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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Turning Red (2022)

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PIXAR came back swinging in yet another beautifully animated film. The company has never been afraid to tackle tougher issues, and this flick is no exception. It starts off a bit weak, but really begins to fill into itself after the plot begins to take hold.

The story is centered around a girl who is around the age where puberty takes effect on the body, and PIXAR found a way to discuss this socially tender topic in a light hearted, creative, and easy to understand way that allows the audience that is ready for that discussion to understand, and those that are not at that stage in their life (or unfamiliar with it) to be able to watch a movie about a girl who turns into a red panda.

What this film lacks is any real emotional feelings that PIXAR manages to accomplish so well in many other previous films. When compared to other movies by the team, it falls firmly in the middle of the pack.


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