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Unforgettable Ha Ji Won; Her Movies and Drama

Maria Cecilia loves watching Korean Drama. She is not just a writer, she is a fan of Korean Actress HAJIWON

credit this photo to Secret Garden Korean Drama

credit this photo to Secret Garden Korean Drama


Happy Birthday Jiwon

In time for her birthday which is on 28 June, I decided to make this hub that will feature some dramas and movies that I consider unforgettable, not only to me but to Jiwon Herself. I am fan and I came to know her in 2011 because of Secret Garden. The more I watched her old films the more I admire her a lot.... Acting wise for me she is the best, there are times when I feel uncomfortable with her roles and the way she portrays them, but like I said in my other hubs about her, "once you get uncomfortable it means you are affected, and you just got immersed with her in her role". I kept saying this to my friends after watching her film or drama, "Hajiwon got me again". How can she be so good in different roles. Beauty wise, for me she is pretty, I like her face, I can look at her all day, the longer you stare at her the more she becomes beautiful. According to fans that saw her in person already, HAJIWON is a lot prettier in real life than on the big screen.... one even said she's a goddess, and she has this kind of magnet that attracts every one.... in her film even when she's sweaty, bloody or dirty she is still pretty, even when she wears simple shirt, she is still pretty... sometimes I wish I can look like her hahaha, I know it's impossible because my feature is more on the double eyelid, thick eyebrows, round eyes, very opposite of the Korean...(ops don't get me wrong I am contented with my face LOL). But going back to HAJIWON the disappointing part of liking her is when you know it is impossible to see her in person, even if I go to Korea, I guess no one can guarantee if I can meet her there....So as a fan who can't see her yet in person (I don't want to lose hope), the only thing I can do is watch her old films, wait for her new projects, read the latest about her, and lastly write about her, I am starting my latest....

(Credit to the following for the photos used in this hub TK2H soompi forum, TK2H Baidu, iMBC,, and, newsen, SEGA Family Facebook.)

credit the following for this photo: ASICS, SEGAfamily;amazing couple hyun Bin Ha Ji won

credit the following for this photo: ASICS, SEGAfamily;amazing couple hyun Bin Ha Ji won

Her Drama

Shall I start ramdomly? or shall I start with her latest drama? After reviewing her filmography, I learned that Jiwon had made 5 popular dramas that definitely left a mark to her countless viewers. Her drama is the type that you don't want to end. Loyal televiewers normally had withdrawal syndrome the first week after her drama ended. Her fans are not contented in one time watching that after the drama they quickly get their own copy at all cost so that they can watch it over and over again.

Jiwon's 5 Unforgettable drama

1. The King 2 Hearts 2012

2. Secret Garden 2010

3. Hwang Jini 2006

4. What Happened in Bali 2004

5. Damo 2003

Credit photo to Secret Garden

Credit photo to Secret Garden

Secret Garden 2010 with Hyun Bin

I know Ha Ji Won portrayed Hwang Jini a few years back when our Local network was promoting Secret Garden, the announcement mentioned that Hwang Jini and Kim Sam Soon's love interest ( sorry I forgot Hyun Bin's in the Filipino version of Kim Sam Soon) met in Secret Garden, and those were enough to arouse my curiosity. Quite surprise to see Hwang Jini's lead star in short hair and the guy was thinner than the first time I watched him at Sam soon, at that time I didn't even know their names but compare to other Korean stars Ha Jiwon and Hyun Bin are easier to remember. I decided to start with Secret Garden because this is the first HJW drama that I really like.,

Secret Garden is phenomenal.... I borrowed that description from our ADMIN in SEGA Family group. I think it's magical because of its lingering effects. I still feel good whenever I watch it, even the SEGA OST are my favorite. The songs "That man or That woman", made me feel like there is something crawling at my spine whenever I hear it. "You are my spring" reminded me of GRI and KJW during their Honeymoon scene. I don't think I'll ever get tired watching SEGA unless I need to give way to other HJW movies and drama. Secret Garden is very special to me and to those who love both Hajiwon and Hyun Bin together either in movies and realities (I hope).

HJW is Gil Ra im, and a stunt woman. She really fascinated me when I saw her in action scenes. I believe an actress should be like her, very effective always in the role that she's playing...

