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"Top Gun: Maverick" Movie Review

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For decades, Hollywood has suffered from an epidemic of horrible sequels, movies that didn't capture the magic of the original or just swayed from the lore too much, or whatever the case may be. It wasn't until the superhero genre came along that that started to change. X-Men United and Spider-Man 2 being the first true examples of sequels surpassing the original. The Two Towers and The Return of the King expanded that scope to the fantasy genre. Then, Tom Cruise came along with Mission: Impossible 3 and proved action movies could do the same. Now we come to Top Gun: Maverick, a film that has released 36 years after its predecessor. It seems that the trend continues with this film. Top Gun: Maverick has every ounce of spirit that the original had and more, with outstanding effects and aerial choreography that I cannot fathom how in the world the crew was able to capture on film. Tom Cruise returns as Pete Mitchell, the captain that the Air Force just can't seem to get rid of, as he is assigned to return to Top Gun to teach the best of the best in order to prepare them for an impossible mission.

Complicating matters is an unexpected addition to the already impressive roster of pilots. Bradley Bradshaw, brilliantly played by Miles Teller, is a painful reminder of Maverick's past. Teaching him and working alongside him just adds fuel to the already growing fire.

Joseph Kosinski brilliantly and expertly directed this film. His and Tom Cruise's visionary approach to the aerial choreography and stunts is something of a modern-age miracle. The camerawork was flawless and the cinematography was outstanding. It was so immersive of a film that it almost felt like you were in the cockpit with them. Now there's a 4D idea I'd love to experience!

Tom Cruise and Miles Teller had awesome chemistry together. I loved the storyline between the two and how the writers were able to weave in flashbacks from the original film. Again, praise has to go to Joseph Kosinski for being able to direct so brilliantly, showcasing some of the original film's most heartfelt and devastating moments in order to tell this film's story.

In conclusion, all I can say without spoiling plot points is that this is a remarkable, perfect film and everyone should see it. If you're a vet, know a vet, loved the original, love Tom Cruise, or just love planes, go see it. I give this film a 4 out of 4.

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