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Five Digital Shows Worth Checking Out


In these modern times, Digital platform is taking the place of Television with their shows and it's stars have received a whole new level of popularity and recognition. Now with an almost non-existent theatrical form of entertainment available because of an ongoing pandemic for the past one year , people are switching to Digital shows in their spare time . As the popularity of digital shows grows across the world on a daily basis , let us examine five shows available on different OTT platforms that you may like :

1- The Boys ( Amazon Prime ) :

A unique plot pitching Bad superheroes against good civilians, The Boys is a combination of action, drama, teenage romance and a lot of humorous moments. Basically a battle between two prominent characters, one being the leader of the superhero gang Homelander .. a narcissist glory hunter who goes as far as killing innocent people for his benefit and his opposite number the leader of The Boys gang Billy Butcher. The twists and turns in takes in it's 16 episodes ( so far ) run is good enough to make anyone binge watch it in one go.

Apart from a intriguing storyline, do not miss out on the amazing soundtrack featuring yesteryear music legend Billy Joel compiled quite brilliantly here which serves as an icing on the cake.

Two seasons of this series is available on Amazon Prime Video with the third season in production right now.

2-You ( Netflix ) :

Based on a novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes that came out in 2014 and its sequel Hidden Bodies published two years later, You is a Netflix original telling the story of a psychopathic young man who works as a bookstore manager and finds love in an aspiring author of New York City. In a truly disturbing manner the antagonist of the show , going by the name of Joe Goldberg, does deeds to indirectly convince his girlfriend that he's the right one for her without worrying about the consequences his actions would lead to.

There are two seasons of this show available for streaming right now on Netflix with third season coming later this year.

3- Banshee ( Hotstar ) :

The crime thriller which ran from 2013 to 2016 is set in a small town of Banshee in Pennsylvania of the United States. It's a story of an ex con who takes up identity of the town's murdered sheriff to hide himself from a powerful crime lord coming after him. Things take some dramatic turns in the affair of events which will keep the viewers engaged throughout its full run.

This series also made the audience take notice of the talented New Zealand actor Anthony Starr, who has made his mark as one of the best pure actors of the digital world right now.

There are a total of 38 episodes distributed in its 4 seasons and is available on Hotstar.

4- The Witcher ( Netflix ):

If you are a lover of the fantasy genre, this show might be for you. Based on the Polish book of the same title, The Witcher is set in a medieval-inspired landmass known as "the Continent" and explores the legend of 'Geralt of Rivia' played by the famous Hollywood star Henry Cavill . The timeline here goes in chronological manner so it's advisable for viewers to keep an eye on the proceedings taking place according to a particular timeline to get the maximum enjoyment from the series.

An 8 episode first season is available on Netflix with another one coming up shortly so you might wanna catch up with it soon.

5- Seinfeld ( Amazon Prime ):

The oldest show in this list but arguably the most popular one. A true blue masterpiece in the genre of situational comedy, Seinfeld's last episode premiered almost 22 years ago but it has not lost any novelty and can be watched again and again .

A show literally about nothing, based on the life of a neurotic comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic friends will never fail to make you chuckle. In my personal opinion, this show has one of the top 3 TV show characters of all time in George Costanza who is one of the friends of the central character , famous real life comedian and once the richest actor in the world Jerry Seinfeld.

The series consists of 180 episodes of around 20 minutes distributed in 9 seasons is available on Amazon Prime Video.

So, here's the list with brief summary about the five english OTT shows that you can give a try if you are looking for something new to watch on digital platforms. I hope you find this article helpful and check out the shows put up there.


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