Because of Secret Garden I came to like Hajiwon, in fact I tried to have something that she has in the drama, the watch she wore during the Cappuccino Kiss Scene, and the one she wore in jeju island, I really researched on the brand of the watch and I am so lucky to find one here in the Philippines. The watch has a unique design that's why I noticed it, it became more special because of HJW, and I am always glad to tell the story of my watch every time friends asked about it, "I saw HJW wearing this watch so I really looked for it, now we have something in common.

Because of Secret Garden, I became interested to watch HJW's other drama and movies. I am just curious of how she was in another character. I know I have seen her before when I watched Hwang Jini but for some reasons I was not able to finish the drama and forgot about it.

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Because I love SEGA I have three SEGA related hubs and here are the links:

Credit to SBS;

Credit to SBS;

What Happened in Bali

Ha Ji Won as Lee Su Jung, I thought this drama is boring that it took me quite a while before I decided to watch it. From Gil Raim look, I was trying to convince myself if the lady in shoulder length hair and with bangs is her, but no doubt it was her. She was so pretty in Bali,that no matter how annoying her character in the drama I still want to watch it.

Bali's conflicting stories made me watched it with too much eagerness. All four characters are complicated as if they don't know who they really like, and as a televiewer I still can't guess who will end up with whom. Lee Su Jung showed interest to the character of Su Ji Sub, but she seemed to lose concentration when the character of Ju insung just appeared.

HJW made me feel uncomfortable in her role here because of the character's unpopular decisions, as if she does not have pride just for money or financial gain. But one thing I like in this drama is when she said she can't give her heart to Jae Min (Jo insung) because it is only in her heart where she has pride, but that thing made her lonelier that even when she ran away with Kang In-Wok (su ji sub) to Bali and even made love to him, she still feels lonely and admitted to him that up to the last moment she refused to give Jae min her heart but she was crying, Kang In wok knew that he can't make Lee Su jung happy because her heart obviously belongs to someone else... the ending was devastating.... Jae min shoot the two, and Lee Sung Ji in her dying state finally told Jae min "I love you", and my reaction was quite similar to Jae min, I just did not cry crazily and kill myself LOL, but I was devastated... I honestly wanted Su Jung to end up with Jae min.... and how cruel it is for Jaemin to realized the truth when it was too late.... this movie is unforgettable really...I hate the ending but I am going to watch it again LOL.. Did you notice guys how good HJW was in that scene when she said Saranghe, then she died? how can she able to show impact with just short words.?

Np doubt she won various awards in this drama, SBS Top Excellence Award, SBS Top Ten Stars Awards, Best New Actress 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards, Best New Actress 39th Baeksang Awards, Best Actress 39th Baeksang Awards for TV Section (credit amazing for HJW Filmography and Ha Ji Won Dramawiki for informaiton on her awards)

The King 2 Hearts

Credit to the following for the photos used in this hub TK2H soompi forum, TK2H Baidu, iMBC,, and, newsen, SEGA Family Facebook., mysoju)

Credit to the following for the photos used in this hub TK2H soompi forum, TK2H Baidu, iMBC,, and, newsen, SEGA Family Facebook., mysoju)

The King 2 Hearts

SEGA was released in 2010, so it was a good news for her fans to know that she will have another drama after less than two years. Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah, did well in her role as North Korean Soldier. Her Hair is longer this time, and since in the story she is getting engaged to a royalty, Jiwon is always beautifully dressed; but although she is all chic in this drama, she still did some action scenes, and how about that? doing action while wearing mini skirt.

Again she developed this good chemistry with Lee Seung gi, younger by 9 years but not obvious. Fans just like them together that they did not mind the age difference. They even wish them to be partners in real life.

I consider King 2 Hearts as one of my favorites because I am already a fan when this drama came up. I really looked forward to this one that I knew the story from the time that HJW accepted the offer from the first prospect leading man, until Lee Seung gi got the role. I have a separate hub for this drama, so I will not write a lot about this.

