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Top Model Heather Michelle Senez -- An Interview

Heather Senez - JC Images

Heather Senez - JC Images

In her own words

"Hi, I am Heather from Louisiana and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I work really hard to maintain a fit body. Modeling is something I've always wanted to do.

My Hopes are too one day go somewhere with this and sign on with someone...a big dream of mine.

I enjoy all the southern activities and photography as well. Finding the beauty in all things inspires me. No matter what I get from this career, I will continue to push to always be better than I was yesterday."


Who is Heather Senez?

Heather Michelle Senez, born in Lafayette, Louisiana is one of the best assets from that state, literally. We were bold and asked her to tell us about herself and her modeling career. And boy, we found a beautiful woman inside out!

She accepted to give us an interview the week after independence day. Honestly, we didn't know much about her. FaceBook suggested her link to us.

We truly believe that there is a warm heart behind every model. actor or actress. You just need to take your time and ask the right questions. In the next minutes you will know the woman behind the perfect model. Certainly, she has an inner beauty that shines through the interview.


A real mommy!

A beautiful mom!

A beautiful mom!

Heather and her older son!

Heather and her older son!

The Interview

Hi Heather, How are you?

How are you! I'm fine Joseph. Thanks for your kind words! What a beautiful intro!

My pleasure Heather. Trying to come up with good questions and break the ice. For instance, huh, when did you first think about modeling?

That is an easy one. Hum! Ever since I was a little girl I've always loved being in the spotlight. Love the feeling of power and beauty! Is something that you have to feel it!

I understand you perfectly! Tell us about your background. You were born in Louisiana, right?

I was born in Lafayette and raised in Breaux Bridge. I had an amazing childhood. Nothing big but memorable! Rode 4 wheelers and had bonfires all the time.

That was cute...

Yeah! We would pull sticks out the woods and sharpen the tips to stick on marshmallows to roast, and so on!

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Sometimes we meet people that change our lives. Are you just a self made professional?

I am a self made professional without a doubt. Never had anything handed to me. Always been a go getter with strong determination.

So you are a mom of three wonderful children. How do you manage to make time for them. They must be so proud of you!

I have three beautiful children that I'm extremely proud of.

My children always come first. I tend to my needs and wants after theirs. They are my encouragement to push and succeed. They are really proud of me.

That was so cute!



Time to ask more... how about your parents?

My mom is the strongest woman I know. She has always strived to give us the best. She has shown me no one can break you down, when push comes to shove and you get knocked down get back up because life goes on. My dad who has been my dad since I was 12 years old after I lost my real father to lung cancer in 96. He took on a whole family..a broken family and made us whole again. I have never seen my mom so happy. He is a prime example on how a man should be and I hope my boys take after him.

Heather and Shelby! WOW!

Heather and Shelby! WOW!

Friends, real friends are forever!

So, I heard about Shelby. Tell us about her. She can share your fame, right?

Shelby is my best friend, more like a sister to me.

She can relate and understand each other with just a look. She supports me and pushes me to keep going. To never stop.

I trust this woman with my life and trust is a very sore subject to me. She is everything anyone could ever ask for in a friend and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Best friends always have fun!

Best friends always have fun!


if you were invited to a talk show, what celebrity would you choose as your partner? Maybe Mark Wahlberg?

I would definitely choose Jason statham. I love action movies and he's a hottie ;)

Wow! We love action movies too! Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 yrs?

in 5-10 years I would love to see myself maybe as an actor, and starring in films. I think that would be really cool but for the most part I see myself even better than I am today. Priorities are set from the start: I do what I do best and that's raising my babies and living life to the fullest.

Shooting session - Behind the scenes

Shooting session for Thunder Road Louisiana Magazine. Available August 1st.

Shooting session for Thunder Road Louisiana Magazine. Available August 1st.


Do you belong to any charity support group?

Well, Louisiana thunder roads does a lot of charitable events. The support is incredible. So I would say yes! We donate a lot of time and energy into our events!

