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Two Word Song Titles That Start With Little

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Ralph Stanley Had Two "Little" Songs That Made Big Hits


Well, that takes care of the birthday present, thanks to Louisa May Alcott. A loved one's birthday falls on the second week in April, and in past years I have had difficulty settling on a gift.

That problem has been taken care of, or will be, when the DVD comes out on April 7. The film Little Women, based on the timeless novel by Louisa May Alcott, was my lady's favorite picture last year.

She saw it on the first day it hit theaters back in December, and she even went to a matinee a week or so later. Come the first week of April, she will have her very own copy of it.

I may not have found it nearly as enjoyable as she, as I found each of the March sisters a little disagreeable. Still, I will give it another viewing, but I would much prefer to spend my time with a little music over Little Women.

I suppose I could make a little playlist for listening after the film, narrowing the choices to two word songs that start with Little. unfortunately, I could recall none by Little Feat or by Little Richard, but I did come up with four by a Graceland legend and his namesake.

1. Little Triggers by Elvis Costello
Declan McManus made the list three times, the first being this piano based standard from This Year's Model.

2. Little Willy by the Sweet
Before they stormed onto the charts with a Ballroom Blitz, the quartet had been introduced by this single.

3. Little Savage by Elvis Costello
Imperial Bedroom is the testing place of this delightful track, in which "the land lies with the lion."

4. Little Billy by the Who
According to Pete Townshend in the liner notes for Odds and Sods, he wrote this track as a public service announcement about the dangers of smoking.

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5. Little Sister by Elvis Presley
Since he has only one record on this list, the King must be Costello and not Presley when it comes to two word Little songs.

6. Little Hitler by Nick Lowe
After producing a similar title with twice the subject for Costello's Armed Forces album, Lowe created this one for his Pure Pop For Power People album.

7. Little Palaces by Elvis Costello
Breaking from the Attractions for the first time, Costello collaborated ed with T-Bone Burnett for acoustic tracks like this one and the rest of King of America.

8. Little People by the Fleeting Ends
The indie group used this one to open its debut album, coincidentally shortly after a well-known celebrity scoffed that paying taxes only pertained to little people.

9. Little Pieces by Gomez
These early indie rockers included this time on its New Tide album.

10. Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac
Truthfully, this single has endured as the most recognized hit after the half dozen that came from Rumours.

11. Little Baby by M. Ward
More Rain is an unwelcome weather prediction, but it also made an impressive album for the folk-rock performer because of tracks like this one.

12. Little Birdy by the Stanley Brothers
Perhaps the oldest avian standard in musical history, this version is the best of the at least three dozen other artists who have covered it.

13. Little Criminals by Randy Newman
"Short People" became huge hit in spite of the satire having been missed, but this title track did not get nearly as big.

14. Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix
A glockenspiel can be heard on this enduring single from the guitar legend's album, Axis: Bold As Love.

15. Little Maggie by Ralph Stanley
Not only did the name inspire Bob Dylan to write about her farm and Rod Stewart to sing about her seductive prowess, but Maggie long before that had inspired the bluegrass pioneer.

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