Hwang Jin-yi

Credit  to KBS and

Credit to KBS and

Hwang Jini

I have funny stories to tell while looking for copy of this drama., three times different dates, I was given the wrong Hwang Jini, but the packaging and the CD has HJW's pictures in it, the content was a mistake. Not that I am against the other actress, it just that at that moment I want a HJW Hwang Jini..receiving the wrong Hwang Jini for three times is not a joke so I gave up....then one day God from above pitied me, one friend Angel sent me a copy, original with the best packaging ang English subtitle... I can't thank her enough... Of course you know who you are...

I watched this before when it was shown in our Local network, the most unforgettable scene was when her first love died and the coffin stopped in front of Gaesang quarter, I was crying with Hwang Jini at that time, because of similar emotions I can relate..(oops), but at that time, I didn't know HJW, so I was not able to finish the drama. When I learned to like her, I decided to search all her films, and Hwang Jini is one them.... Watching it now knowing the lead as HJW, I can't take my eyes off the screen, that I have few sleepless nights then. In Hwang Jini, Hajiwon was a lot younger , but even then she is already at her best acting... no doubt she won the highest award in this drama. She was so pretty, graceful and just so great.... I like the story too and I don't know why it fits her so much.... Watching her in a different role, you can't believe she once played the role of Hwang Jini.... I am going to watch this drama again soon.

By the way Ha Ji Won won various awards in this drama too, Best Actress in the 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival, 2007 34th Korean Broadcasting Award Best Actress;2006 KBS Daesang Award and KBS Netizen Award.


Credit photo to

Credit photo to


I have not watched this one completely yet, but I believe this is good. Even the reviews are good, so definitely update this once I watched the drama completely. HJW did action again, and I heard this drama meant a lot to her. I am not sure but I think she started to win lots of fans because of DAMO, Hajiwon said in her interview how she enjoyed it a lot when she was doing fight scene using Sword. She even mentioned how in love she was with the character of one of her leading men but once he changed into his regular clothes, the feeling instantly gone. I love this film because I know Hajiwon loves it... and soon I am going to finish watching it too and if anyone knows a link or way to get copy of this film, please feel free to tell me...

Her Movies that I Cnsider Unforgettable

Credit photo to   "AS One" Korea

Credit photo to "AS One" Korea

Credit to  Sector 7

Credit to Sector 7

Credit to  Closer to Heaven, formerly Love by my side

Credit to Closer to Heaven, formerly Love by my side

Her Movies

1. As one Korea 2012

2. Sector 7 2011

3. Closer to Heaven

4. Duelist

5. Miracle in 1st Street

Jiwon has lots of good movies and I think her fans still search for her old films either in the net or try their luck to buy them on Ebay or other on line shop. Korea "as one" is her latest Movie, though I haven't watched it yet, I still consider this as her unforgettable movie because Jiwon here is in another role again. This is a life story of a Champion Table Tennies Player who personally chose Jiwon to play the role. I am looking forward to see this film, This is also about unification of North and South Korea. Chinese friends who went to Korea were lucky enough to watch it and they said it was a good movie, very touching that they cried until they ran out of tissue. Here is the link going to my hub about this movie

Sector 7 is special to me because aside from HJW doing action again, this is the first 3D Film in Korea and we are so glad that Hajiwon was chosen as lead. This also became an extension of Secret Garden because HJW still had her Gil Raim look in the movie. Please see this link fo more story about Sector 7 .

Closer to Heaven

Jiwon as Ji soo, she was in a very mature role here, always longing for someone to love and love her back, divorced for the 2nd time she met an old time friend Jong Woo and eventually got married to him too. But Jong Woo has a rare disease called Lou Gehrigs which challenges Ji soo's love and patience. This is unforgettable for me because there was a point in this movie when I felt that I was at the edge of my seat. I should say I am not really comfortable to see HJW in a love scene (Unless with Hyun Bin LOL), oh no don't get me wrong for those who have not seen the film, her love scene here was just very suggestive, she was not even naked, the love scene just wanted to show how it is to be married to someone who is not really physically well, but needed to make love, in the story it was Ji-soo who always initiated the love-making. There was a scene also where she removes her tops and shorts,leaving only her underwear ( but the shot was very far enough for the viewers to see her wearing only her underwear and it did not stay long) and joined her husband in the bathtub. Again I got immersed with her in her role. I can also feel the desperation of human, and their fear of solitude, one thing I can't forget about this movie is what Jong woo was saying in his mind in his dying moment, to Ji-soo, I wish you happiness, that you must learn to be happy on your own and not to depend your happiness to someone... not the exact words but something like that. I guess this is also very unforgettable to Jiwon, She won 3 Best Actress awards in this Film, 46th Baeksang art awards, 30th Blue Dragon Awards, and 5th Korean University Film Festival. She also won the popularity award in the 30th Blue Dragon.

