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Trespassers (2018) Movie Summary and Review

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Home Invasion Thriller in Sunny California

Trespassers is a mystery thriller that came out in 2019. It follows two couples who are renting out a home with another couple in the desert.

The movie stars Angela Trimbur as Sarah, Janel Parrish as Estelle, Jonathan Howard as Victor, and Zach Avery as Joseph. Featured on Hulu.

The movie begins with us following a group of masked killers in California, as they brandish weapons and walk up to a luxury house. Next scene we see the driver is smoking a cigar and listening to Mariachi music. We then hear the screams of a woman in the backseat as the driver grabs his pistol and walks over, dragging her out to the pleases of the boyfriend. With help of the other killer, they execute them both in the middle of the dirt road.

We follow a taxi as it drives down the same dirt road, as we see a disinterested couple look out the window. The taxi stops as the couple gets out and walks to the same house sawn before. They walk in saying they are here for the check-in. With nobody around they check the house seeing the expensive furniture and comfortable rooms. Sarah finds a photo darkroom.

The other couple shows up consisting of a Latina female named Estelle and her douchebag boyfriend known as Victor. It’s revealed through some purposely awkward interaction that Joseph and Estelle already know each other which surprises Sarah. Joseph then asks Sarah why they couldn’t have come here alone and she says its nice for them to meet new people. Victor already wants to drink, getting Joseph to drink along with him.

Estelle is shown cutting up a white illegal substance and is smacked in the back of the head by Victor for sniffing too much. This visibly bothers Joseph who is offered to do a line by Victor who calls him whipped.

Victor watches Estelle and Victor in the hot tub, and Estelle confronts him about their affair wanting to do something about it. Joseph says it was a dumb drunken mistake and nothing else will come from it.

In the middle of the night, a doorbell is heard and it’s the neighbor who says her phone broke down, and she needs a phone. She says she needs the phone to contact her son who is getting babysat, saying there is no reception and will use the phone inside. Sarah hands her a phone and lets her come inside.

The movie implies that the neighbor is eavesdropping and acting overall shady. Victor is talking with Estelle and she asks him to make her leave but not be rude about doing so. When the neighbor is on the phone she acts like she is signaling someone and says that she lost connection, so Sarah offers her to go to the studio.

The neighbor talks to Estelle creepily in the studio like she is looking for someone, talking about Native Americans and how they treated photos. The neighbor lets something slip during the conversation and reveals she does not know the owners which Estelle catches.

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Joseph is talking with Sarah outside and Joseph notices that the woman’s car is missing. They walk back inside and tell Estelle/Victor. Victor begins to rant at everyone and the lights in the house turn off. The neighbor appears as the lights turn back on. The neighbor agrees to leave, but she says she is going to grab some water before. Victor becomes aggressive against the neighbor During a shoving match between Victor, the neighbor, and Joseph the neighbor reaches for a gun in her purse but falls impaling herself through the eye on a bong. The neighbor collapses to the ground and is clearly dead. Victor has the gun in his hands and pleads he did nothing wrong, which is true since he did it accidentally. Victor is not in his right mind now and points the gun at Joseph before he berats Estelle before throwing her. Sarah consults Estelle on the couch. Victor does some more cocaine which furthers his paranoia about the situation. Victor elects to clean the body and leave, but Sarah says his plan makes no sense. Joseph wants to tell the cops since Victor is innocent.

Victor leaves with Joseph as he yells at him to help. Shortly after we see the neighbors body in a bathtub with a towel over her face.

Estelle begins to speak to Sarah saying she hates him and thought coming here would make things better, but says if she leaves he will kill her.

We see the mask killers from before in the same car waiting outside on the dirt road of the house.

We then see as Estelle asks Joseph to kill Victor and Joseph refuses, saying that they both deserve each other.

Estelle and Victor are together in a nursery room together as she reveals every time she is with him all she can think of is him cheating. She says she wants to leave him and Joseph agrees he would not want to be with him either after what he has done. He reveals it was with Estelle. Sarah leaves the room in tears.

