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Travis Scott and the 2021 AstroWorld Festival Incident (2021)

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AstroWorld Festival 2021 Incident

See You on the Other Side...

The entrance to the Festival.

The entrance to the Festival.

The AstroWorld Festival

I am not a fan of rap nowadays, if I'm being completely honest about it. Everything ends up sounding the exact same, the rappers all have similar flows, and nobody tells stories about anything. Everything is simply about death, sadness, money, or sex. I'm usually over it if it's not a mainstream song, and sometimes I'm over it then. So, needless to say, I am not a fan of Travis Scott. I only knew him because a lot of people like him as a rapper and because I like Kylie Jenner and he is her boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Stormi, and the father of their unborn child right now she's soon to have. However, I have seen his concerts before via short clips, pictures and memes. They always seem fun, like people are having a good time and it comes off like a rock concert. The meme of him lifting a mic stand into the air and screaming is always hysterical to look at. This concert, AstroWorld Festival, I thought was a hit when I saw all the news circulation about it the next day. The news was pouring in for a different reason though. Now families and celebrities are being attacked and for what happened. Why though? What happened at the concert and was Travis to blame in any way? Let's talk about it...

The Meme that Started It All

The infamous Travis Scott meme

The infamous Travis Scott meme

Raging Fans

Travis has had an AstroWorld concert before in 2017-2018. This time, it was very different. With concerts and enclosed spaces with a lot of people are opening back up to the world and with AstroWorld being as popular as it is, it's easy to see how this was a sold out concert. Travis Scott has made a name for himself enough to easily sell out a show or a concert. So this was just another day for him, really. With a bit of research via Twitter and Google, I saw the horrific videos of the concert that night. People literally out of breath, people having to be pulled over rail guards to safety, the crowd swaying back and forth, an ambulance in the middle of the crowd trying to get to victims with fans on top of the vehicle trying to rage out! We've all seen this footage and these pictures, but what happened?! It really reminded me of the nightclub incident where there was a fire and everyone rushed for the door at the same time and people were caught, trampled, were crushed and died. I was a kid when I saw that footage and now this as an adult.

From what I could tell the concert was already packed by the time the flimsy security gates were broken by fans. There was a huge storm of fans who got past and came into the back of the crowd trying to get in on the action. Police, security and staff were scarce and outnumbered, even on horseback they could really do nothing. A crowd of people versus 2 horsebacked police officers? Do the math... They couldn't capture everybody who came through so what can you do? With the added capacity of people in the crowd and overpopulation, people push and shove and it immediately got hectic in the crowd. People claimed they felt their bodies being crushed. They were falling on the ground and scared they would never make it back to their feet again. People were being trampled. People thought something demonic was going on as they saw nothing but a sea of people covering them to the point where they had no view of anything else but someone's back.

All of the concert-goers were there for a good time, now they were fighting for their lives. In videos people posted about the concert afterwards, some have stated that they had gotten out past the crowd just in time, but they saw that they were simply lucky. As they would squeeze past others and over rails and guards, they'd seen people plastered on the ground getting resuscitated by CPR because they'd past out. Some swear they've seen hundreds of bodies by the time they'd reached the end of their journey to somewhere safe within the concert grounds. For now, we know that only 8 people have been reported dead, with over 300 fans injured from the incident, but these people thought half the concert died from the looks of their surroundings. Most of which were very young adults or teenagers. One of the many deaths, was a kid, supposedly only 14 years old. These people sound like they've been through war, but it was just a concert! It is very upsetting. So where was Travis Scott in all of this?

The Victims

The faces of the 8 confirmed deaths in the AstroWorld Festival 2021.

The faces of the 8 confirmed deaths in the AstroWorld Festival 2021.

Travis Scott and His Peculiar Background

Set high above everyone else, staged in front of a Phoenix on fire flying into the crowd on a screen was Travis Scott, singing to the crowd. Kylie Jenner and their daughter, Stormi were both in the VIP section away from the stage filming what was happening. Kylie and Travis have both gone to their social media accounts to state that they did not think that the event was THAT crazy and they had no idea about what was going on in the crowd. Travis has even gone so far as to release a verbal statement on Instagram Live, with his hand on his face, that since has become meme worthy, rubbing his head and trying to cry about the devastating loss of life at his concert.

