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Trailer movie review and predictions: Clifford the Big Red Dog(2021)

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Overall Review

As someone who read the Clifford books as a child, the trailer does a good job at portraying Clifford. He does get into trouble in the books because of his size. This is evident in the trailer when Clifford gets into a lot of trouble because of his size. I think it is cool how Emily adopts Clifford from a mysterious and magical man. I don't know if the beginnings of Clifford were the same in this movie as in the beloved picture books it is based on. The trailer may included everything the movie will be about which is concerning as there should be some surprises for the audience. There does not seem to be much of a plot for this movie besides the story of how Clifford became the big red dog and met Emily. I do not know where they will be going with the plot or characters of this movie. I know that they have some material to work with as there are many Clifford books.

Movie predictions

I predict that this movie will do okay in the box office. It will not be a flop based on the nostalgia of the books it is based on. Families and children will go see it on theaters and may even enjoy it. It is possible that this movie showed all of it's cards in the trailer which resulted in not many surprises in the movie itself. This is not shocking to see with children's movie trailers because they are more transparent with the plot. The trailer is supposed to give a sneak peek instead of showing everything that will happen in the movie.

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