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Tyra Banks Might Not Return Next Season to Host "Dancing With the Stars"

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When longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were let go from Dancing With the Stars in 2019 after Season 28, fans were disappointed. Bergeron had been the host of the ballroom dance reality show all 28 seasons since its inception in 2005. Erin Andrews had been hosting for eleven seasons. Both of them were let go without any warning. They were shocked and so were the show's longtime viewers.

There had always been two hosts, a male and a female until Season 29 when Tyra Banks became the solo host. That's when ratings began to plummet because longtime fans switched from watching Dancing With the Stars on ABC on Monday nights.

Seasons Ratings

During the 28 seasons when Bergeron hosted the show, the ratings were as high as 27.50 million viewers. The first season Bank hosted the show, the rating was 6.19 million viewers. The second season was even lower with only 4.89 million viewers.

Sure, viewers come and go from any show. However, many people say they left the show because of the new host. They agreed Tyra contributed greatly for the ratings to plummet to an all-time low during the last two seasons.

Future of "Dancing With the Stars"

The show has not been officially renewed yet. Officials expect there will be a Season 31, but they admit something needs to be done. Because of the low ratings, Dancing With the Stars will not broadcast twice in 2022 as the show has done in past years.

According to The Sun, the show's top executives and ABC executives are looking for ways to get the ratings up again. One possibility is to replace Banks with an A-list celebrity who can win back fans who stopped watching the show because they didn't have a fondness for Tyra's style of hosting.

ABC has expressed concerns and agrees with the show's officials that the current host is not attracting viewers as they had hoped. In fact, it has had the opposite effect. New viewers didn't come on board, and longtime viewers left.


Criticisms About Tyra Banks' Hosting Style

Perhaps fans would have criticized anyone who replaced Bergeron, and they certainly did not hold back on criticizing Banks. Some fans started criticizing the 47-year-old hosting style on day one. The criticisms never stopped. In fact, they increased with each episode. There were negative comments on social media following every episode. That never happened when Bergeron hosted the show. The comments might have been about certain dancers, but they were never about him, his hosting style, or what he was wearing.

On the other hand, there were more comments about Tyra than the celebrities, professional dancers, and the judges combined. In fact, some people on social media had begun to call it The Tyra Banks Show.

They posted negative criticisms about how she treated the dancers while wanting the focus to be more on her than on them. There are many negative comments on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and in Dancing With the Stars Facebook Groups.

Critics Would Be Pleased to See Banks Leave "DWTS"

Critics will be delighted to see Tyra replaced by someone who will do a better job. There are comments on social media from some people calling for her exit. Here are some of the things that people have posted:

  • "Tyra Banks is the worst host ever."
  • "Tyra acts as if the show is all about her."
  • "ABC, can you PLEASE replace Tyra Banks next season. Have you been watching to see how she makes the show about her from start to finish? She acts as though "DWTS" is her runway with her entrance, wardrobe changes, and wasting time with senseless babbling."
  • "Tyra wastes valuable time talking so the camera will stay on her longer."

Not the First Time

If Tyra leaves Dancing With the Stars after only two seasons, it will not be the first time her hosting job was short-lived. Back in 2015, she left her round table talk show FABLife in less than three months to focus on something else.

Fans had mixed emotions when it was announced that Tyra Banks was replacing Nick Cannon as the host of America’s Got Talent in 2017. They were relieved when she left abruptly in 2018 after only two seasons. Now, history might be repeating itself. She might leave Dancing With the Stars after only two seasons.

Of course, she was a judge on America’s Next Top Model for 15 seasons. Perhaps she is more suited for hosting and judging modeling shows than other reality shows.

Fan Suggestions for Hosting "DWTS"

Many fans want Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews to return to their former hosting jobs. That's unlikely to happen since both of them have moved on. According to Reddit, several fans think Wayne Brady would be an excellent host. One person commented that he is the total package. Besides, he has had hosting experience on other shows.

Other suggestions include Jeannie Mai, Jordan Fisher, Mario Lopez, and Alfonso Ribeiro.

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