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Top Ten Songs in France for the Week of January 15th!

10. Booska 77

Wow! Djadja and Dinaz really hit the mark on this one! It debuted high in the Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique (SNEP) and is currently sitting at the number 10 spot!

9. Joli Bébé

Ok, honestly, this is one of my top 3 songs out of the 10 songs. This song is really rocking that chill vibe! It peaked at number three, and has fallen down the SNEP, but don't let the number confuse you, because this song is amazing!

8. Millions d'Euros

Part of Landy's new album, Millions d'Euros stands at number 8. It is a song that just sounds so good! I think that it still going to grow on the charts, and who knows how high it will peak?

7. Tu vois comment ?

The riff in the background just drives me crazy! It is fantastic! And the fast rapping is hard to get over as well! It is a new song, a part of Zkr's new album. Debuting at number 7, I wouldn't be surprised if this song snuck into the top 3 soon!

6. Tout en Gucci

This song right here has been in the top ten for nearly 3 months! When Ninho released this banger, and it gained popularity in November. It has been consistently in the top 10 songs for a long time, and you can tell why! This is the song, and I hope it never goes away.

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5. Médusa

The guitar riff in the background is really something! I just love the guitar riff and the entire song with it. This is another really popular song that Landy released in his new killer album.

4. Cœur Noir

This sad piano song really tugs at my heart and my ears at the same time! I just think Eva is really talented, and she deserves all praise she gets from this song. Unfortunately, this is not in the top 3 because there are even better songs, which I will talk about soon!

3. Bande Organisée

Ok, I think everyone in France knows this song. It was number one for around 3-4 months, and it currently sits at number 3. Just for background knowledge, Bande Organisée is a song created by a collaboration of rappers from Marseille, France. The collab was organized by Jul, and he recruited a bunch of rappers and made an album called Bande Organisée. Some other songs were released, but none of them were ever as a success as this song! With big names like Kofs, Jul, SCH, and more, this was a huge success! I will love this song until I die!

2. Mother F**k

Ok, this song doesn't have the most appropriate name, but it is a great song. Jul and SCH reunite to create this great song that comes in at number 2. After the 13 Organisée album started losing popularity (barring Bande Organisée), Jul went to work on his new album, Loin du Monde. This album is well-known as well!

1. Fever

Yay! We made it to number 1! This song has been lingering at number 2 and number 3, but it finally made number 1! Dua Lipa is really popular in France right now, partly due to her collab with DaBaby in Levitating. The collab with Angéle is just boosting her popularity! I have a feeling this will be in the top ten for a while!

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