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Top Ten Dragonball Z Characters



Now that we've already covered my top ten favorite characters from "Dragonball", it's time to go over the top ten for it's most popular spin-off, "Dragonball Z." Unlike the last series which emphasized more on comedy, while remaining a lighthearted adventure story, "Dragonball Z" was a more serious and fight emphasized series. Granted, the show still kept many of it's light camp humor with the new series, but the fights that took place were far more elaborate than the previous show.

Not only that, but the story lines for this series were certainly more darker in tone than "Dragonball" ever was, and a lot more violent too. To be honest, "Dragonball Z" is one of those guilty pleasures I get out of life. Sure, the story isn't really that great, as each saga revolves around the concept of stalling the villain until Goku and/or Gohan show up to kick the bad guy's a**. However, like "Dragonball", the thing that kept me to liking "Dragonball Z" was the unique characters that were in it, and how well developed many of it's main characters were.

Of course, it also helps that I do like watching shows that feature a lot of violence to be quite honest. In real life, I've always considered myself a pacifist, as I would never hurt anyone, nor think about using violence other than as a last resort. However, a part of me still craves watching violence on TV. Maybe it has something to do with my father making me watch adult films as a child like "Terminator", "Predator" or "Heavy Metal"...or perhaps something more... To be honest, I really don't know, but "Dragonball Z" does feature a lot of fighting which satisfies my cravings; hence why "Dragonball Z" is one of my guilty pleasures to watch in life.

"Dragonball Z" pretty much takes place a few years after "Dragonball"; with Chi Chi and Goku being happily married. Goku and Chi Chi both live out their lives in the forest together, as they raise their son named Gohan. However, as luck would have it, Goku's brother, Raditz, arrives on Earth to check up on his progress of conquering the planet. But, when he learns that Goku never did, this angers Raditz into challenging both Goku and Piccolo into an epic showdown, as he kidnaps Gohan to force Goku into a fight. For those wondering why Piccolo would even want to help his arch nemesis, well lets just say that before Raditz confronted Goku that he bumped into Piccolo where the two didn't exactly hit it off very well; which led to Piccolo wanting to exact his own revenge on Raditz. Now, once sworn enemies, but they're forced to work together against a common foe this time. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. After Goku and Piccolo defeat Raditz together, they soon learn that there are more powerful Saiyan warriors on the way to Earth, and they'd only have a whole year to train. From here, the show pretty much delves deeper into the past origins of the characters; while shifting away from the mythological aspects of the show to explore more along the realms of science fiction meets fantasy archetypes.

Granted, there would be a lot more sagas to come in this series, with each story revolving around some villain having a strong connection to Goku. However, you can't deny how entertaining it was to watch.

For those wondering why this show was called "Dragonball Z", the dragon balls are said to magic orbs that once you collect all seven of them, then they'll grant any wish you desire; even wishing people back to life with no consequences. I only mention that, as I will be making a key point later on about this.

Thus, without further delay, I'll be naming my top ten "Dragonball Z" characters. By the way, stay tuned for part 3 of this hub series where I'll be going over my top five favorite "Dragonball GT" characters.

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1. Goku

As I said before, I don't know why I like this character so much. Maybe it's his child like innocence, or his passion to defend the weak and helpless. Or perhaps, it could be his eternal optimism to always find a way to win in spite of adversity; which is a very admirable trait. Or, it could be the idea that he's a light hearted wandering bad a**, who rarely boasts about how strong he is, but only cares about the well being of others....well..except maybe his own wife that he neglects throughout this series.

Not to discredit Goku, but he does often abandon her to go on various adventures throughout the series. Granted, he only does it because if he doesn't go, then the universe/Earth could end up being destroyed, but must be hard on poor Chi Chi. Then again, it's not like he's neglecting her to go out to cheat on her or anything; thus, that has to count for something.

Plus, it's kind of unique to see how Goku can go from being goofy and downright stupid in one scene, then go to a serious bad a** the next the instant he sees that his friends are in danger. Not too many characters can pull that off in anime, but Goku seems to make it look easy.

Piccolo vs. Frieza


2. Piccolo

As I mentioned earlier in my hub on the original "Dragonball" series, the thing that always fascinated me about Piccolo and Goku's rivalry was the irony of it. Both were beings from another world. Piccolo came from a planet of peace, but ended up wanting to conquer the Earth. Whereas Goku, he was sent down originally enslave all of humanity, but he grew up to become the Earth's savior instead. As I said before, I'm kind of a sucker for irony, and this rivalry oozed it. However, the thing that made Piccolo even more unique in this series was that he was forced to eventually become allies with Goku. Unlike before where Piccolo was the deadliest threat that Goku ever faced, Raditz proved there were far more deadlier opponents out there; which forced the two bitter rivals to put aside their differences to protect the Earth from a common foe.

Goku being the noble warrior that he is, gave up his life to help aid Piccolo in vanquishing Raditz. Don't worry, Goku gets wished back to life a year later by the Dragon balls. However, it's during their battle they also learn of Gohan's hidden abilities as well. This forces Piccolo to train Gohan in preparation for the Saiyan's arrival; which would cause Piccolo to become sort of a second father to him as well. Needless to say, it was kind of interesting seeing Piccolo go from being arch enemies with Goku to eventually becoming friends with him, and training Goku's son as well.

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