.

I just can't understand how people can listen to garbled

music when you can't understand a word they are attempting to sing.

but then again ,our age difference,tells a lot.

Keep hubbing.

Anthony (author) on February 10, 2011:

Lol thanks for checking it out kenny. Hope you like em!

kenny thomas from Australia on February 10, 2011:

kewl never heard of all these I'm going to be checking them out for sure, you learn something everyday ;) cheers shinkicker.

Anthony (author) on January 17, 2011:

Thank you. And yes, sadly it's true, some people don't open their musical horizons and it stops them from listening to some great songs. I hope you like them.

GuitarLover from UK on January 17, 2011:

Interesting hub, I'll be checking these out. You're so right about many people having limited tastes. I can't imagine just listening to the same types of music all the time!