Where do you put God in your life. We all are miracles of life indeed.

God is my number ONE. He is the one that knows me best and has given me this wonderful opportunity to live life. Since I lost my little sister Wendy Benoit at 15 years old I have learned to appreciate each day given to me and do what's best for me and my family.

Heather's Important Details

HeatherBy the numbers


5' 4"


125 lbs











Shoe size


Eye color


Heather's BFF

Heather and best friend Shelby Primeaux

Heather and best friend Shelby Primeaux

Bullies and How She Stays in Shape

Changing the subject a little, have you ever been a victim of bullies back in the day? How can we stop this social problem?

I have never been a victim to bullies. My parents taught me at a young age to always stand up for myself and never let someone get the best of me.

I believe children who bully other kids are mostly unhappy in their own life; they try to destroy others. Best advice I can give about bullying is parents have a closer relationship with your children, don't be their best friend but make it to where they always feel comfortable talking to you! Young children have to face so many things these days it's sad it's even sadder when they feel so alone!

What is your daily routine of exercise to stay in shape?

Simple. I always start off stretching. Stretching plays a big part on how I'll feel the next day. I do 200 squats 200 crunches and 200 hip raises a day. I also walk 3 miles and lift.

We are alarmed when we hear about child trafficking. What can we do to make this world better?

Child trafficking is absolutely ridiculous and it increases year after year. My children never leave my sight. You have to keep your children very close to you these days because the world we live in today isn't as friendly and pleasant as it were 50 years. Not even 30 years. It's a sad situation and I hope to never become a victim of that. My heart goes out to those who have.

Wise answers and thanks so much for sharing with us a part of you, that many might not know... until now!

Thanks Joseph, and thanks to my fans and the people that believe in me!

Thanks once more, and keep that Confidence on fire!

Wendy Benoit R.I.P.

Wendy Benoit R.I.P.

In Memoriam, Wendy Benoit

This is a picture of Heather and her baby sister. We thank you so much for sharing some memories with us and our readers.

Heather's baby sister will always be around her older sister. Unfortunately, we lost a beautiful angel in a car accident. She was just 15 years of age.

We know that Heather will get far, and we will support her always!

"Always in our minds

always fresh, always fine

Beloved Wendy Benoit

always there, always fun

loving you until we meet again!"


Joseph De Cross (author) from New York on August 09, 2014:

Thanks Faith! Glad to see you around! Heather keeps in touch and is growing by the day. Her FB fan page have grown from 1900 to 0ver 8000 in less than three weeks. Much appreciated again!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on August 09, 2014:

Hi Joseph,

I do wish Heather much success in the field of modeling, as it is a tough field no doubt. But today, there are many different areas of modeling other than the standard runway modeling, which is so very strict in height requirements of being at the very least 5' 8" or taller. I am glad she seems to have found her niche in the modeling world. I am sorry to know of her loss of her most beautiful little sister. That is a difficult thing to bear in this life. My favorite photo here is the first large one of her with her best friend, seems so natural.

Blessings always to you and yours, dear Joseph

Joseph De Cross (author) from New York on July 28, 2014:

Thanks so much Deborah Murphy! You said it so well! I really enjoyed the interview myself!

Deb Murphy on July 27, 2014:

Excellent interview .. I really enjoy it and get to know the side of person that may be judged for what she does for a living.. I've notice a comment she made earlier on fb.. That you Joseph shared her status .. Saying something other woman leaving mean comments .. Well, from Heather's response to the mean comments was perfect.. she just laughed it off.. best thing to.. Heather you are a beautiful woman inside out.. I enjoyed the interview and getting to know a little about your family life as a mother.. I admire you that your children always come first in your life.. and for that.. you're are a first rate mom.. Best of luck with your career .. Hope you too you on the big screen someday!! Great interview Joseph.. Thank you for sharing with us!!

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