More Movies

Credit photo to  Duelist

Credit photo to Duelist

Credit Photo to

Credit Photo to

The Duelist 2005

This movie is unforgettable to me because it took time before I came to understand this. I realized that when watching this one I should stop everything that I am doing like set aside my computer for a while. Jiwon here is Namsoon, with a different character again... A lesbian who walks awkwardly boyish, hot tempered, and can't really speak calmly or softly. But oh my, I was really fascinated with her doing those movements when fighting the duelist (the good-looking Kang Dong Won, was he an ex-boyfriend? just curious), I know it was her because I watched it in youtube when she was practising with KDW. This is different among her other Saeguk or period drama or movie, because the musical scoring is so fast, actually the story and movements was fast that I really should not take off my eyes to the screen or else I will miss a scene. Hajiwon's acting here is like a divided woman, when the duelist smiles at her, to hide her feeling she always shouted angrily to him calling him crazy bastard.... They did the most beautiful duel in the latter part and the story telling man said they looked like they are also making love, and they just disappeared in the moonlight. The ending was like Namsoon with his master, are still following the duelist. It looks like an impossible love between a police woman and a criminal, but I love how the movie showed the attraction of these two main characters to one another... and Hajiwon and Kang Dong Wong, they are both goodlooking, it added flavors to the amazing story. HJW won a popularity award with KDW in the 26th Blue Dragon Awards.

MIracle in First Street

This film is unforgettable to Jiwon because she played the role of a boxer here. I think she trained for months in order to appear like a real boxer, and there was a scene in this movie when she was told to really hit her opponent, who is a professional boxer. She made her opponent bleed from the nose which made her panic because it was her first time to hurt someone. She also mentioned in her interview that she was really hurt in one fight scene but she needed to go on because if she stopped, that would be an NG or NO Good shot meaning she will do it again. I became curious with this film because of Ha Jiwon's role as a female boxer, and again I was fascinated by her courageous portrayal. Although she did good in this film, HJW swore not to do the same role again. 

More More Movies and Drama

Aside from those movies I mentioned, I was able to watch the following also; Love so Divine, Sex is Zero (was it really her in the love scene?), Heundae, Nightmare and Truth Game. Truth Game is a bit controversial but she did good there too. I am still searching for her other films, like School 2, done in 1999. Yes almost a 13 yrs. old drama but I still wish to watch it because I saw one part of it where Hajiwon was walking and talking with Lee Yo Won, another favorite actress of mine, I don't think I can see them work together again.

credit to charmy19_23/soompi

credit to charmy19_23/soompi

credit to charmy19_23/soompi

credit to charmy19_23/soompi

Jiwon Went to the Philippines for Private Vacation

I was in the middle of writng this hub when I I was informed that Jiwon was in the Philippines, unlike her other out of town activities, her visit to the Philippine was a private one, even in Korea there was no announcement that she will be going out of the country. She went here with her family to rest before going back to work. She arrived on June 28, her birthday and left on July 1st. I had mixed emotions, happy because Jiwon chose my homeland to celebrate her birthday and relax, and sad because I realized even in my own country, It won't be easier to have a chance to see her. 1023 or Jiwon's international fans club are very serious in applying the so called "fan etiquette", that is why you just can't run after her and ruin her privacy. Well her fans in different groups just wish her to held a fan meeting here in the Philippines just like what she did in China and Japan. Just the same I am happy Ha Ji Won to see you in a Filipino setting..