During the concert, Travis can be seen on a pedestal, mindlessly and hypnotically singing to the crowd as he sees a fan being taken by other fans and EMT's to get medical treatment. He does not stop his concert. He does not stop the music. He does not stop anything. In some of the videos, he even acknowledges that people are passing out. From his vantage point in the crowd, sitting high above them, you'd think he'd be able to see everything, especially a gap in the crowd where people are trying to give someone passed out some room to be helped. He even says in one of the videos to "Back off and give him some room to breath!" So you did see what was happening then?! People have even stated that Travis, on the mic, encouraged the fans to storm the venue and just come in even if they did not have a ticket.

Also, Kylie Jenner... I ain't forgot about you, girlie! She literally FILMED the ambulance trying to inch through the crowd without them trying to run over anyone on her social media. So saying you didn't know the severity of the situation seems a bit too.... coincidental for me. Anytime an ambulance is called to concert, it cannot be a good thing, especially if they had to come through the crowd just to get to the victims. These people are just trying not to sound insensitive at this point, but there is video proof of how hectic things were. There's footage of a young girl crying and pleading with a cameraman to stop filming and to help stop the concert because people are dying. He flails his hand at her to go away. SOMEBODY could've done SOMETHING!!! I can give Kylie a small pass. She's pregnant and I wouldn't want or expect her to jump into action to help a crowd of people who would probably hurt themselves even more just to meet or touch her. However, Travis Scott, I almost refuse to give a pass to and here's why.

Through research, I have discovered multiple videos of Travis displaying his ugly character to people and in front of crowds. First example: Travis was performing at a concert outdoors and decides that he will jump off the stage and into the crowd to Crowd Surf. While he's in there, a kid (you can tell he's a young teen), apparently tries to steal one of his shoes. Travis quickly gets off the crowd when he feels this and acknowledges who tried to take his shoe. He then tells the crowd surrounding the boy, to "beat his ass for trying to take his shoe". He even tried to get a chant going to "Beat His Ass!". This is inciting violence in a very tight crowd on a MINOR... for LIVE CAMERAS!!! This video was on my Twitter but I'm guessing Twitter wants to save Travis Scott's name, and has since been taken down as of last night (as I'm writing this).

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The second example, is Travis at a live concert encouraged fans to jump from the nosebleeds section into the bottom half of the crowd and "Not to be scared" because "They gone catch you." -_- If ever there was a straighter face I could be making. Someone did this and succeeded, apparently followed by a man who was forced to jump after the first person jumped, and he now claims he is paralyzed because someone pushed him from the balcony at the venue into the crowd. Travis proceeds to put into the lyrics of one of his songs that "It ain't no mosh pit if it ain't no injuries." and that "he got em jumping out the nosebleeds." This, to me, is incitation for violence and self harm because is it their choice to do what they did, yes, but could you not say that he was the catalyst for them making that decision? If somebody famous who you adore tells you to do something stupid, as a young adult or older teenager, you might do it, thinking it will get you some sort of fame or acknowledgement from the famous person, when all you got was a broken back afterwards because those people down below did NOT catch you like Travis "promised" they would.

Example No. 3 (linked below): There is a video of a cameraman coming onto the stage taking video of Travis as he is performing somewhere and Travis spots him and tells him to "Get his nerdy ass off his stage". The man goes on to tell him that he works for the venue and is doing his job. Travis proceeds to tell the man that "You don't work for Travis Scott so get your ass off my stage." WOW! Just wow! Ugly. This led me to believe that Travis was bullied at some point in his life and just picks and chooses when to let his aggressions out and who to let it out on. The measure of a person can easily be seen in how he treats people who can do nothing for him. Travis CHOSE to embarrass those people in front of a full audience on a live microphone for the world to see. And now for me to see, dabble back in and use that as evidence against his character. He almost made writing this blog easy for me.

He seems like a person who, like many, finally get something after they've never had anything in life, has never gotten over things from the past and uses that as motivation to be a dick to people now because he has "everything" and they can't do anything about it. A weird complex. This is not his first rodeo in a situation like this. It has now become a pattern. My first thoughts when I saw the videos of him mindlessly humming and slowing things down a bit, was that "Wow, he's looking dead at the guy being carried away and isn't telling the crowd that we have to take an intermission or anything." It's crazy. I've seen less hectic mosh pits at rock or dubstep concerts and festivals.

The Apology Heard by No One

A still taken from Travis Scott's black and white apology video.

A still taken from Travis Scott's black and white apology video.

Other Claims and Allegations...

