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Top Three Favorite K-Dramas

Meghan Kilpatrick is a writer and college student from the Philadelphia Area. She enjoys writing about interests that are meaningful to her.


No matter who you are, the dramatic, plot-thickening world of kdrama has something for everyone. Whether it be love triangles or a murder mystery, Kdrama touches on a variety of interests. I’ve gathered my top three favorite kdramas that I have watched over the years.

Strong Girl Bong Soon

Despite her small stature, protagonist Do Bong Soon is stronger than most. She possesses a superhuman strength passed down from the women in her family. This kdrama revolves around Bong Soon, as she is offered a job as a bodyguard by Park Ahn Min Hyuk, CEO of Ainsoft. Min Hyuk quickly falls for Bong Soon, but she has her eyes set on her childhood friend, Guk Doo. I loved watching the adorable dynamic between Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. Although the progression from coworkers to friends to lovers was slow, their connection was unmatched. The drama also features a side kidnapping plot for those who are not entertained by romance. Overall, the drama was both lighthearted and dark, with action shots and hilarious dialogue. If you want to see Bong Soon kick some bad guy ass, I definitely recommend watching this drama.


Hello, My Twenties!

The theme of friendship is powerful in this drama. Featuring all girl main leads, Five college-aged roommates take on the world together, as they overcome their own obstacles. The drama touches on serious topics that many people struggle with, such as financial hardships, domestic abuse, relationship problems, and much more. The drama handled these issues well, as we are able to see how the girls are impacted by the traumatic events in their life. After one of the girls undergoes a traumatic event related to domestic abuse, the viewer is able to see her difficulties with going out in public or readjusting to her normal life before the event. Despite this, the drama still manages to have a carefree, humorous feel to it. I especially loved watching the girls develop and grow as people. Their bond strengths as the show goes on, which is beautiful to see.


Cinderella and The Four Nights

An original take on the classic “Cinderella”, a young student named Eun Ha Won is hired to fix the relationship between four wealthy, spoiled brothers. Ha Won is a main character that all girls can look up to, as she possesses favorable qualities like determination, strength, and kindness. She works numerous jobs to pay for her education, and does not let anyone stand in her way. Her biggest challenge, however, is dealing with the brothers. She eventually establishes different relationships with each of them. The story follows her and the four brothers, as they learn the importance of friendship and family.


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