Drama and Movie she made after this hub was written:


Empress Ki

The Time We Were Not In Love


The Huntresses

Chronicle of Blood Merchant

Life Risking Romance

© 2012 Maria Cecilia


Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 05, 2016:

Hi Mary Jane happy to see another Hajiwon fan here. I have so many hubs about her , hope you can read them all

Mary Jane Q. Santos on August 28, 2016:

Thanks for this article, I got to know her more. Yes, she is one of a kind...boyish and yet so sexy.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on February 17, 2015:

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then after I asked myself, I silently wished, I hope she's not. HAHA =)

keep on writing! :)

katie on December 16, 2014:

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Mary hi, nice to see you here finally,visit the empress ki hub, you can still vote, and share your ending... nice to meet another Hajiwon Fan

mary on May 04, 2014:

at last i can give my comments here..ha ji won 1st watch her what happen in bali then follow secret garden and empress k those are drama that ive seen..i like here more performance in empress k..i think the casting in empress are all excellent that's why i pick her most drama that i really like although im not fan of historical but ha ji won i decided to watch full til the end..the ending it was not contented but i enjoy it..

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on August 14, 2013:

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Sheri on June 24, 2013:

Hi! I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Ha Ji Won. I am an avid fan too ever since I saw Secret Garden. And kinda like everyone of you, I became her I'm so glad I stumbled on your hub while browsing for the latest updates on her. Thanks a lot!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on June 02, 2013:

Hi Faye thanks for the visit. Jiwon has no scandal or rumored boyfriend then but some fans think and (Hope maybe) that she is dating Hyun Bin. Unless they both admit soon, still it is hard to tell, in spite of a lot of incidents that said they may be together....still it's hard to assume.. but who knows...?

faye on June 01, 2013:

wei... just very much interested bout ji won's love life... didn't she have any celebrity real life boyfriend since she started showbiz??? am a big fan of her but i know very little about her... i love the way she portrays her role in all her projects... she's a great actress...

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on March 09, 2013:

no problem... thanks for visiting

Stephanie on March 09, 2013:

Oh!i can't wait 2 watch her new movie it's interesting;)

Thanks ate Cecil;)

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on March 08, 2013:

she had The King 2 hearts last year, it was good but can't really surpass SEGA... now she's doing the huntress or Joseon something. I saw one film clip showing Jiwon dancing the belly dance... looks like a promising film

Stephanie on March 08, 2013:

Hi!ate cecil can u update me if ha ji won having a new movie or drama.thaks;)

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on March 06, 2013:

Steph I was not able to see her, but she went here last June, in Manila and checked in at Sofitel, I saw one photo that showed she went to Resorts World too. it was not easy to see her really.... I have friends who went to the hotel to see her but no luck at all... thanks for visiting

Stephanie digma on March 06, 2013:

Ate Cecil san po sa pilipinas Kau nag meet ni ha ji won

Buti pa Kau.i hope I can see her in person;(

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Fayth on November 16, 2012:

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Hello Fayth thanks for visiting.... can you give me a copy of Damo? hope you can make it on December 2, and hope you can give a copy hahahaha. About Hajiwon, because I like her that is why I enjoy reading about her, were you able to get her book already? I am just waiting for something but looks like I can't buy from Tracy yet... ok thanks for visiting again.

Fayth on November 12, 2012:

Hello Ate Cel! hehe.. Finally I'm here .. ^^* First of all, I'm really happy to meet another fellow fan of Ha Ji Won.. ^^* And thank you for making this very beautiful hub! It's as beautiful as Jiwonnie .. ♥ I'm really glad to know that we both had the same feelings and thoughts towards her works. I can really say that Jiwonnie always did her best in all her works that's why we're here, appreciating all of it. :) In terms of my favorites, of course, Secret Garden is my fave drama of her. Coz' that's the drama in which I fell in love with her. But to tell you honestly Ate Cel, I've known her since Hwang Jini. So I guess, Kim Joo Won is right, love at first sight is not really true (for me). kkk. :) And also, we're the same in Damo, I haven't watched it yet too, and I'd love to watch it. I've already downloaded some parts of it through .. Hopefully soon, I'll have the time to download it all and watch it. :) In her movies, I have lots of favorites .. Daddy Long Legs, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant, Love So Divine and Closer to Heaven. But I almost watched all of her movies actually. hehehe. and waiting for more! kkk .. Oops, I think I've commented a lot. kkk.. More powers to you Ate Cel! Fighting! ^^*

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 30, 2012:

Joy gosh I think you were able to watch more of her film more than I do... I haven't watch DAMO yet, I was looking for an old copy, the original one in Ebay is so expensive and I don't know how to purchase from them...Miracle in First street too, I know I can watch it on line but I'd rather have a copy of my own...I haven't watched 100 days with Mr. Arrogant and Daddy Long Legs... but I am busy rewatching some of her films....ok just don't forget to leave your comments after visiting other hubs about her.