Reports were always solid that there were only 8 confirmed deaths so far at the concert and I haven't seen anything else about it. A conference was held after the concert with the police. This was the first time I had heard about the incident and at that time, it was only really being reported that someone was in the crowd injecting officers with some sort of drug at the concert in the heavy crowds. Medical personnel have stated that these officers were, in fact, injected as they had injection marks on their necks. So even worse things going on at that concert. That could have been anything in those needles. I am not blaming Travis for any of that, but it is the environment that they are in. You have a rapper who has or knows no bounds, so you have an audience that thinks they can do what they want also, which is why fans were seen on top of the ambulance that was driving through the crowd. They did not care, because he did not care. You lead by example.

I am not a huge Beyonce fan, but I gotta feel like this would never happen at one of her concerts, because she controls the crowd the entire night and makes them have a good time or sing with her. Or any other star for that matter. The audience is more invested in the show and the star than the crowd themselves. I have seen a lot of people saying that they think the concert was a sacrificial ritual or a demonic gateway to hell. With comparison pictures, it's hard not to jump off that ledge into that rabbit hole and look into it. I'm not sure what I think of this theory like many Illuminati theories, but I do feel like people have the right to think what they want. I think I'm more on the side of negligence on different people's parts.

My Final Thoughts...

I, personally, believe that Travis should seek some sort of therapy as a result of this. Seeing and being surrounded by death is not natural. That can really mess with a person's psyche. I'm sure he has to feel at least somewhat responsible for those people's deaths. If not for the deaths, he definitely needs therapy to deal with his personality issues. He comes off as entitled and big headed. Could you blame him though? He has a successful rap career, money, a beautiful baby mama and an adorable family together with her. However, money cannot buy a lot of things, including humility, manners, or a brain.

To me, Travis and Kylie both look like they are on a spree of doing damage control right now. I would not be surprised if he didn't finish his tour or whatever he was planning on doing after this. Those videos and released statements that were supposed to make people feel better, did nothing and looked like they were written by a publicist and given to them to put on their Instagram pages. Travis has offered to pay for the funerals of the deceased and give refunds to all who attended the concert with a purchased ticket, but that is not going to bring back the lives of the people who died that night in that chaos. Had Travis had better crowd control tactics as a performer, then would this have happened at all?! Instead of trying to bring the building down around him and having people doing crazy stuff. He seems like the type to not know what kind of power he holds over these crazed fans as a star, yet that seems to be all he wants is the power to make them go crazy and do whatever he asks them to do during his shows like raging and jumping off the balcony.

Had he simply stopped the concert for a quick break when the crowd first surged, until they chilled down some, people may have still been hurt but not as much. A lot of people are simply putting it past him too fast, as if he had NO control over the situation at all. That is the problem with this. He wants to be a rock star, but he does not have rock star quality. As the artist, it is your job to control the crowd. It is your job to make the crowd do what you want. It is your duty to oversee your audience and to read the room. The crowd even chanted "Help! Help!" for a while and Travis still did nothing but start the music back up after he heard them saying that. He's even seen on camera saying "Who said to stop?!" as if he was being insulted instead of seeing that these were cries for help from people that were being hurt or dying. Not a step on your ego because you were bad.

I've seen other artists, bands and even theatres, stop the show for a moment to control an unruly crowd. Hell, it was a small little subplot for the movie, Selena, and that really happened to her and her band in real life! It's your stage presence that controls the crowd, not your overinflated ego. Travis could have taken steps to prevent these things from happening. And when people say there's nothing he could've done, go type into YouTube right now of people controlling their crowds when people are doing too much. It happens. He wants to be a rock star and kick his crowd into high gear, but you don't know how to lower the flame and simmer them back down. That's the problem, which makes it uncontrollable and incites violence and bad things to happen because Travis, himself, is unruly. If Travis had more control, so would the crowd.

THAT is where I fault him for this. THAT is why I do not feel bad for him being sued after all of this. I hope it does see court and I hope that the prosecution does end up bringing up his past behaviors that have clearly formed into a pattern to make him think he can do whatever he wants to do at his shows. I hope the justice system comes down a little hard on him for this and lets him know, fame isn't everything. I think the venue should also be sued by the families of the dead, for negligence for not enough security, security measures, police officers, or medical personnel on set in case of a fallout. Let me know what you guys think about this in the comments section though. Do you feel like he could have done more? Or do you think this is not his fault at all?

Where You Can Watch...

Where You Can Watch...

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