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Trap (2015): Film Review

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Trap Asian Korean Movie 2015

The film started with a rather forced lovemaking between Jeong-min (played by Yoo Ha-Joon), a struggling writer, and his girlfriend. They seemed to be enjoying each others until the girlfriend turned cold, leaving her boyfriend in helpless disarray. The fact that his girlfriend ruthlessly dumped him afterwards and his career struggle in film-making made him dwell in self-pity.

After having self-realization and sudden determination to right his failure, he decided to find his inspiration elsewhere. After a rather long drive, he found himself a dingy lodging in the middle of the woods. He was attended to by the landlord and his teenage daughter (played by Han Je-In).

After several unintentional mishaps, the writer grows fond of the girl and develop an unwanted desire to have her. He tried to fight the lustful feeling at first but lost to the battle later on.

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Asian suspense-thriller South Korea starring Yoo Ha-Joon and Han Je-In

True to its title, “Trap” is a movie about teasing literally where Jeong-min is constantly being tempted to let go his moral compass. He was being trapped in his unmoralistic desire, devising ways to entrapped the teenage girl to sleep with him.

As the movie progressed, the viewer will be about to wonder who is tempting who— the writer or the teenage girl.

The plot twist will be revealed after the two leading casts finally did it.

It turned out that the teenage girl has personality disorder. She trapped the writer to stay in their lodging by enticing him— just to be murdered afterwards.

At the end of the film, the scene shows a hand (of the writer) protuding from the dirt just below the writer’s vehicle. The teenage girl is having a steamy bath in the outhouse while another unsuspecting victim had been enticed above the roof.

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