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This Is, Tre` Carter Tate

Tre Carter Tate

Tre Carter Tate

Tre`Carter Tate is a gospel artist, Singer and actor who feels his time has come now to step out into the spotlight and spread the message of God’s Love.

Tre` has had a passion for acting and music since age 12. He began honing his acting skills as a youngster appearing in church plays and musically was a part of gospel great John P. Kee's workshop choir. He also was a member of Chris Gray and the North Carolina Mass Choir.

Tre` continued pursuing acting during his college tenure at Western Carolina University as part of The Black Ensemble Acting Troupe. He starred in a production of West Side Story and was the lead male actor in "Who's Everybody" under the tutelage of Director Al Wiggins. He was also part of the "Mama I Want To Sing" traveling ensemble.

After graduating college, Tre`moved to Atlanta, Georgia to continue pursuing his passion for the entertainment arts. He studied under the late acting coach Lou Walker, Paragon Productions and Nick Conti of Nick Conti's Professional Actor's Studio.

Tre` is also a music producer, writer, singer and playwright. He has written a God-inspired play that he prays one day will turn in to a best seller and film project. Tre` currently has his own production company and is managing and developing several up and coming music artists.

I sat down with Tre` recently to discuss his career in music and acting to see what his plans are to take what he has accomplished so far as a singer, to the next level.

Q&A with Tre`

RW) Tre, you are a singer and actor. How would you describe yourself as an artist?

TCT) I'm an artist that has a strong passionate desire to inspire and uplift others. In all my projects and acting roles I try to leave a positive and lasting impression.

RW) There are so many genres in music that are uplifting and about worshiping, what do you call your music, Gospel, Christian, Inspirational?

TCT) My music is Inspirational. I have a powerful testimony to share. If I can touch one soul through my music then it is all worth the effort.

RW) Who were some of your music idols growing up as a kid?

TCT) Stevie Wonder, he is just a musical genius. Temptations - growing up as a child, my Brother and I used to mimic them growing up. Rance Allen, rest in heaven, he lifted me up in my walk with God. The most influential person in my music ministry is the Prince of Gospel John P. Kee. A short story: When I was young my Mother took my Brother and I to a church revival at Holy Temple in North Carolina and that was the first time I laid eyes on John P. Kee before he became a world renowned gospel artist and as a kid seeing him minister he inspired me to want to reach others through music and my direction was set.


RW) Are you the only music person in your family or do you come from a family of music artists?

TCT) My Mother was the first person that introduced me to music and fine arts. She sings in the inspirational choir at church. My Brother who is a Pastor also sings. I have several other family members that have musical roots.

RW) You reside in Atlanta, GA. Is that where you are from originally?

TCT) No, I'm originally from North Carolina. I spent my youth in California and Texas.

RW) When preparing to interview you today, I got the chance to listen to some of your songs off your “Spirit Move” LP. Is that the title? There are some great singles on this LP, “Anything” “Follow” “Wait”. Are you the songwriter of these songs, and if you had to choose your favorite tune on the album, which song would it be?

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TCT) Yes, Spirit Move is the title of the LP. I am indeed the songwriter for all these songs. I love all the songs, however, the most inspirational and tells my testimony is Only You and Spirit Move.


RW) Is ‘Spirit Move’ your current release, and are you in the studio working on a new single or album currently?

TCT) No, my first official release is Only You. I will be following up with Spirit Move as my second release. Yes, we are currently in the studio finishing up the final touches to complete the project entitled "The Movement". The project is going to be a blessing.

RW) What do you hope people will take with them after listening to your music?

TCT) I want to lift people's spirits up when they are down trodden and feel hopeless. To tell them you are not alone and God will see you through just hold on and keep the faith. The message is that with God all things are possible. The music I pray will open up hearts and minds to those that don't believe. JUST BELIEVE!!!!

RW) You have worked with some pretty notable artists musically, tell us who some of them are, and what’s been your biggest pro music experience thus far in your career?

TCT) I was introduced to music at a young age. My first training in music was in the church youth choir, youth plays and eventually I was blessed to sing in the John P. Kee workshop choir. I began to sing professionally in the R&B field with a group called Essence that did some touring overseas. I ended up joining a R&B group called Choice. We started out in Atlanta and had a couple of deals on the table with Solar Entertainment and Tony Mercedes, among others. We opened up for the Ohio Players, Mint Condition and War. I continued to work with well known writers and producers in the industry. I was working and producing on an album with award winning artist Melanie Thornton of the group La Bouche, Sadly, before the project was completed Melanie passed away in a fatal airplane crash. Rest in heaven Melanie.

Most recently, I sang and acted in a musical gospel play alongside gospel artist Vicki Yohe. Currently, my present producing partner and Brother, John (JR) Rivers, is my business partner and CEO of New Muzic Association, ( JR is known for being one of the originators of MPLS Sound. He is responsible for discovering artist Alexander O'Neal with his longtime partner Christopher Moon, who also discovered the legendary artist Prince. Chris Moon is also on the advisory board of New Muzic Association.


RW) Who do you like out there currently on the music scene, who do you listen to?

TCT) I listen to and get inspiration from Marvin Sapp, John P. Kee, Rance Allen and Jekalyn Carr just to name a few.

RW) You are also an actor? Have you done stage, movies, or TV work, or is acting something you are moving towards?

TCT) I have been in the acting field since college. My college acting experience opened several doors which included the plays "Mama I Want To Sing" which was a touring production, Who's Everybody and West Side Story. Several gospel plays in the Atlanta area "Josea", "Living Phat" and doing a pilot show called Christian Justice for the OWN network. Currently acting in "A Good Woman or a Fool" soon to be aired. Television series "Star" (Fox), "The Gifted" (Fox) and was working on a touring production "Scandolous Hair" before the pandemic hit. Through the course of this I have written several pilots and voiceover work for commercials and ads as I continue to answer casting calls.

RW) Where can our reader's find your music online or at stores?

TCT) My music can be found on all major platforms, Spotify music, Apple music and Amazon music.


RW) I never like to close out an interview without asking this: If you were ask to give the commencement speech at Morehouse College for the graduating class of 2021, during these times of uncertainty and living in a pandemic world, what would your words of encouragement be for those young people starting their lives and careers as adults now?

TCT) I would like to say that during these perilous times we are living in, you must understand who is really in control. You must strive to excel and prepare yourself for the new world after this pandemic. You must keep your faith in God and if you have lost your dedication, re-dedicate yourself and place God first and foremost in your life. When you do this all things are possible and the world is your oyster and you will find your pearl.

Thank you Tre. Really enjoy your music and I am sure we will be hearing a lot more about you in the coming months. Continued success!


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