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Top 5 Legendary Performances from Queendom

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Krishna has been a fan of Korean pop music for almost 10 years. She loves exploring good music with deep and meaningful lyrics.

Queendom is a popular television program in South Korea and aired on MNET every Thursday. It showcased female groups and soloist of Kpop who battled for the title winner of Queendom. Lovelyz, AOA, Oh My Girl, Mamamoo, (G) - idle, and the soloist Park Bom.



The program is a comeback battle between 6 trending girl group acts, in order to "determine the real number one" when all 6 release their songs at the same time.

The program lasted for 10 weeks, from August 29, 2019, to October 31, 2019. The program features 3 preliminary performances and 1 live comeback stage from each act. The Comeback Singles, which are newly produced songs, of the 6 acts were released on October 25, 2019, at 12:00 (KST). The digital points accumulated for the Comeback Singles and live votes for the comeback stages on the final episode, together with the accumulated points from the 3 preliminary performances, are the keys to determine the final winner.

The final winner of the program is Mamamoo, while Oh My Girl wins 2nd place.

The Legendary Stages

Mamamoo may have won the final title but all the girls actually won the show. All of the participants have the chance to showcase their artistic skills. All of them managed to deliver stage performances that are not usually seen and done by other Kpop girl groups. Queendom showed the girl's talents and what they can deliver if artists have full control over their performances.

1. Lion by (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE may be the rookie group among all the participants but they showed their charisma and power through all their Queendom performances. The Lion stage concept was thought by their talented leader Soyeon herself with the help of her members. Also, Lion is composed and written by Soyeon herself, the true queen she is.

Lion is a year-end worthy performance showcasing the powerful voices of the members and giving the spotlight to the maybe hidden gem of the group - maknae Shuhua. It is like watching a movie where a coronation night is being held for the true queen. After their performance, Lion performance is trending No. 1 on Youtube Korea and the highest-charting Queendom song after their performance. Also, their performance is trending in many countries. Real queens indeed!

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2. 'Destiny' cover by Oh My Girl (original by Lovelyz)

Oh My Girl is the dark horse of the show. They won the hearts of many people after this legendary emotional performance. The beauty, the arrangement, the design and the concept of everything made this one unforgettable performance. One can feel the longing and loneliness after watching this. With its Korean theme plus their soothing voices, Oh My Girl managed to deliver us a beautiful masterpiece. They stayed true to their colors and gave us an amazing peaceful cover of the song.

3. 'Egotistic' cover by AOA (original by Mamamoo)

Mamamoo are monster in vocals and no one can deny that. However, AOA still managed to remake a song made by Mamamoo into something that some people would prefer rather than the original. They managed to appear sexy and elegant despite wearing suits.

This stage also made a big statement in a still close-minded society like Korea. AOA who are known for their sexy image came in wearing suits and with drag queens as dancers. They are like saying that women are not objects despite what the society wants them to portray. They can be sexy and attractive despite wearing suits! Also, AOA's vocals shine through this performance.

This stage screams women empowerment. Legends indeed.

4. 'Good Luck' cover by Mamamoo (original by AOA)

Mamamoo gave us a concert-worthy performance through this stage. With monster vocals and stage presence like them, it is sure that they will hype the crowd. They showcased their many talents in just one stage through this performance. It shows that they can slay any concept and nothing can stop them.

5. Put It Straight by (G)I-DLE

This one can easily be on the number one spot of another list because of its unique concept. (G)I-DLE made history by trying this kind of concept amidst the stereotype of girl groups doing cute and feminine concepts. This is a stage that shows what a true artist can do. Raw emotions, overbearing pain, not hesitating to look ugly - (G)I-DLE are brave girls who try many concepts and this is just one of them.

Watch the performance and you will not surely be disappointed. Unique, artistic and a masterpiece at its finest - this performance is surely outstanding.

© 2019 Krishna

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