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Trick (2019) Movie Review

A horror movie geek and fan of the genre. I have been writing for many years now mostly freelance.

A Homage to 80's slashers movies but not effective

When watching it for the second time, I could tell it takes many inspirations from John Carpenter's classic movie Halloween. The movie overall is lacking in many aspects but has some brutal kills. I think the lacking plot and questionable decisions overall prove why it received poor reviews overall. But it has parts that are enjoyable to watch.

The movie stars Jamie Kennedy (Dr. Steven), Omar Epps (Detective Mike Denver), and Tom Atkins (Talbot).

In the small town of Benton New York during a Halloween party, we meet the man known as Trick. During a party, everyone is playing spin the bottle and having a fun time. They engage in a commonly known party game known as spin the bottle. When Trick spins he lands on a male next to him and looks dazed for a moment.

Trick then turns his mask before plunging the knife into the guy. Trick begins to brutally attack everyone with no remorse. Trick achieves many gory knife kills but is eventually stopped by a fire poker grabbed by Cheryl. Trick is demasked as he gives a sadistic grin looking like he enjoyed the experience.

Now at the hospital, we meet Sheriff Mike who drove in. Trick lays in a hospital bed starring at the ceiling and not saying a single word. The police report says the football jock named Troy was the one who stabbed Trick, but we all know Cheryl was the one who stabbed Trick with the fire poker.

Trick springs awake ambushing Mike and manages to escape, killing one sheriff.

Killing a doctor, Trick steals his uniform and runs up a flight of stairs. He continues his rampage killing another random doctor at the hospital with his stolen scalpel. He continues on the rampage, using Cheryl as a hostage. Cheryl gets out of his grip and he is shot five times by Detective Mike before falling through a window and to the pavement below. By the time Detective Mike and Sherrif Lisa get down there, he has vanished. They suspect that he jumped in the river but he would be dead from the cold temperatures, or would eventually bleed out due to the bullet wounds.

We see the survivors of the party are trying to recall Trick but nobody can remember what he actually looked like and Troy says he never messed with Trick. Troy tells everyone he stopped Trick by stabbing him with the fire poker, but in fact it was Cheryl but she cannot remember doing it.

Now at the harbor three weeks later Detective Mike is with Lisa. We also learn the mask was stolen from the evidence locker during the night.

Now we see Trick entering another Halloween party disguised using another mask. We learned this is a year later. Trick plays spin the knife by himself as he sees a couple walk down the stairs. He uses the knife, plunging it into the guy’s guts, and the girlfriend screams. Another knife stab to the neck, as the man dies The girlfriend runs around Trick screaming the entire time. Catching up to her, trick stabs her three times in the back killing her as well.

A middle-aged man walks into the hallway seeing Trick stab the woman and tries to run. Trick catches him before he can escape and kills him as well. Detective Mike tells Sheriff Lisa that six were killed and three were injured, but nobody could ID him. We would assume that’s because of the mask. Lisa swears it is not Trick, but Mike believes it is.

Trick apparently is going viral on the internet and has a fanbase. The woman in charge of Trick Fans Unite, says it’s the time of year for their favorite killer to come back to wreak carnage during Halloween night once again.

Detective Mike is talking to two other detectives about Trick and they discuss how there is different DNA from Trick in 2015 to the Trick in 2017, Mike suspects a conspiracy. But the other two are not buying it. The woman detective says it might be a copycat, but Mike says the internet says each Halloween night Trick comes back to achieve the vengeance he so wishes to achieve.

Detective Mike, Detective Nunes and Swift are seen at a cop bar playing billards and talking about the Trick case.

We witness Detective Swift enter the bathroom where Trick is waiting for him for some reason and Trick attacks him. Agent Mendes gets a text of Trick’s former mask on her phone during the scuffle and becomes suspicious.

Concerned Agent Mendes goes into the bathroom and sees him outside tied to a chair wearing trick’s old mask. As she tries to untie Detective Twist, Mike notices a trap and grabs it so it cannot be used on Twist. Trick appears using a trap to decapitate Detective Twist. Trick makes some noise, then Detective Mike takes out his firearm and goes after him. Trick comes around somehow and kills Mendes with a stab. Detective Mike takes the bait from Trick, leaving Mendes alone and Trick finishes the job-killing her. Trick runs off and Mike comes back to see her dead corpse.