Joy on September 30, 2012:

Thanks! Wouldn't it be nice if one day "SHE" will be able to read your wonderful site. Yes, I will definitely check out your hubs. So far, I have seen all her newer and older films. My favorites among them are: My love by my side, Duelist, Miracle, As One, Sector 7, Haeundae, Daddy Long Legs and 100 days with Mr. Arrogant. As far as her dramas, I have seen: Damo, WHIB, Wang Jin Yi, Secret Garden and TK2H. I love them all. I will definitely check out the rest of your hubs.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 30, 2012:

Joy I really appreciate people who really bothered a lot to write a long comment in my hub, really thank you for that and just like you I feel so happy that here I am again answering a comment from another HJW fan... I am glad I made her fans happy with what I write but you know, I also feel happy writing about Jiwon... My hubs about her are my favorites next to the hubs I made for my dogs or just the same. It's like writing a masterpiece and my way to record my feelings, and wishing that someday "SHE" can read this too. Joy this is just one of my hubs about her.... hope you have more time to read them like the Sega Craze, my hub about Sector 7, Korea , Love so Divine... I will be happier to see your comment there too. Have you watched her old films, the more you are going to like her if you watch Hwang Jini...I like her a lot there

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 29, 2012:

Crish yes I am part of 1023 in FB, but I don't know why I always forgot to post my HJW hubs there... oh welcome to the club, I am so happy to know another HJW fan

Joy on September 29, 2012:

Oh I for got one thing why I love her as an actress, In SeGa, her character as GRI helped Hyun Bin as JW a lot. She brings out the best in him as far as acting. It also goes with the rest of her on screen partners. I've noticed that she always have a great screen rapport/chemistry with her leading men. It's probably due to her down to earth natured, that she creates this good working environment around her...

Joy on September 29, 2012:

First and foremost, Hello to you! You don't even know how elated I am to stumble and reading your thoughts about Ha Ji Won. I am simply happy that there are still a lot of people whom I shared the same feelings and thoughts about the crazy feeling about SeGa. There are a lot of reasons why I LOVE Ha Ji Won as an actress and a person. As an actress she is no doubt a versatile and one to immersed in a character she plays, be it action or drama. In Sector 7, she actually learned how to ride a bike and scuba diving , also at the same time get license and be certified as well. The same thing in Miracle, she actually spent months training as a boxer. Adding her status as an Action Quenn in Korea and very convincing at that. We all know how gorgeous she is, naturally. The more you look at her the more prettier she becomes. I love that she's healthy figure wise. She oozes with sex appeal, charisma and her very out going personality to boot. I've seen many of her interviews including the people she has worked with...directors and actors alike are giving him nothing but compliments especially with her out going attitude and and work ethics. To me, that is one or her most special trait. Her interactions with her people simply makes adore her even more. By the way, I'm basing my opinion on what I read and seen so far about her. So yeah, I am one many people who adores her. Thanks for a wonderful read and seriously, you do have a way with words. I love it!

crish on September 27, 2012:

Maria Cecilia, I'm so happy to read your blog.... wow!!! are you part of U.S. 1023 in FB? That is for the international fans of Ha Ji Won... I'm also a fan from the Philippines.. I hope we can have a 1023 Philippines... haist!!! I really love her versatility... I am also at your shoes... watching Ji Won over and over again!!! Saranghae Ha Ji Won!!!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 23, 2012:

Indaygmoneva, thanks for your comment you really made me smile, I have few hajiwon hubs here, hope you can read them, I don't really make movie review.... pang HAJIWON lang ang some actress that I came to like before her...

indaygmoneva on September 23, 2012:

Hi the same tayo na parehong idol si Joen Hae Rim o Ha Ji Won..

tama ka sa una hindi mo mapapansin maganda pero pagtitingnan mo talaga may mararamdaman kang something sa kanya na hindi mo maipaliwanag ,na hahanap hanapin mo parati sa kanya.

