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Tribute to "King of Comedy" - Amanullah Khan

This is just a humble tribiute to the "King of Comedy" Or "Harvard" of Comedy, by a fellow country men


Amanullah Khan, known as Amanullah, as "King of Comedy" was a Pakistani theatre performer, comedian and TV artist regarded as one of the best comedian in Pakistan, in Sub-continent and in the whole world. He is citied as one of the world's best observational stand-up comedian.He was a "Magician", a super-human, god gifted talent, who ruled theatre in Pakistan for four (04) decades.

Early days and Struggle

Amanullah Khan was born in 1950 in Lahore near "Data Sahib" shrine, to a Classical music family. He was elder of two siblings. He had a sister. Family was poor and his mother died in his childhood. To support his father, he started doing multiple menial jobs while he was only 14 years of age. He used to sell "Bun-Makhan" (type of a burger in sub-continent), in Morning and "Cotton Candies" (refrred as "Lachi" in Punjab Pakistan), in evening time in the streets of Lahore.

Later on he started selling "Tasbeeh" , "Prayer Caps" and candies in the area of "Data Sahib" shrine compound. He was an exceptionally hard working person.

There he use to sell his articles, while copying the legendary actors of that time. He was a perfect mimicry artist. So there, he was noticed by one of the stage drama producer of that time, Mr. Iqbal Afandi. Mr. Afandi offered him a role in one of his stage plays namely "Sixer". That was the only chance he needed. Amanullah, was super talented, born artist. "Sixer" was a super-hit. From that point,started an "Era" of unmatched Comedy and an Unmatched Career.

He was unstoppable from that point onwards. he was such an exceptionally talented comedian, that he completely revelutionized the concept of Live stage performance. He completely dominated and redefined stage comedy of that time. Today I can write without a doubt that in Pakistan, as far as stage comedy is concerned, we are living and will continue to live in coming many decades, in the Era of Amanullah Khan. He is up there at the top-most slot in each and every area of theatre and live stage comedy. He was also referred as "King of Comedy" and "Comedy Ka Betaaj Badshah". According to his colleagues, Amanullah was a "Tsunami" of a comedy. He never look back after "Sixer". He was one of a kind and the Only.


His Unique and Distiguishing Skills

There were, and there are, a lot of exceptionally talented Comedians in the world. All leading comedians are unique in one way or the other. Among all, Amanullah, is Unique and unmatched.

His Unique and Distiguishing Skills, that separate him from all other comedians are;

  • His extra-ordinary wit and sense of humor
  • His exceptionally unique timing
  • His god gifted untiring energy
  • His exceptional love for his work
  • His spontaneous real time reaction
  • His extra ordinary sense of observation


  1. One incident is very un-beleivable, The day his father passed away, he was performing live on stage. He was given message, that his father passed away, he continued performing the live scene and completed it. His Inner was crying, but he continued creating laughter after laughter.
  2. He was performing Live on stage at ALHAMRA Arts Council, when he received the news that robbers, robbed his house at gun-point. he only asked, my wife and kids are safe? messenger replied "Yes, they all are safe". "Thank God", he uttered and continued his performance.
  3. Amanullah Khan, was performing live at an open stage, it started drizzling, he continued performing, drizzle converted to heavy rain, Amanullah kept on performing, and most surprisingly, crowed did not moved and stayed enjoying him in the heavy rain.

An Illustrious Career of Four Decades

Amanullah worked in two thousand (2000) stage plays and thousands of one - man shows in his un-matched and illustrious career of almost four (04) decades. by many critics, he was, one of the "Very Best" stand-up comedian of the world. He was also one of the "Very Best" observational comedian of the world.

He in later part of his career also worked in TV comedy shows and Films from 2006 to 2020 as well.

Few Of his Classical Stage Plays;

  • Shartia Mithay
  • Basheera in Trouble
  • Sixer
  • Ek Tera Sanam Khana
  • Begum Dish Antenna
  • Disco Deewanay
  • Khirki Ke Peechay
  • Muhabbat CNG
  • UPS
  • Sohni Chan Wargi
  • Bara Maza Aye Ga
  • Ketchup
  • Chan Makhna
  • Ghar Ghar Bashira
  • Sawa Sair
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Classical TV Shows

Few of classical TV shows from 2012 onwards are;

  • Khabar Naak
  • Khabar Zaar
  • Mazaaq Raat
  • Khabar Yaar


Amanullah khan also worked in Films as well. Films are;

  • One two ka one (2006)
  • Na Maloom Afraad (2014)

Amanullah playing the role of a Blind man

Amanullah Khan at his very personal Best

He was one of the Best Mimicry Artist

He was one of the Best mimicry artist, world has ever seen. Mimicry was his passion. He used to do mimicry of the Legends of that time, likes of Ustaad Mehdi Hassan Khan (Best Urdu Ghazal Singer of All time), Usttad Ghulam Ali (Very Exceptional Urdu Ghazal Singer), Inayat Hussain Bhatti (Legendary Folk Singer and Actor), Alam Lohar (Legendary Folk Singer) with perfection.

Amanullah Khan, Doing Mimicry of Legends

Family & Personal Life

He was a thorough gentleman and an extra ordinarily loving and caring father. He is a Role Model Father and a Role model and responsible citizen for his fellow humans. He led a woderful life and he married three (03) women.

He had fourteen (14) kids from those three marriages and all are very well educated and very proud to be kids of "King of Comedy". He used to love his kids very profoundly and raised all his kids with exceptional love and care. He use to say that kids are his entertainment.

With His Family - A Tribute to the Legend


After spreading hope and happiness to the people of the world for a continuous forty (40) years, he left this temporary world for his eternal abode on March 06, 2020 in Lahore. He was buried in Lahore as well.

Amanullah Khan was paid tribute by Celebrities, Politician, International celebrities, Military Generals, Professionals, Producers, Actors, directors, Housewives, Male, Female Young and Old from all walk of life.

Awards and Recognition

He was awarded "Pride of Performance" award by the Government of Pakistan in 2018. Besides this highest Award he had innumerble performance and achievements awrds. but I beleive no award can match to the level of his talent and performances and happiness he distributed in the lives of people of Pakistan and world.



It is not possible to re-pay such a great artist. those who understand Urdu language, Punjabi language and sub-continental culture. Only those, can have an idea that how bigger an artist we lost in the March of 2020.

Amanullah Khan was an institution of comedy. in Fact he was "Harvard" of comedy as refrerred by his colleague, Aftab Iqbal. I am really short of words, therefore adding a video tribute to him, by one of his colleagues and fellow workers.

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