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Actor ~ Troy Bland 2021

Troy Bland

Troy Bland

Troy Bland has honed his craft and passion for acting and is ready to breakthrough onto the acting scene in a major way in 2021.

Hard to imagine that I first featured Troy 3 years ago, and in keeping with a tradition I have started a few years back, I like to do follow-ups with those I truly believe are on the verge of making a name for themselves in a very allusive acting industry for many.

I recently watched the documentary ‘The Start Of Dreams’ from film producers the Horne Brothers, that follows the life and passion of famed theater director, Kenny Leone. In the film, Kenny shares his very humble beginnings in Tallahassee, Florida to becoming Theater Director of the famed True Colors theater in Atlanta, onto Broadway.

In the film, some of the brightest stars of today who all got their start in local community theater talk about the importance of theater and the arts. People like Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Anthony Mackie, and Samuel L. Jackson, talk the importance of the arts and how one’s passion for that will sustain them for life.

I think when you look at Troy Bland, the actor, you see a passion in his work that burns through in his performances, but also if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, you see that passion in how he lives his life as a man of faith, a husband, father, and grandfather. Not to mention, Troy networks at as many industry events as humanly possible to not just show-up, but to support other artists and fans who love movies and theater.

For me, this makes Troy Bland worthy of this type of acknowledgement, and I am willing to wager, makes him worthy of being featured in films and TV series in a major way.

I caught up with Troy to see how much he has built on his arc from three years ago and what’s on the horizon for him in 2021.


Troy, It’s been 3 years since last we featured you Troy, and what a busy 3 years it has been for you that we can do a brand new feature t arch our readers up on your progress as a professional actor.

RW) Tell us in one word how you would describe these last few years for you as an actor?

TB) Exciting!

RW) I know that you have done several plays and have been featured in films and TV series. Give us the plays you have done, and then give us your film and TV roles?

TB) A SOLDIER'S PLAY with TC Carson which won an award for Best Director at the Atlanta Black Arts Festival. A LESSON BEFORE DYING won 8 awards at the Playwrights Awards. THE SECRETS WE KEEP directed by Monique D Shaw Productions March 2020. A powerful short film called FORGIVEN REDEMPTION directed by Jessie Ali Black. Role as a priest comforting a hurt soul that lost his young son. THE MUSIC BOX a short directed by Vladimir Philogene filmed entirely in Montreal, Canada. A grieving father that lost his missing young daughter due to human trafficking, searching for answers. GREENLEAF (OWN TV) - Featured as the butler/waitstaff in the Mansion. Since it's very first day/episode, I've worked 4 of the 5 Seasons including the last episode of the Season Finale.

RW) You also had a very special reading session with a famous celebrity, a media mogul, and pretty fine actress herself when you were doing a stint on the TV series, ‘Greenleaf’. Tell our readers who that celebrity was and share how it came about you read lines with her? And, were you pinching yourself the whole time?

TB) Wow! One of the most unforgettable moments I had on the set of ‘Greenleaf’. Oprah Winfrey (who plays Mavis, Lady Mae's sister) has a scene with her as she storms through the front door to approach her (I'm opening the door for her). However, there was a time she was having trouble with her lines. During the break, she asked ME if I can run lines with her. Which I did reading Lady Mae's lines. She got up from her chair, did the scene again and NAILED IT! Must I also add SHE asked ME later to take a picture with her and thanked me. Then one of the other cast members (Desiree Ross who plays Sophia) found out that day happened to be my 55th birthday and arranged for the entire cast and crew to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. UNFORGETTABLE.

Troy with Oprah Winfrey on the set of ‘Greenleaf’

Troy with Oprah Winfrey on the set of ‘Greenleaf’


RW) I have heard actors say that being able to act in plays is one of the most rewarding experiences one could have as an actor. Do you feel the same way, and why is that so do you think?