Lahat na artista na panuod mapalocal or international man mas tumatak talaga sya sken.

THANK YOU . sa Hub mo, dahil dito mas lalo kung napatuyan sa sarili ko kung gaano ko talaga ka Idol.

Saranghe Ha Ji Wonssi...

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on September 02, 2012:

Maricon the watch ODM watch they have a Kiosk at SM Megamall, 3rd floor...

maricon on August 22, 2012:

hi cel, thanks for making this hub really enjoyed reading. hey can i have that watch brand too???? really love jiwon.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 22, 2012:

Hi Ressa nice to see you again. Just take all the rest that you need, if you need to talk to me you can post a comment to any of my HJW hubs

ressa on July 22, 2012:

thanks cecil, i have been so busy this fast few days, and i can't even open my computer. it's like when i arrived at home i want only to lay down on my bed to get some rest. that's why i read your message just now! thanks again! God bless us always! that He may continue to give us all the strength and good health we need so that, we too, may continue to love and support our amazing woman!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 18, 2012:

Hi Ressa here is my email add. thanks again for visiting and see at PB

ressa on July 18, 2012:

hi cel! thank you again! how can i add you on my face book ? i don't know your FB account? please tell me! i will open it tomorrow night and wait for your reply. i need to sleep now it's already 12 midnight. yes, i'll wait for your TK2H hub and i'm very exciting for that! hope to see you on my facebook account! good night and God bless you us always

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 14, 2012:

Ressa you can look for me at Facebook just add me and message me that you are Ressa. they just posted her latest interview. I will post my The King two hearts hub maybe next week.... wait for it and I hope you will also like it. thanks for visiting you are always welcome

ressa on July 13, 2012:

hi cecil, thank you for your kind words! for giving me confident and courage to continue get in touch with you through you hub page even though sometimes it's hard for me to put a right words to tell you what i feel and shared with you about my love on ha ji won.How did i find your hub?again, because of my loved to ha ji won i start looking a news everywhere here on internet, browsing.. searching.. until i stumble an interesting page and that's how i found you! i was also amaze by your loved with her! it's like i'm looking on myself, it's like i'm the one writing this! just like what i've said before "what you feel, i also feel that way" so what you share on your hub page, that's how i feel! thanks to you! i have found my way on how to express my love, my feelings on ha ji won! i can share with you and with others who loved also that amazing woman every moment of happiness being her fan. i already watched the king two hearts 3 times on dvd. but before that i have watched this on drama crazy net every thursday and friday when this is still aired in Korea on every wednesday and thursday. but still i'm looking forward on king 2 hearts here on you hub page. thanks also for welcoming me and letting me visits your hub page and continue to reply on me! yes i have a facebook account and i will look to that group that you have mentioned so that i can join with you. thanks again and God Bless us always!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 12, 2012:

Ressa for a filipino, you are good in English already just be confident you are good and keep on practising. If you have a facebook account, you can look for this group, amazing couple Hyun bin and Hajiwon, just start from there and you will meet lots of their fans. You are welcome here in my hub and you can visit my other article for Jiwon like sector 7, and Love so divine, I am presently working on The King 2 hearts, have you watched? anyway how did you find out about my hub? thanks for always visiitng me.... and keep in touch

ressa on July 12, 2012:

hi Cecil its me again! thanks for reply.. i watched that video on my gmail account, youtube send this to me uploaded by jiwonderland! yes, it's true, her fans are so kind and generous in sharing everything to us so that we can also watched her. thanks to them and also thank to you! i hope i can talk with you longer but it seem that i have to condition my mind so that i can write here a good english, just like what i have told in your hub page sega craze that i'm not that good in english.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 11, 2012:

Hi Ressa thanks for visiting again, oh yes I have watched that, saw her laughing with them. I really wish to see her in that very light mood...where did you see it, did you it in FB?her fans are so generous in sharing everything about her including her CFs...

ressa on July 11, 2012:

hi cel, did you watch her fan meeting video in korea? you see how lovable she is! my goodness i can't help but loved and admire her and wish that we too will have a chance like that to be with her, singing song with her, telling her how we love her so much and how much she mean to us.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 09, 2012:

