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Two Dozen Roses and a Country Music Ballad

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


Just What I Needed, Just When I Needed it

Aww...that song on the radio, suddenly blasting across the airwaves, taking me away from it all, right on cue!

But not just any blast, a blast from the past, a diamond in the rough, a tried and true, oh so calming and oh so music ballad.

I have been focusing this series on the time frame of the 80's and 90's, my personal favorite time frame of the country music ballad and while my radar is always up, I am not always tuned in. Sometimes they catch me completely by surprise.

"If I had two dozen roses and an older bottle of wine, if I really could have hung the moon would it change your mind....."

It doesn't get much better than that!

Most of us can relate to those times in our love lives, our marriages, where some serious intervening is required. Not necessarily from an outside source, (although, required at times) but definitely from within the relationship itself.

Whether it's a heart to heart talk, a get away trip, a making up with flowers, a little candy and a little time - or a lot of candy and a lot of time.

Most of us can relate to those moments when the hanging of the moon itself, would not have impressed and would have fallen short!

'Two Dozen Roses', by Shenandoah

Two Dozen Roses

One For the Roses

Oh my, even the moon gets mention, the songwriter pulled out all the stops on that one!

Wine, roses and the moon, forget Calgon, I have officially, been taken away...

Within these Ballad articles, the initial song heard doesn't necessarily set the theme. I have no preconceived notion of where it will take me/take us, from that point, I just go with the flow.

So with zero intentions of turning this article into a roses-themed one, another song did instantly come to mind as I was listening to 'Two Dozen Roses'.

The one I have in mind, is a woman's perspective and although the song references a dozen roses, the years and the miles in between this particular relationship, which has survived, is the real story!

In my vision, with the song, 'Two Dozen Roses', I see a young couple, a young relationship, strained, as often happens and at a minimum, two dozen roses may be what is required to begin to fix this one!

Whereas, with this next song, a single rose or no flowers at all, could equally suffice.

For it signifies a solid, long lasting relationship, one which has survived the years and the miles on the road and tells of a husband who is finally coming home for good -

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Oh be still my heart!

'Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses', by Kathy Mattea

Eighteen Wheels And a Dozen Roses

A Bumpy Journey

Moving on with my three dozen roses ~

I now have the road in mind. Specifically, songs about the miles, but also, the distance, which the living of life can sometimes place between us, interrupting or doing irreparable harm, to our relationships.

Sometimes, we intentionally put up the walls, allowing for distance to come between us, even when we are in the same room!

Comprehending the sacrifice, the patience, the understanding, the kindness, while holding onto the love, must always be present in preserving our relationships/our marriages.

It's imperative if we get to the point of salvaging what is left of them.

Sadly, oftentimes, having to say goodbye to the relationship, to the marriage, that has become too broken to repair or heal, in order to be able to move on from there, becomes necessary.

'If I Know Me', by George Strait

'Every Light In The House Is On', by Trace Atkins

'You Were Always On My Mind', by Willie Nelson

If I Know Me

Every Light In The House Is On

Always On My Mind

Too Much In The Way

If we've lived a while or loved at all, we all know very well, it's not always the road, the job, the distance, finances or the silly little squabbles which come between, it is often, other people.

People who don't always set out to interrupt or destroy a marriage, it just sometimes happens, it's a story as old as time itself.

We know the story of King David and how he just had to have Bathsheba - but for her husband...David wasn't about to let that stop him!

While many relationships go through many trials and don't survive in the end, there aren't always two people wanting to give up on the marriage/the relationship!

There aren't always two people wishing to go in different directions.

While one partner moves on, one remains behind in the doomed relationship, unable to let go, unable to move on.

Unable to find or know love again!

'The Fool', by Lee Ann Womack

'Don't Close Your Eyes', by Keith Whitley

The Fool

Don't Close Your Eyes

Back to the Moon

While, along the way, I've mentioned my love of the country music ballad, of particular artists and particular songs which will always hold a special place in my heart, I've also mentioned that there's just something about the moon and those marvelous 'moon' songs.

One such song, 'Lasso The Moon', is performed by an artist with a voice which can only be described as belonging within a country music ballad, Mr. Gary Morris!

He is such a talented individual and I have chosen to share two songs in a row, by him.

These two songs and Gary Morris have somehow managed to escape this series thus far and I am not sure why or how that happened - just another indication of the great music and artists to come out of such an incredible era of music!

While their time has finally come, our time together, must come to end

Until the next time, what do you say we all take a little break from our worries and cares...and politics, and instead, get lost in some good music!

'The Love She Found in Me', by Gary Morris

'Lasso the Moon', by Gary Morris

The Love She Found in Me

Lasso The Moon


© 2022 Angie B Williams

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