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Trump With Covid-19: Is This A Political Stunt?

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Suspicious parties on both sides of the political aisle are wondering if this sudden virus that befell Trump is actually real or is it just a stunt to change the news cycles, which before all this developed, were turning against him from the horrible debate debacle.

With thousands more people going unemployed, a bad debate for Trump, which showed his most ugly side, voter suppression attempts by his governor supporters (as in Texas), and growing deaths from the virus, did Trump really test positive? The suddenness of this and how long it took POTUS to get the results back, the fact that the discovery of Hope Hicks was positive and not disclosed until reporters had found out- then the WH was forced to disclose it, adds fuel to this suspicion.

Now, Trump was given a drug that has yet to be approved by the FDA for compassionate reasons and is doing very well, by some accounts, showing little symptoms and ready for the next debate. This all seems like a diversionary tactic on the part of Trump to change the dynamics of this election by hoping to get a sympathy vote or claiming that the drug he took is a cure and will help push it through FDA regulations. Trump will then be able to claim that he conquered the virus and it really was not that bad.

All this is entirely possible with Trump who once impersonated a caller to promote his RE business many years ago. He has no doubt done other similar things to do whatever it takes to promote his Trump brand and himself. This was clearly shown by the bully actions in the first debate where he would not let Biden even answer a question without interruptions. It was refreshing to see Biden tell Trump to just "shut up". Even the moderator and Trump argued because Trump is just an asshole.

Trump may not have even tested positive because there is just secrecy from the WH on so many issues. At first, the WH made it sound that Trump was having moderate symptoms like fever, coughing and breathing difficulty. Then, they created a news cycle by sending him to Walter Reed Hospital and now they are saying he has little symptoms and ready for the next debate!

None of this astonishing recovery matches what most people who are symptomatic can do within 24 hours. It makes you wonder if this is just another Trump stunt to change the news cycle in his favor, change the narrative of the election. Will Trump continue to not wear a mask? Continue to have the rallies? Will he now demand his idiot followers wear masks at rallies? Will he continue to mock Biden for wearing a mask?

We will see. The truth comes out in many ways. His actions will tell us whether this was a hoax.

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perrya (author) on October 04, 2020:

When you have a medical press conference and Trump's doctor refuses to answer questions about basic things like his temp, did he use oxygen etc., you know it is being evasive and maybe there is a cover up.

Annie Poe from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on October 03, 2020:

I too couldn't believe it when I read it today on Wikipedia while doing research for a project.

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