A year later as we see shots of the town and Sheryl riding on her bike. Sheryl is at a cafe and visits a man named Talbot. We see Nicki again, as we learn Sheryl has been taking self-defense classes due to experiencing Trick’s massacre. Nicki invites Cheryl to a maze in town with her niece and nephew. Detective Mike shows up and we hear Cheryl stayed in town because of her dad’s accident. We see Detective Mike was fired and he is obsessed with the Trick case. Talbot says what happens to Cheryl’s dad was no accident. Mike is not buying it though.

Next scene we see Sheriff Lisa find a wall covered in blood which says Denver, which is from Trick. Detective Mike knows it's Trick and says he is back. But Mike is not incompetent (most of the time) and knows it’s a message directed at him by Trick. It even had the damn mask near the writing. How does nobody else suspect this?

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Next scene we see Cheryl is talking with her Dad and trying to help him remember things. I am guessing due to the “accident” he suffered major brain damage. We see Cheryl's Dad seeing an image of Trick on the TV. Was that a hallucination or real?

In the next scene, we see Detective Mike in his car, seeing someone used his phone to email Lisa to meet him at the crane at the harbor. Trick then jumpscares us as he taps his knife on the window. Detective Mike then chases Trick through the graveyard. Trick gets away and pops the tires on MIke’s car. Mike calls Lisa telling her about the setup.

Sheriff Jane is seen at the harbor as she calls out for Mike. Lisa shows up running towards Jane. A booby trap is set off by Jane and she is stabbed in the chest. Lisa gets her gun out and moves Jane towards her vehicle. Trick appears and Jane uses her gun to scare off trick for the moment. Trick jumps into a crane, while Jane is getting put in the car by Sheriff Lisa. The crane is then used to smash through the window of the car killing Jane, but Lisa survives as Jane pushes her out of the way. Trick again gets away by jumping into the harbor water.

Detective Mike wonders what kind of person does this and believes that Trick is pure evil. Which is a heavy reminder of a certain Halloween scene…… A curfew is suggested, but Jane says it’s too late for that. They team up so next time trick shows up he does not leave alive, evil or not.

Detective Mike and Sheriff Lane show up at Trick’s old house, which is now abandoned. Mike still claims he is evil and Lane just says he is crazy. They then find out Trick was using this as a sort of headquarters. Backup shows up and their SUV is stolen by Trick.

Troy is drinking with his friends and they then plan to go see Talbot’s Halloween horror movie marathon.

Talbot catches Troy letting his friends in for free and says they can make a donation to the cause, or he will call the Deputy. They do as he says.

Trick now in the maze begins to kill the scare actors as Cheryl, Nicki, and her niece/nephew walk through the maze. Trick then disguises himself as the clown actor he just murdered. Troy watches the movie getting bored and leaves his one friend there to watch the movie alone. There is a cool transition to the next shot, following a line from the movie.

Detective Mike, Sheriff Jane, and Deputy Slater show up wondering where Deputy Reddick is. They also warn Talbot, who goes and gets his shotgun. Next shot we see Trick as he taunts Sherly and Nicki’s nephew, but the nephew knows it’s not the same scare actor as before. Cheryl trying to prove to him that he’s fake walks up to Trick, and before he can strike the nephew runs over grabbing Cheryl as they both runoff.

Cheryl then finds out it’s actually Trick and runs off in a panic. Cheryl then warns Nicki saying Trick is back, then they all run off but not before a scarer tries to scare Cheryl and is punched in the nose for his effort.

“Cheryl: Fuck off asshole! (Punches him)

Scarer: Oh my nose. I think she broke my nose.”

Trick is then seen as he brutally murders another scare actor in front of the group and everyone runs away in the opposite way of the exit.

Detective Mike and Sheriff Lane find Deputy Reddick’s body knowing Trick is in the maze. Detective Mike runs into the maze alone, again pulling out his firearm. Mike, not knowing who is trick takes down an unknown scare actor. He then tells him to get out of there and to tell anyone he sees to leave since there has been a murder. Sheriff Jane investigates an open door and tells Deputy Slater to stand watch.

Now back in the maze, Trick appears and stabs Nicki in the arm. Deputy Mike lands a shot that hits him in the shoulder and forces him to retreat.

Sheriff Lane and Talbot run into each other, almost shooting each other. Talbot wonders what is going on and is told about Reddick’s death. Talbot asks if it is Trick and Lane thinks it is. They leave together looking for Trick.

Back in the maze, troy and his friends run into Cheryl. Cheryl tells Troy that Trick is back but he does not believe her and leaves farther into the maze.