Victor is seen yelling at Estelle over her cheating with Joseph. Victor is not taking it well, holding Estelle hostage and pointing his gun in the back of Estelle’s head on the kitchen counter. He then puts the gun to Joseph and Estelle slaps him breaking it off with him. Estelle stabs Victor in the leg as the lights go off once again. A police officer is heard knocking on the door. He says they got a call about a home invasion and asks if he can come inside as Sarah lets him in.

Joseph is then seen on the second floor as he suffocates Victor and kills him.

The officers question Estelle and Sarah, as they explain the woman broke into their home. Estelle explains her boyfriend Joseph scared him off and he comes down to get questioned as well. Joseph says she charged at her and Estelle then called the police. The officers are clearly not buying their story. The officers leave to talk alone.

They reveal they are not buying their stories and suspect that they are drugged up. Officer Ramirez comes back and reveals that they are lying since there is a vehicle currently outside of the home. As Officer Ramirez is leaving a machete is plunged through his head and is murdered. Ramirez grabs for his gun and falls sending the pistol back towards Sarah. As the killer tries to come in through the door, Joseph runs over and closes it on him. During a scuffle between Joseph and the killer, Sarah grabs the gun. Sarah fires hitting the intruder on the arm and the remaining officer tells her to put the weapon down. Officer Daniels then goes to check the perimeter of the house.

The glass shatters as another masked intruder appears grabbing Joseph and taking hi outside. The killer is then seen brutally smashing his foot into Joseph and then brandishes a machete. The intruder then tries to stab Joseph but is held back from doing so. The intruder still manages to stab Joseph in the torso and is then thrown in the pool.

Back inside Sarah hides and Estelle finds Victor’s dead boy. Back outside again Joseph is dragged in the pool but manages to gain the upper hand and begins to choke out the intruder under the water. Joseph slams the intruders head on the outside of the pool and drowns him before exiting the pool himself. Joseph goes completely still as we see the knife in his torso.

Sarah and Estelle make their way out of the house as Detective Daniels is seen inside going into the studio. He then finds the neighbors dead body and sighs heavily acting like he is disappointed to see her dead.

Saran and Estelle try to leave the house but Sarah is attacked by the intruder she shot in the arm. Estelle uses this opportunity to run around them and back into the house for an odd reason. Sarah is chased down the driveway as Estelle is cornered, as Officer Daniels appears smashing her with his flashlight across the face. Sarah escapes from the killer for enough time to make it into the police cruiser. The intruder smashes through the window and drags her out.

The next scene shows as Detective Daniels tells the intruder to stick a machete in Sarah’s mouth. Daniels asks Estelle about the picture but has no idea what he is talking about. Daniels reveals that the neighbor is his dead friend.

We then see as Joseph awakens outside. Detective Daniels learns about the affair and forces Sarah to slap Estelle multiple times. The killers taunt Estelle and Sarah with some hedge trimmers. Sarah reveals she knows where the photo is and tells Daniels to follow her. Not needing Estelle anymore, she is shot in the face by the now unmasked killer killing her instantly.

Sarah buys time with Detective Daniels wanting to show the photo to him first and throws the liquid in his face briefly blinding him. Daniels shoots blindly and is hit in the back of the head by Sarah. Sarah then kills him by bashing his head in using a tripod.

Sarah then runs outside meeting the intruder that chased her before with a machete but the intruder is killed by a gunshot fired by Joseph. Joseph later dies from the stab wound and Sarah is seen walking down the dirt road as the credits scene emerges

My Overall Thoughts on Trespassers

I thought this home invasion thriller was a fast-paced story and had bloody kills throughout. With a small twist of revealing Detective Daniels to be on the killers, it was an interesting ride throughout. There were some unnecessary scenes but overall I think the movie should be experienced. The killers were not the main focus and that was one of the major problems with the story. The intentions were not revealed which left us with many questions.

They went for a more Jason Voorhees take on the killers, but I think that that hindered the movie more than helping it, I also did not enjoy Detective Daniels as a threat, as he appeared more annoying than a legitimate threat.

FINAL RATING: 7 Slashes out of 10


© 2020 Jared Martin


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Interesting review.

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