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Top Twelve Fictional Fox Characters

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Fox Characters Rock!

While wondering around the Interwebs I noticed a few fox lovers looking for lists of fox movies, songs, etc. And while it is true we get more than our share of villains, we do, we get our good guys too. So, why not make a list of good and bad guy foxes with videos?

I’ve chosen to have heroes, antiheroes and even a villain on this list. After all it’s just as silly to say all foxes are little misunderstood angels, just as it is to label them all evil. Truth be told, actual foxes are just that, foxes, and nobody asked them how they wanted thought of.

Some foxes didn’t make the list, if they were fox Pokémon, for example, as awesome as they are, they’d simply take over the list. Also, any fox that was an extremely minor character, logo, mascot. or background character also didn’t make it. Nor did clearly adult themed characters.

There are actually countless fox character out there, so I had to have a way to whittle the list down to ten slots, well, twelve, so some foxes appear as couples. The legal stuff: all characters and clips appear only for informational and educational purposes only.

All rights to any character remain with the copyright holder. If you own the rights and wish to have a character or video removed, please contact me and I’ll be happy to do so. For legal reasons I will be once again calling on my resourceful altar fox Todd to pose for the camera. He is a fox, and he’s quite the character.

Welcome To Sherwood Forest, Fox Fans!

You will be meeting Robin and his merry band later, but our clever Todd is ready to guide you along the way.

You will be meeting Robin and his merry band later, but our clever Todd is ready to guide you along the way.

Tod and Vixey: The Fox and the Hound

Disney seems to have an affinity for foxes, and out of the four who made this list, Tod is the best of the best, so far as how foxes are portrayed. Tod is orphaned as a cub and taken in, all would be well, especially when he finds a friend in young Copper, but the two are not meant to be.

This film is a little heavy handed, contrasting Widow Tweed's fox-loving peaceful ways and protection of Tod, despite his inclinations and the cranky old codger Amos Slade, that will kill everything that moves and isn’t his dog, and leaves little middle ground, but it is an enchanting tale of a fox being rehabilitated and returned to the wild as he was meant to be.

There he meets Vixey, an enchanting vixen who helps Tod settle into the woods and proves to be an intelligent and valuable ally. You could argue Vixey is more important, even though not a main character until later in the film, as a wild fox she teaches Tod all about being a fox.

The Fox And The Hound: Tod Meets Vixie

Foxy Loxy: Disney’s Chicken Little 1943

Made to deal with wartime fears, on the surface this short seems to reinforce the negative fox sterotype. But it can actually be a great teaching tool. In most cases a fox, being not much bigger than a house cat, can get one prey item at a time. And most of them, being nervous, will actually avoid a hen house as it is both small and filled with noisy prey.

But for the few who dare it is a golden chance to store up food. The fox is not being evil, and it’s actually pretty simple to build a fox-proof hen house. I like Foxy Loxy here as he uses his smarts to put food on the table, what any savvy fox would do. And you’ve got to admit, the moral of being duped when you should know better is a good one.

1943 Chicken Little

Mr. Fixit: Busy Town

If you grew up on the Busy Town books, you should recognize this clever fox. Mr. Fixit is a good guy, though his work doesn’t always go as planned. He can be a little too clever for his own good, just like all foxes, but he has a heart of gold and somehow always manages to fix the problems his cleverness causes.

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I like him so much as he is a truly positive fox character. He’s also highly intelligent, not just cunning, being able to MacGyver a sub out of things he’s found, and diving suits to boot with radio communications systems.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Fox McCloud: Star Fox

Fox is the leader of a scrappy band of resistance fighters, and although troubled and living in the shadow of his father, he has great potential. Fans fell in love with Fox in the original game, comics in the Nintendo Power magazine, and tons of fan art the magazine sometime featured. There have been space foxes since then, but none quite like our Fox.

The Story of Fox McCloud

Todd Is Enjoying The List, Are You?

Todd is feeling rather festive with all the foxes running about, how about you?

Todd is feeling rather festive with all the foxes running about, how about you?

Enjoying the list?

Randy: Faux Pas

I was so thrilled to find a fox I thought was lost in the mists of time alive and well online. Randy is a fox of a different sort, actor, model and all around good guy, he must deal with life on the farm as it goes through different owners, an invasion of cats and more. You can still tune in to this awesome fox’s adventure and meet the whole gang at the Faux Pas website.

I really love this comic for a lot of reasons. Although Randy is an animal actor, his human had to rescue him from a pet shop as a fox has a definite aroma, and as his human knew, is not a pet, but a wild animal. Randy was one of the lucky animal actors and got a caring human, and thankfully, today things are improving for animals everywhere.

You can meet Randy and the gang here.

Nimble and Swift: The World Of David The Gnome

Nimble was the loyal companion of David the gnome, often carrying his friend to emergency doctor's calls. Not just a mere mount or transportation, this noble friend often used his cleverness, agility and speed to get them both out of danger. Although Nimble and Swift only spoke fox speak, David and the other gnomes understood their forest friends just fine and sometimes had to rescue them.

