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I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry

Olivia Newton John


Rest in peace to the legend.

You gave us all your greatness.

On and off the screen.

You showed that you are a queen.

Cancer didn't defeat you.

GOD just wanted you.

Wanted you close to him.

Right now, you’re singing to him.



The search was unprecedented.

Some say it was around government.

Politics is also a factor.

The nation now wonders.

Why the Justice Department.

Led by general Garland.

Waited all this time.

To go & get what's classified.


Updated Covid Boosters.

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Could be available sooner.

Sooner than expected.

Health agencies confirm it.

Vaccine makers were advised.

To update to save more lives.

This update will do it.

By this fall, it will be proven.

Scientist have anticipated.

That vaccines will be located.

At pharmacies around the nation.

This was confirmed by a spokesman.

A spokesman for the agency.

By September, it is happening.

Millions of doses will be purchased.

Just in time for Christmas.



No Recession

There’s another rate hike.

That’s not helping us see the light.

We know that it is shining.

But we can’t ignore our economy.

Is hanging in the balance.

Jerome Powells says he could bring it.

Back to the way it used to be.

Until than, rates are rising.

Since the 1980’s, this was desolate.

A recession just maybe evident.

Some win and lose in the hike.

The labor markets very tight.

Inflation is very high.

Businesses are paying to find.

Workers to maintain it.

If not, there's a recession.

Well, it looks closer.

We are in another quarter.

Of negative growth.

Slowly, we're losing hope.

David Gura reports.

That in the last three months.

The economy has fallen.

This is considered a recession.

Now, it's not yet official.

A non-profit group makes it final.

The NBER determines it.

That's a committee made of communists.

Many factors must be calculated.

President Biden insist we be patient.

Jobs have increased.

A recession, just may not be.



The accountant now in charge.

Of overseeing a large.

Conspiracy theorist company.

That has filed bankruptcy.

It's leader Alex Jones.

That company's dethroned.

The Free Speech System.

Is now being questioned.

They were questioned yesterday.

Some questions sent their way.

Were from taken away.

Taken away in the shooting.

At Sandy Hook Elementary.

Attorneys of those families.

Are upset about the funding.

That Jones has drawn from the company.

For years, it has been happening.

When they filed, they wanted protection.

Now they want to determine.

How much is owed in damages.

Because of his claim " It never happened"

Jones called it a hoax.

His words provoked.

Many to believe his theory.

He said that parents didn't actually.

Gone through, the process of losing.

Marc Schwartz was chosen for taking.

Taking over the company.

Right now, he's controlling.

Controlling all it's decisions.

He told that Jones took millions.

Much paid the IRS.

He told, what he thought was best.



Extreme Weather

Devastated flash flooding.

Have ravaged Kentucky.

This was never imaged.

No words could describe what happened.

Homes and businesses are swimming.

The death toll is rising.

Biden has demanded.

Federal aid in the region.

He called it a major disaster.

For the nation, there's more weather.

In fact, it is the world.

In the ocean, hurricanes swirl.

Near Florida, it is usually.

More active but dust is holding.

Holding the activity.

That cannot be said for the country.

Now the clouds have opened.

The rainfall is record breaking.

In the oceans, storms are raging.

For instance, the driest state.

Is suffering the same fate.

The always lit Las Vegas.

Was darkened for a few minutes.

It's the driest state in the U.S.

Usually, they receive less.

Less Rain than the rest.

But climate change made changes.

Water’s leaked into buildings.

Employees spent the day cleaning.

The drenched gaming floors.

Power fell, now it's restored.



Brittany Griner

Brittany was a star in college.

Now shes one in a Russian prison.

Griner’s on foreign land.

Making very, subtle demands.

Demands to the president.

To get her out of this.

It’s been over 100 days.

Since she's seen the land that gave.

Gave her a chance to be wealthy.

In the midst, she was playing.

The game that she loved.

Her actions just messed things up.

Now, I hope she remembers.

What she did a season opener.

When the arena played.

The anthem of the U.S.A.

The national anthem.

She was buried in her locker.

There was no remorse or shame.

Her team lost the game.

But what she told reporters.

Put her in much danger.

She was on a video call.

She explained why she stood tall.

Tall on her beliefs.

She suggested how things to be.

Now, it all looks in vain.

She’s now asking for foreign exchange.

All for her freedom.

Because, she didn’t use wisdom.

Griner’s still taking stand.

But she’s cuffed and makes no demands.

Her freedom she sacrificed.

Hopefully, she’d see a better life.

Mary Alice (1941-2022)

The World was always Different. You always adjusted. & Won the awards. You gave us what we looked for. Now you've flown away. To your loved ones I say. My prayers and condolences. You lived life being a legend.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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