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Does Popularity Matter? A Diary of a Wimpy Kid Answer

Has watched Diary of A Wimpy Kid the Movie multiple times and has also read the DOAWK books as well going onto 10 out of 16 books made.

Don't Judge a Decent Movie Based on a Great Book

The entertainment industry rules the world. It changes people's perspective on life like a piece of art. like any other piece of art, that motivates and changes your perspective on different subjects. Because of that, I would like to look at an old childhood art of mine that I will openly admit was inspired from this art. It's a movie rated 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, it's about 2 hours long, it's for kids and it is based on a book.

If you guessed Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life you're wrong. The real answer is based on the book by Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Kinney decide to make a movie about his book in 2010. Since then, I watch that movie about twenty times so I have a real good idea of how the movie goes. The movie is about a kid named Greg Heffley in middle school facing all the challenges that a wimpy kid would have to face; teachers, bullies, girls, family, lunch, popularity, devil worshipers, etc. He would have to face his challenges all year until he realizes he wants his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, back and it all goes well in the end.

With that being said, based upon the movie, I, along with everyone with a childhood during that time, had gotten some inspiration from the movie. The cheese touch? Come on, tell me you didn't pull that off years ago in middle or elementary school. But there's one thing that I'd done based on the movie is the popularity scale that Greg made. In the scene, Greg and Rowley are outside near the playground and Greg brings up a scenario about if Rowley would put himself on a popularity scale in the school around 200, where would he have placed himself. Greg put his friend at 154 and himself at 19 which doesn't make sense but it's Greg, so it's understandable.

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I saw this scene and I saw the movie a couple of times and I wanted to try that out so I did. I made a popularity scale in my own school around 100 for simplicity. Not only did I plan to use this scale, but just in case anyone would have found this list, I put my little twist on it. I ranked everybody not by their names, but how they are based upon, meaning if this kid was usually the teacher's pet I would put him/her like that at around 30 through 40, and if you were the cool, sporty kid and you probably get top 10 or 20. Basically, you are whatever your character is that makes you popular or not popular. I made my list and I put myself on the list at around 70. Legend has it that only one person besides me has seen that list and that was my 7th grade English teacher. I was kind of embarrassed because her son was on that list as "teacher's son" but I'm pretty sure she got the target. So I decided today was the day the list should make a return. I'll be making a new list, but this one is to realistically project who would be at the top and who would be at the bottom. I'll make a scale of 1 to 200 based on the movie, explain the reason for their placing, and give you details on how to view this list.

The Original Scene

The Popularity Scale

  1. 1 through 10

    This is the top of the mountain. You don't near this by picking boogers and wearing mom's pick for picture day, you get here with little to no care. All you do is entertain and excel at it. Almost every kid who entertains is at the top of the school by now. This includes athletes, class clowns and the rebels; the ones who always gets in trouble. The most respected and feared are the top 10. So if you want to be here, just try and make people have an good day at school.

  2. 11 through 30

    Next is the people who just aim for popularity and grades. This is not really aiming for entertainment, but for satisfaction of themselves and their peers. These students may start a party, trend, rumor, anything that gets their name out there. However, I would like to applaud for the academically successful students. This group has been getting their respect over the last few years and it's about time.

  3. 31 through 50

    This category, 31 through 50, is the students who are pretty consistent with appearance. While being academically successful and socially active, they also can show their talents. To all my Fine Arts students, the chorus members may be the most popular out of that section. They aren't as annoying as the rest and can still be entertaining to many as a beautiful attraction.

  4. 51 through 100

    Then, you got the group who is a bit underrated than the rest. If it makes sense, these students may be cool to hang with outside out school, but inside school is a different subject. This category host the good students, the teacher's kid, and anime watchers. Now there's nothing wrong with good students, all they do is not get in trouble and do what's right. Teacher's kid didn't do anything wrong and they may have the most personality if you gave them a chance. Anime watchers, with most respect, are highly weird and speaking from experience, don't have much to do expect debate about anime. This group is a sleeper in school and highly recommended to join if you like a smaller yet large group to hang out with.

  5. 101 through 150

    Now here we are halfway down the scale and now this is officially the unpopular part of the scale. Let's break down why these groups are unpopular. Remember when I said in the top 10 that "Almost every kid who entertains is at the top of the school by now."? Well, this is the almost group, where you try to entertain but it just doesn't work out and now you're just annoying. These are the band and theater members. Now I wouldn't feel trigger myself from being a theater kid in school but it's true from the respect and attention we got from teachers and students. Band members are just weird and there's nothing bad to say about them except for that. There's still hope for this group and they're not too far away from 99 and being considered popular.

  6. 151 through 200

    This group on the other hand might as well be really shy or a good gamer because they're are stuck here for life. The category 150 through 200 even has a name, "Weirdos". These are surely the oddest people to meet and can never 100% grasp onto their friendship if not in this category in particular. They are going to need some Red Bull to get out of this drought.

A quick reminder: Don't Get Triggered! This is only a brutally honest chart for fun, subject to change, and that is just what the school system follows. Don't hate the scale, hate society. Also, click on my ads!

Top 2021 through 5051 through 100101 through 200

Top Athletes

Socially Active

Anime Watchers

Band Members

Class Clowns

Academic Successes

Teacher's KID

Theatre Kids


Chorus Members

Good for Nothing Kid

Straight-Up Weirdos

Curtain Call

We all start to judge ourselves based on how everyone else sees us. I bet you did the same while reading this article. Although this is what I came up with while researching and realizing how true this seems, only we can determine if those facts affect us. I could see this scale as a target to me and who I am, or I could focus on what's important to me and what is keeping me from losing to the social wars at schools all around. For me personally, it's been easy to quiet the noise because of the friends I had. Even if I wasn't the most popular, I was like butter to my friends, rich and guilty to slip on air. I felt popular and isn't that enough at the end of the day? I will still encourage you to make a popular scale and be brutally honest with yourself so you can see where you place on the scale, but don't let it get to you especially when you have people who want to be around you all the time. Yes, even when they're online. Take the scale that you got today for requisite and another free life lesson for anyone still in the public school (ie. elementary, middle, and high schools) because everyone knows that it doesn't matter in the real world. Stay tuned.

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