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Kpop Idol Boy Group Names & Their Meaning

There are lots of Kpop group debuting now. Each of these Kpop groups have their own unique names, which are quite interesting. If you are a Kpop fan, you would be interested in getting to know about the meanings of their group names. Then you will also get the opportunity to figure out the background stories behind them.

Here is a quick overview about the meanings of some of the most popular Kpop groups out there. You can go through these group names and figure out how impressive they are and what’s so unique in them.

*This list is not in order of their popularity.


BTS can be considered as one of the most popular Kpop groups out there. The group name BTS, gives out the meaning BangTan Sonyeondan. The English meaning of this name is bulletproof boy scouts. When you read the meaning for the very first time, you will notice that it is quite odd. However, one of the team members from BTS, Suga, has a perfect explanation for it. According to Suga, the generation that he belongs to is going through a series of hardships. In addition to that, they are experiencing a lot of suppression and prejudice. That’s where he wanted to come up with something, which can assist him to protect the values and thoughts of the generation. Otherwise, prejudice will pour down them, similar to bullets. BTS name can set the tone for that. The real meaning of BTS is deep, but they have been able to come up with a realistic name.


The group name EXO refers to exoplanet. If you didn’t get that, let me explain. Exoplanet is the term that is used to refer to a planet that is located out of our solar system. Now you must be wondering who that planet could be. The EXO Kpop group has the mission of making their work reach beyond the solar system that we live in. They have identified that music is the key for it. Therefore, they are strongly working hard to make the music go beyond the solar system. While working on that mission, they will also be able to make sure that their music is at least heard by all the people who live in this solar system as well. The long term vision of EXO has heavily contributed towards achieving their short term goals. This is one of the well-known names among the Kpop groups. It has also been able to receive awards for two times, for the best name branding.

Big Bang

The Kpop group name BIG BANG is made out of Big Bang Theory, which is identified as the reason behind the origin of the universe. Similar to that, this Kpop group is known for making explosions in the music industry. They have been able to transform the Idol star market to the next level with the work that they do as well.


The meaning of the group name IKON comes from the word "icon". The letter “c” was replaced with a “k,” which represents an intention to spread k-pop culture worldwide. YG aims for this group to grow into an icon that represents Korea.


The English meaning of TVXQ Kpop group is rising Gods of the east. Now you must be wondering how on earth that can happen. To understand the true meaning, you will need to dive a bit more. The meaning of TVXQ is derived from Chinese pronunciation. It is written as Tong Vfang Xien Qi. It is clear that they have referred to the Chinese pronunciation, because they wanted to make the group name look and sound interesting.


Super Junior

The name Super Junior also known as SJ or SUJU refers to the time when the members were young as SM trainees and were considered the best (‘super’) in every field! In other words, the word "Juniors" are what the members of the group were called at S.M. Entertainment since they were young trainees, and they were called "Super" because they were considered the best of the best.

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The meaning of their name, 'SHINee' - the 'SHINE' part means light, and 'ee' is a suffix, thus meaning 'one who receives the light'. Additionally, the group name Shinee are also derived from the word ‘shiny,’ it means a person who is always in the spotlight.



The meaning of the group name SEVENTEEN or SVT is that the 1 group consists of 13 members, which are separated into 3 sub-units. In other words, the member count (13) + the unit count (hip hop, vocal, performance = 3) + the group (1) added up to 17. The other meaning behind the group’s name also comes from the average age of the member at their formation time.


Wanna One was a project group formed by CJ E&M through the 2017 survival competition "Produce 101" TV show. However, they have since been dis-grouped after a year and a half. The meaning of the group name 'WANNA ONE' is 'wanna become one' and it came from the English pronunciation of 101: One O One(원오원) from the title of the survival competition TV show, "Produce 101".


The boy group JBJ was a fan project group who previously participated on the survival competition TV show Produce 101 Season 2 with WANNA ONE. The fans of Produce 101 named the group "JBJ", which stands for "정말 바람직한 조합" in Korean phrase, meaning "A Really Desirable Combination," and "Just Be Joyful". During an interview with SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment', JBJ revealed, "There are many possible combinations (for JBJ) but to be honest it also actually tends to mean, 'Jaebal Bulyang Jom' (which translates to 'Please give us screentime')."


Before the group Highlight became Highlight, they were BEAST or B2ST. The real meaning of the Kpop group BEAST or B2ST is quite interesting as well. It refers to Boys of East Standing Tall or Boys to Search for Top. It is a perfect name, which defines the Kpop group as well. This Kpop group name has got some second stylization as well. That’s mainly based on the way how Koreans pronounce the number 2.


In regards to their group name, the group leader Sunggyu said “Our name, INFINITE, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities, and we will always improve.”


The acronym of BTOB stands for “Born to Beat” and implies their determination to show the world a new beat and new performances. The “Beat” refers to their goal to surpass all others, with their name taking on the meaning of – “Born to" impress the listeners of the world with music”. Hence, BTOB does not mean “back to business”.


B1A4 is not a Kpop group name, which is filled with acronyms. Instead, it can be considered as a more stylish group name. In other words, a lot of stylization can be found in the group name, which makes it unique and one of a kind. Some people who read the name of B1A4 even remind coordinates. If you are a biased person, you will feel that it is cute. The real meaning of B1A4 group name is Be the One, All for One. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t have any idea about this name at all, until you saw it. It makes them unique and provides them with an ideal platform to stand out from the rest.


The true meaning of the U-KISS Kpop group name is Ubiquitous Korean International Superstar. The term Ubiquitous is quite confusing in here. It refers to appearing, presenting or can be found everywhere. The U-KISS Kpop group wanted to make them to be found everywhere. In other words, they wanted to boost their popularity. Hence, they have been able to select the perfect name and move forward with their initiatives. It is a pretty good name, which gives out a solid meaning and the group has done a pretty good job with it.

Teen Top

The name of Kpop group TEEN TOP is not simple as it sounds. In fact, the name TEEN TOP is an acronym, which refers to Teenager Emoboy Emotional Next Generation Talent Object Praise. That’s also quite confusing. Well, there is no real meaning behind this name. It is just a set of random names, which make up the acronym.


The Kpop group name VIXX refers to Value in Exeisis. It is actually a Latin word. The English meaning of it refers to “in the highest degree”. In other words, the name of VIXX can be considered as value in the highest degree. There is a church song, which gives out the same meaning as well. We are not quite sure if the Kpop group was inspired by that song.

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