TB) Acting in plays is one of the most rewarding experiences to me as an actor. One has a close connection with the audience. Their reactions/response is based on the performance, which makes a huge difference.

RW) Now I understand that your recent works in film landed you a few accolades and awards. Tell us what award was bestowed to you and for what movie?

TB) I've worked on many independent films. Back in 2014, I received my first award as Best Actor in THE AUTHOR at the TPN FILM FESTIVAL. Then in 2015 awarded as Best Male Actor in A HERO'S HEART at the TPN FESTIVAL. However in 2017, 2018, 2019 I was one of many honored at the ANNUAL ATLANTA ACTORS AWARDS for our accomplishments which that gave me "the Oscar experience"

RW) I know the COVID-19 quarantine has shut down all of film and stage productions, but what were some of the projects you were working on, and will pick back up with once we are cleared to operate again?

TB) Yes Covid19 definitely interrupted work. But it also gave one to be creative and make decisions on how to perfect one's craft. I've been type cast in the past. So I've decided I want to do a role that would challenge me. The lead role in a film of a man with a mental disorder is currently in pre-production.


An Indie film that both Troy and actress, Laketa Booker were featured in ‘Things My Daddy should Have told Me’

Troy pictured here with co-patriot actress, Laketa Booker, at the ‘Black Panther’ movie premiere.

Troy pictured here with co-patriot actress, Laketa Booker, at the ‘Black Panther’ movie premiere.


RW) I know you are a big Marvel movies fan and like most of us, you enjoyed the Black Panther movie that went on to become the 3rd highest box office grossing film of all time. How much do you think that film has done to show “Hollywood” that a film with a mostly all black cast, if funded properly, can be just as commercially successful? How much do you think “Black Panther” was a game changer?

TB) BLACK PANTHER was in my eyes incredible and impressive. It definitely showed "Hollywood" and the world the project's persistence and resources created a huge success. It was a game changer indeed. For one, having an African-American director for this highly-grossed movie to inspire other African-Amercan directors.

RW) In speaking of that movie, you reside in the Greater Atlanta, GA. area. Most of the principle shooting for BP was done in GA. As are most of Marvel movies, and then you have the opening of the Tyler Perry mega studios, Pinewood Studios operates there, Turner media giant, truly all making Atlanta the Hollywood of the South. What’s it been like seeing Atlanta flourish into this huge movie, music, media Mecca, and what do love the most about living and being able to act there?

TB) It is so exciting to be part of the city of Atlanta where the film industry has taken control. The opportunities are definitely here. I believe the success will continue and open doors for many others.

RW) Like I mentioned at the top of this article, you have had a very busy 3 years, what’s the game plan for the next three years? Where do you see your career accomplishments by 2023?

TB) My plan is to market myself more, continue taking acting classes (which is important), and to pursue auditions and opportunities that's presented to me. Also, I am a networker. I'd like to see others successful and help them in their careers. So by 2023, I can look back and see where I came from throughout 3 years.

RW) Tell our readers how they can follow you on social media, and where can they find your movie online for viewing?

TB) I am currently setting up a new Instagram page for my following. One can catch a few of my independent films on Amazon Prime. SUMMER MADNESS Part 1 & 2, KING OF KINGS, THE THINGS DADDY SHOULD'VE TOLD ME, LOCK N KEY.

***Always good catching up with you Troy. For those of you who don’t know this actor, stay tuned in 2021***


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Troy’s Message For 2021


Robert Walker (author) from Atlanta, GA. on January 04, 2021:

Troy is truly a great guy Pam. I know he will appreciate your comment.

Thank you!

Pam Morris from Atlanta Georgia on January 04, 2021:

Hello Rob, I am familiar with Troy's acting in several movie lists in the article, and I agree with you he is ready to break through the acting scene in a major way in 2021. I enjoyed him in the Music box, Greenleaf, The secrets we keep, and Forgiven redemption. Thank you for sharing this article. It's always good to know more about the man who took a role and made it his own.

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