Thanks Hak Mak for dropping by again, and thanks for the suggestions

Hak Mak on July 09, 2012:

Hi Cel, thanks for reply. I just want to add some more things. HJW had among best proposal in the drama or movie ever under her belt. One in TK2H and Hwang Jini, again in my opinion. Another best proposal is Step Mom by Julia Robert. Not mentioning top kiss in korean drama. She really wonderful and talented actress and she work hard for this and the same time luck also on her side so far.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 07, 2012:

Hak Mak nice to see you here thanks, yes I am saving the best for last, hahaah I will really watch it or try to watch it on line but I am a bit greedy, I want to have my own copy of this (actuallly all HJW movie and drama if possible) this is her only drama that I can't find a copy, a year ago a friend promised to give me but did not happen I am still waiting though, just hope this is still available on ebay.. I will check..I agree with you about SEGA the heavier scenes are always with KJW no wonder Hyun Bin won the Baeksang Awards. and I fear the same in TK2H, but not really thanks again Hak mak hope to see you again in my HJW hubs.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 07, 2012:

Hi Kulasa thanks for visiting and for your comment, I have other hubs about Jiwon you may want to read them too.. yes be a fan of Jiwon she's a good actress. most of her drama and movies are still available on line... thanks again and I hope you comeback for more beautiful comments.

Hak Mak on July 07, 2012:

Hi Cel. My only comment please watch DAMO, you won't regret it. I still think that DAMO is her best drama in term of character . Sad ending though but worth it. SEGA is different and i love the whole story. I think SEGA too much focus on KJW character towards the end.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 07, 2012:

Juliet thanks you should know you were there from the start....

kulasa on July 07, 2012:

Hi there, visiting your page for the first time and loving your writing I think I've become her fan too :-)

julietcastanares on July 07, 2012:

Hi Cel,

I really admire you. For me, ang layo na ng narating when it comes to writing. When I read your articles, i don't know how to discribe my feelings... but I am enjoying while reading.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 05, 2012:

Cocorao as expected you are here thanks so much, of course when I write about HJW, it seems like I am writing about my love ones and inspiration. It's extra full of emotion because of her un announced visit here in the Philippines.

cocorao on July 05, 2012:

Wow, super like your article cel unnie, it's full of emotions as always !

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 05, 2012:

April, we have reasons to like her really? to think that we can only see her on screen.. I can imagine why she became likeable to those she works with.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 05, 2012:

Ressa thanks for visiting, so many of us feel that way to think all of us for sure dream or plan of visiting Korea, thinking that we will have a slight chance to see her there, but we were all surprised with her vacation here, and we can't do anything...

April on July 05, 2012:

nice article. i share the same feelings with you towards ha ji won. i also love her a lot. i'm also from the Philippines.

ressa on July 05, 2012:

hi cecil, what you feel right now, i also feel that way! i love ha ji won so much and i always dream to see her, but sad to say its so hard and impossible. my heart is also broken, until now i can't get over with my feelings. i'm sad and had a teary eyed every time i remember that she went here in our country but still i can't see her in person. but you know she is my inspiration to go on in this life ! i thank the Lord for giving me a beautiful gift and that is in the person of ha ji won! she my tranquilizer in every pain that i experienced, my vitamins if loss my strength, my joy when i feel sad. God Bless Her and God bless us always who loves her. hope that our dreams to see her in person will come true. thanks for your hub. this my first to visit this page. thanks to you, im not alone loving her and admiring her!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 05, 2012:

JIbin thanks for always visiting and reading my hub about Jiwon. Yes I really like her a lot, I don't think I can write about her if I don't like her.... did you see her photo in my country?I feel so broken hearted not to see her in my own country...

jibin on July 05, 2012:


I very like your hub and admire you a lot.You are a big and good fan for her.I can not do same you but I like and love her so much. I try to find and watch her drama and movic.

I came to know her because SeGa...and still crazy her...She is not beauty when we look her in fast but when we look and stare at her for a long time,she was became beauty little by little. at last I can say she is very beauty and pretty so i can not take my eye off her.

I think men who is work with her, can not contorl heart to fall in love with her......but I want to know she fall in love with whom?????

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