Sheriff Jane tells Talbot to shut down the movie. Detective Mike gets the group to safety, and Mike stays. Talbot sees Trick shooting his shotgun at him and misses. At the same time, the Dawn of the Dead movie has a shotgun firing, so Sheriff Lane does not distinguish the sound, not knowing of Talbot’s true danger. Trick then murders Talbot as Sheriff Lane rushes up, seeing Trick attack. But at this point, Talbot is already dead. Sheriff Lane is now fighting Trick and gets stabbed in the arm. Mike shows up, shooting at Trick and making him retreat down the stairs.

The maze is to be cleared out as Detective Mike and Sheriff Lane run in. They see Troy, and they see another dead body that was getting messed with by them not knowing it's real and not a prop for the maze. Troy is then told by them that Trick is back and Troy looks shocked. Troy then admits he never stabbed him and admits he did nothing, only saying he took the blame since Cheryl could not remember. He also says Cheryl was the one who stabbed Trick with the fire poker. Mike and Lane rush over to the hospital knowing she is in true danger.

Now at the hospital, we see as Cheryl goes to check on her dad. We then have a touching scene where Cheryl cries over him. Then the TV is turned on as we see her Dad during the time of the accident, as Trick appears on the screen. Trick attacks her dad and then throws him off the building.

Cheryl then realizes this whole time, she was talking to her dad’s corpse as she removes the covers and she sees his intestines as they been cut open most likely by a knife from Trick. Trick then appears in the room and chases Cheryl out of the room.

Sheriff Lane refuses to let her injury stop her, as she follows Detective Mike through the hospital. They then find a tied up Cheryl and Trick ambushes stabbing Sheriff Lane, then he throws her at Mike. He then stabs Mike multiple times, sending them both to the ground. Trick then goes over to Cheryl and unties her.

Cheryl then remembers she was the one that stabbed Trick with the fire poker. Then they all begin to give reasons to Trick, why they should die next. Trick uses his calling card to spin the knife to choose who dies first. The knife stops at Sheriff Lane and Mike runs over, getting himself stabbed in the chest. Lane and Cheryl attack, but Lane is stabbed in the head, as she slumps to the ground presumably dead. Trick is then shot numerous times by Cheryl, which seems to not be effective.

Detective Mike then runs, tackling Trick as they fly out the window and land on a car below. Detective Mike then realizes that this trick is Troy's friend who stayed to watch the movie, recognizing his face from before. Troy's friend dies from the impact of the fall.

Deputy Wan shows up to help Mike, as we see two more Tricks appear and take away the other Trick’s body. Deputy Slater shows up, revealing himself as Trick as well and he shoots the deputy in the neck killing him. Deputy Mike realizes that the one female Trick, is the bartender from the cop bar he frequents. He also realizes the other trick is the ambulance driver he saw from before when Trick was shot the first time. That same Trick, was the one Mike shot in the maze and was replaced by the female. The original Trick shows up in a wheelchair. Then each Trick takes their turn stabbing Detective Mike in the chest (except for the original Trick). It’s actually very brutal to watch. The rest of the Tricks runoff as the original Trick stabs Mike. Detective Mike then kicks over the original trick in his wheelchair. Apparently, when Cheryl and another Deputy show up, they don’t suspect the man in the wheelchair. Cheryl then asks him if he knows, seeing the stab wound and knowing he is the Trick she stabbed with the fire poker. Detective Mike is most likely dead at this point.

Cheryl then walks back into the hospital and goes after wheelchair Trick. She finds his mask after he throws it away in the trash bin and sees him break into the police database computer.

Sheriff Lane then is informed that Deputy Wan has been killed and Mike is most likely going to die. Which is all being told to her by Deputy Slater by the way. Lane then see’s a bit of paint on Slater’s neck, knowing he is a Trick as well.

Cheryl then confronts the wheelchair-bound Trick and is let in by him. In the fight, Cheryl is stabbed in the foot. Cheryl escapes as Trick crawls after her. Cheryl disarms him and while she is talking shit, Trick gets the knife. But this time when he tries to stab Cheryl, she uses the knife and kills him instead.

Cheryl then walks into Sheriff Lane’s room and wheels in the now dead original Trick. She also says there are multiple Tricks and we realize that Slater and the doctor are giving each other the of fuck looks. Lane tells Slater she knows he is one of him, revealing he has paint left on his neck. Slater is then killed by both Sheriff Lane and Cheryl.

Next scene we see the two surviving Tricks are talking about the killing in front of their minivan and saying they need the movement to grow. Another Trick shows up, which is revealed to be Doctor Steven who is the mastermind behind the whole movement.

In the next scene we see Sheriff Lane and Cheryl talking about moving away. They then talk about going after the rest of the tricks, as Detective Mike goes with them.


© 2020 Jared Martin

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