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Truth or Consequences Album Review

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"Truth or Consequences"

Truth or Consequences is Yumi Zouma's third studio album that they released on March 13th of 2020. After only seven months, they released an Alternate Versions of this same album that I highly recommend you check out if this review intrigues you.

Truth or Consequences Album Playlist

Lonely After and Right Track/Wrong Man

Truth or Consequences starts with two nostalgic tracks that remind us of the familiarity of an old town you visited a lot as a kid, or the feeling you get after it's been nothing but hot sunny weather and you're finally graced with rain. The freeing feeling from Simpson's vocals intertwined with the electric pops of their synths makes the start of this album absolutely dreamlike.


Listen to Southwark after you've just made it to the highest point you can get to on a hike... Listen as you're running down the beach at breakneck speeds, tempting fate but never saying die... Listen to this track when all is well and you will feel even better. Simpson and Burgess whispering to each other sweet melodies, an amazing drum accompaniment by Campion and the trepidation of the worlds most calming beat drop makes Southwark a personal favorite.

Sage and Mirror to the Fire

Sage tells the broken story of a relationship we as humans have quite familiarized ourselves with, be it with an old flame, a good friend, a cherished family member... We all know what it's like to slowly lose someone. Sage puts into perspective the fact that we aren't alone in this feeling, and we have to put aside reservation and live our lives with or without that cherished person. Mirror to the Fire expands on this in a way we should all resonate with; learning to move on and truly love yourself without validation.

Cool For A Second

This centerpiece track tells us everything we need to in its title. How do you move on without hang-ups? Listen to this track and remind yourself that loving is a two way road and it's not typically walked easily. Maybe you find yourself putting on a front when in reality that's the last thing you want. Perhaps the isolation seems too much to bear and it's becoming difficult to cope. These are the themes associated with this song that I could tell, and its message of perseverance is one that makes it another favorite.

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Truer Than Ever and My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold To Your Heart

Truer Than Ever starts with a soft guitar riff then escalates into a harder, more rugged but ascending message of stability and independence. This song plays with the feeling of dancing with the unknown, and what happens if you never turn back. My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold To Your Heart is accepting that, and having the courage to live on your own volition. The poetic nature of these songs combined makes it hard not to play them back to back.

Magazine Bay and Lie Like You Want Me Back

Truth or Consequences ends with a two part ballad of acceptance and growth. Magazine Bay starts with an aware mind, conscious of their place in the world, but afraid that if they drift too far down the wrong path, all will be lost. They still accept that there are ways forward, but just like in real life, it takes work and time. Lie Like You Want Me Back is the aftermath of this epiphany, that you only need you to be happy. It envelops the concept of independence in a warm and ethereal blanket, as it ties the entire album together in an excellent fashion.

This album plays absolutely best near a running body of water

This album plays absolutely best near a running body of water

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