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Top Lightsaber Facts: Stuff You Didn’t Know About Lightsabers!

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Top Lightsaber Facts: Little Known Facts About Lightsabers

We all just simply love the Lightsaber, that iconic weapon Jedi Knights and Sith Lords use that simply cut through mostly everything like butter and go “phew phew” when they are being waved up in the air, but there are a lot of interesting lightsaber facts to consider that you probably don’t know about, and that’s why I decided to write this hub about it.

Read on and prepare to enlarge your Star Wars knowledge even more (I’m sure you’re a dedicated fan already if you were searching for more facts like this).


Lightsabers are a Dark Side Creation: Dark Side Lightsaber

If you think I’m saying that this weapon was invented by Dark Side Force users, then you’re thinking it right since that is indeed the fact we’re sharing here.

The proto-lightsaber, the forcesaber, was the first of its kind and it was an invention that allowed the corruption of Jedi to the Dark Side of the Force simply because of how the blade worked.

The blade was charged up with Dark Side energies from alchemy and the use of crystals, and if a Jedi would touch it, he would be heavily risking being corrupted.

Eventually, the Jedi developed their own versions to wield these mighty weapons as well.

A Proto-Saber with Battery

A Proto-Saber with Battery

Lightsabers Worked on Batteries – Proto-Sabers

The proto-sabers, as described above, were the first of their kind, and when they appeared they actually did it by using external power via battery backpacks the wielders would carry on their backs.

Brace yourselves as you discover that the Sith were the minds responsible for making the power cells that allow the lightsaber to be wireless, since batteries were attached to the lightsaber via cord.

Another intelligence point to the Dark Side of the Force.

Lightsabers Come in a Lot of Different Colors and Hues: Lightsaber Colors Have Meaning

Granted you may know this by now since mostly anybody does, there’s an explanation and a meaning for every single lightsaber color out there, and you can approach these facts on the hub I wrote about it, which you can see here.


When Darth Sideous Ruled, the Lightsabers Were Illegal: Forbidden Lightsabers

Darth Sidious, or the nice figure we know as Senator Palpatine / Emperor, outlawed lightsabers, forbidding wielding them or even just possessing them – even if only as a collectible item.

Not only that, you couldn’t even trade the crystals used to manufacture them since that would be a crime as well.

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Of course Darth Vader could wield his, but we know he was the Empire’s top enforcer during this time – send the police to raid Yoda’s place though.

Shadow Guard with Lightpike

Shadow Guard with Lightpike

Lightsaber Spears, Lightsaber Halberds, Lightsaber Nunchuks.

Lightsabers aren’t the only melee laser weapon in the Galaxy – far from it.

There are a lot of different styles of lightweapon, such as the laser naginata some honor guards and the Jedi guards use, or even those dual-bladed lightsabers that have the option of getting expanded through a cord at the middle to make a set of lightsaber nunchucks.

Lumiya even had a Lightsaber whip… or lightwhip I guess – so there is one for every form of combat, though the most popular one was, of course, the sword.


Lightsaber Fighting Schools: The Lightsaber Forms!

There were also several different styles of combat and schools or forms which you would specialize in during your training.

They are:

  • The Soresu Form;
  • The Makashi Form;
  • The Shii-Cho Form;
  • The Ataru Form;
  • The Shien Form;
  • The Niman Form;
  • The Vaapad Form;

And some others which weren’t too mainstream and more of an underground secret style developed by some individuals and adopted by less people than the styles mentioned above.

How many facts did you already know?

Lightsabers Are Epic: A Legendary Item

Lightsabers are just an epic item that most of us would wish to have, though we would mostly not turn it on due to the fear of slicing our own limbs off or really cause some damage due to their "insta-burn" property.

I decided to leave this post with a video that really conveys just how awesome lightsabers are, the Intro cinematics of Star Wars the Old Republic in order, because I really have the goosebumps when I'm watching them and I find the duels within to be the best in Lightsaber dueling history (you just couldn't get those moves with human actors with today's technology).

Watch below and dream of what could be if you had one of these babies.


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