Swift came later in the series, but this beautiful vixen showed that a fox family simply wants left in peace to raise a litter. The danger these foxes faced highlighted the plight of wild foxes at a time when they were most often portrayed as mindless evil vermin.

Foxes of David the Gnome

Foxy: Five Nights At Freddy’s

Arr, it’s Foxy! If you’ve never played the game the idea is simple. You’ve taken a job as a night watchman in a kid’s place filled with animatronic animals, Foxy included. There’s just one tiny problem. At night, for some reason never explained, the robots will mistake you for an exoskeleton without a suit and try to stuff you in one.

Which will be the end of you as there is already an exoskeleton inside. Why any place with free roaming death machines needs protecting is never explained, but it’s a horror game, folks. Far from being evil, Foxy and the gang just don’t know any better. Though that won’t stop him from leaving Pirate Cove in a sprint to get to you. I love Foxy because he is the outcast, his behavior pattern is different, and of course, he’s a fox. Many fanfics show him to be capable of love and protecting the night watchman, though, in the end the poor Foxy pirate no one seems to love is labeled another monster.

I’d put him in the good guy category as the robots literally have no choice whether you blame programming or something more sinister. And in my favorite fan theory the characters attack to defend the children, so, yay Foxy!

Top Ten Facts About Foxy

Robin Hood And Maid Marian: Robin Hood

Want to make a character beloved by millions even better? How about casting him as a fox? This beloved version of Robin Hood follows along, more or less, with the adventures of Robin Hood. He of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor fame, as the poor were pretty much left without help or aid.

And, of course, he has the loyal Little John along to be the voice of reason and question whether robbery is the way to distribute the wealth. Well, unlike the sherif, Robin just wants to “borrow” for a bit so the less fortunate can have a little from those who have a lot.

Maid Marion is a great character in her own right, though, not only being Robin’s lady love, but also kind to the others he watches over and protects, and a truly good fox who longs for the return of their one true king and the safety of her people.

Definitely a fox in the good guy category, even if his methods would be frowned on by some.

Robin Hood And Little John

Party On, Foxes!

This listed started at four foxes and somehow grew to having to be stopped at twelve. More than twelve actually as I'm counting couples as one fox.

This listed started at four foxes and somehow grew to having to be stopped at twelve. More than twelve actually as I'm counting couples as one fox.

Nick Wilde: Zootopia

Although I haven’t seen the film yet, thanks to You Tube I am loving this fox more and more. Yes, Nick is portrayed, much like Robin Hood was decades earlier, as a fox that is going with his foxy nature and stealing things. But he also teams up with a partner for the greater good, so this fox con may just have a heart of gold.

This video will obviously have spoilers, which I don’t mind, but if you like keep your fox a fox of mystery, give Nick’s comparison video a skip.

Fox: What Does The Fox Say?

OK, I’ll admit it, when the song first came out, I did not like it, at all. But other than an handful of songs vaguely mentioning actual foxes (and not foxy women) this song celebrates the fox as a mystical guardian angel from the woods. And points for flying like the Japanese legends, and a wide range of vocal sounds, as foxes are actually equipped with over forty or so calls, cries, barks and more.

I included it here as there is an actual fox who shows up at the end to sing with the band, and let’s face it, he has an awesome singing voice.

The Fox

Reynard The Fox

Depending on how you views a fox’s natural activities you either love this fox or not. Personally I love Reynard, who has lived by his wits for centuries in folk tales, often in a series where a lion king hears charges of his crimes (honestly a fox being a fox) and the clever Reynard must save his own skin.

Reynard’s stories, especially those written in the Middle Ages, were meant to poke fun at the rich and powerful, so is it any wonderful the clever but poor Reynard often comes out on top? A lot of folks actively dislike this clever fox, and Disney avoided making a film about him as he seems a questionable choice for a hero, but his continued appearance in pop culture continues to make this clever fox a hero to people everywhere.

Moi Renart

Ninjara: TMNT

Ninjara. She’s a character that, I have to be honest, had to grow on me after her introduction as an enemy of the turtles. She was an assassin, bent on their destruction despite her mutual attraction to Raphael, but as time went one I did come to love her, even if she has a chillier personality. But Ninjara is pretty cool as fox characters go, she’s a highly intelligent character, she has her own code to live by, and she’s clearly independent.

She also has the real name of Umeko “Plum Blossom Child” and comes from an ancient race of fox humanoids that live on a hidden island. Which is of course found by a ruthless hunter that sees the fox people as one more resource, enter the Ninjara. Ninjara might have been hard for me to learn to love, but she was truly worth it.

Who is Ninjara?

Like A Fox That Didn’t Make The List? Do Tell!

Feel free to point out foxes I missed, foxes that you love and can’t see how they aren’t here, or just fox characters you think I’d like.

Did A Certain Plush Fox Capture Your heart?

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