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Top 8 Romantic Movies 2020 to Watch Worthwhile


The nineteenth century was the golden phase in ruling romantic genre and taste had its truest form. The romance has such a good feeling that pours over us and we retrieve our young and beautiful days. The guy falls in love with a lady who later gets him helped to overcome several hardships and the movie ends happily. To remind you that pure and pleasant memory, here is a list of the top 8 romantic movies 2020.

The Half Of It

Released on May 1, The Half Of It is a helping collision turn into a love story. Casts such as Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, Alexxis Lemire, and Wolfgang Novogratz are in the leading role. In the movie, Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) is a smart student who writes her classmates' papers to make extra money to help her dad. Chu is shy and keeps herself to be hidden at school, therefore, she has not earned any friends. One day, an earnest jock named Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer) approaches her for making her write love letters for his crush. Then, the two move to an unexpected bond that reveals to be a genuine friendship between later.


Staring Grace VanderWaal, Graham Verchere, Karan Brar, Maximiliano Hernandez, Stargirl is an adaptation from Jerry Spinelli’s novel of the same title. Grace VanderWaal is in the leading role, Stargirl who is 10th grader. As she enters public school for the first time, people think that she’s weird. Aside from others, Leo (Graham Verchere) instantly falls in love with her. This teen collab may bring you into tears through their first love and the struggles of popularity. The movie was released on March 13.

I Still Believe

The movie’s theme is frequently thought to have the truth anywhere. I Still Believe is a movie, that arises from the true love story and erodes us along with lots of tears. It stars KJ Apa, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain, and Gary Sinise and was released on March 13. In the movie, Christian musician Jeremy Camp played by KJ Apa confronts the shocking news that his fiance, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp (Britt Robertson) is diagnosed with cancer before they’re supposed to get married.

The Photograph

The Photograph has been successfully selected for romantic movies 2020 to watch. The movie settles a unique plotline with a blend of romance and thrill. Mae Eames (Issa Rae) is a famous photographer in the city. After her mother dies, she discovers a box containing photographs and letters of her mother's past. As Eames begins to read all those letters, she finds herself to fall in love with that guy who once wrote love letters for her mother. The movie stars Issa Rae, Chelsea Peretti, Courtney B. Vance, LaKeith Stanfield, and Y'lan Noel. It was released on February 14.

Chemical Hearts

The movie is based on a novel, Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. Chemical Hearts is a coming of age romance that drives you to get some deep feelings and to shed a tear or two. A teen named Henry Page (Austin Abrams) never has been in love until he meets Grace (Lili Reinhart) on the first day of his senior year. He started to develop feelings for her. But he remains unknown to her hidden secrets that could change everything. Staring Lili Reinhart, Austin Abrams, Sarah Jones, Kara Young, the movie was scheduled to release on August 21.

Palm Springs

Carl Kelsch, MC's Deputy Managing Editor, writes “ Palm Springs offers a refreshing oasis in a desert of dried-up romantic fantasies.” More like of 1993's Groundhog Day that did the whole time loop storyline. But Palm Springs has some of its own credibility and keeps a breath of fresh air with its witty comedy and endearing characters. In the movie, Sarah (Cristin Milioti) drunkenly happens to meet Nyles (Andy Samberg) at her sister's wedding. There Nyles is attacked by a mysterious man and he crawls to a cave. Following him to save, Sarah also enters that place and the two get stuck the same day over and over again. The movie also stars J.K. Simmons and Camila Mendes and it was released on July 10.

After We Collided

It will be unfair to exclude a movie that has the previous part in the recent past year for romantic movies 2020. Based on the book by Anna Todd, After We Collided is a sequence of the 2019 film, After. The movie collects Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) from where they go off. Being awaited series, this movie compiles the steamy scenes inspired by the author’s Harry Styles fanfiction. The movie stars Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Louise Lombard, Dylan Sprouse. It is scheduled to release on October 23.

The Lovebirds

If the same people come to make us laugh and make us cry, it will unbearable to wait for long. Yes, we are going to watch people from “The Big Sick” in The Lovebirds. The Lovebirds stars Kumail Nanjiani, Issa Rae, and Anna Camp in the lead. The movie is about a couple on the edge of the breakup and later they have to solve a murder mystery together. Originally, The Lovebirds was scheduled to release on April 3 but later released on May 22.

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