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Top 6 YouTube Channels for Inspiration and Motivation

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Top 6 YouTube Channels for Inspiration and Motivation

Top 6 YouTube Channels for Inspiration and Motivation

People come to YouTube to tell stories and connect with others, share ideas, help each other, inspire each other...Today I want to tell you about the top 6 inspirational YouTube channels that will make you feel happier about yourself, about what you already have and also give you some motivation to move forward. The channels, that can help you change your thoughts to change your life for better. Also here you can find some videos that I hope will inspire you to reach for your dreams, never give up and learn to love yourself!

1. Mimi Ikonn

Mimi is a Global Citizen, a fashion blogger, a YouTube inspiration and also a co-founder of Luxy Hair, a multi-million dollar a year company, which she created with her husband Alex Ikonn. Her YouTube channel gained over 2.7 million subscribers and her videos had been watched over a quarter of a billion times around the world. She`s very open and has wonderful energy, always talks on the videos about what she believes in.

2. Alex Ikonn

Alex Ikonn, a co-founder of Luxy Hair, Five Minute Journal, and Productivity Planner, is an open-minded traveler and always have something valuable and interesting to share with the world. Alex believes that for people that are in business the first thing they need to do is to stop thinking about themselves. Stop thinking "how do I make money?" and start thinking, "how do I deliver value?".

Mimi and her husband are traveling around the world, and already have been to many countries, so you can find vlogs from different interesting places on their YouTube channels. Their Instagram profiles are full of pictures that have been made during the trips...And you would like to ask the questions like "how did they come to that way of life so they have a free time and an opportunity to go to any place in the world they want to?". The answer is it`s not all been easy.

Mimi is originally from Azerbaijan, Baku, and Alex is from Russia. She moved to Canada with her parents and sister Layla, when she was 16. After some time, Mimi decided to quit college and support her family by working two full-time jobs. And very soon she met Alex, as they were working at a bank. But how about their business? When have they started?

Everything started in 2010 when Alex and Mimi were getting married and Mimi wasn`t able to find the hair extensions both of good quality and affordable she was looking for the wedding. And as they couldn't find a solution for that problem, they decided to solve it and began to think about their own business. Their business was entirely grown through their YouTube channel (Luxy Hair).

Alex and Mimi make their best to give people value and a personal connection, but don't focus on selling their product. On Mimi Ikonn`s channel you can find videos about fashion, like summer lookbooks and travel outfits, but also are videos on many other themes like yoga, healthy style of life, different recipes and many videos where Mimi shares her life experience, for instance, advice of how to overcome depression and anxiety. On channel of Alex, you will find motivational videos: How to get more done? What book to read? Or maybe you just need some kick to motivate you to move forward?: ) If you are looking for tutorials for easy and cute everyday hairstyles, want to make braids, buns, updos, waves, curls, or just receive some hair advice, then visit such channels like Luxy Hair and EverythingLuxy.

3. Evelina

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Evelina Barry (Cartasova), with over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 737k+ followers on Instagram, is a famous Russian-American (but raised in Moldova) Social Media Personality and Fashion Designer. Her YouTube channel is all about fashion and style. Check out her videos where she talks about how to shop for high-quality clothes, how to always look put together: hair, wardrobe, makeup; gives health and fitness tips. Her main message is to make fashion inclusive and accessible.

Evelina is also the creator of Evelina`s Fashion Cafe, that always has been a passion project, and seems to be transforming into a little diary of her outfits that allows seeing how her style changes over time.

4. Jessica Clements

Jessica is a beauty, hair and fashion vlogger, "a makeup lover, a self-proclaimed Crazy Bird Lady, and a bit of a health nut", as she calls herself. Also, she is a represented model with Elite Model Management. On Jessica`s channel you will find videos where she talks about her skincare routine, does makeup tutorials, and talks about modeling.

Here are some interesting facts about Jessica:

  • Jessica took ballet classes when she was a teen and stopped in 17 because of a concussion, after which she couldn't do any physical activity for almost a year, which led her into modeling.
  • Jessica worked as an assistant teacher for ballet classes for little girls when she was a kid.
  • She volunteered at a camp for kids with autism and recommends everyone to do some sort of volunteering work, as it`s just really fulfilling.

5. Erik Conover

Erik is a model and YouTube vlogger. He started dating Jessica in 2012, and makes a daily video blog of his life with his girlfriend, shares new perspectives and experiences with others. Erik can pick up a camera at any moment: while hanging out with Jessica at the park, wandering around New York, at the cafe or even making a video while diving under the water!

6. Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful channel is full of fitness, yoga, meditation, lifestyle videos. There are many workouts that aim to tone and sculpt almost every muscle in your body, wonderful yoga sequences that will work your core, help you build better balance and burn some calories. Practicing, you will be able to improve your sense of balance, feel stronger. Guided meditation videos (or even series of videos) are meant to help you start or finish your day in a calm and loving way, many of them are focused on self-acceptance. Inspirational travel videos are truly powerful and empowering!

Juliana and Mark started this channel because they wanted to create content that might help people improve their lives. And now Boho Beautiful has over 100 000 subscribers.

Some interesting facts about Juliana:

  • Juliana was born in a small town of Siberia. When she was 6, her family moved to Poltava, Ukraine. There she was able to begin attending sports school and training full time for Rhythmic Gymnastics.
  • When Juliana was 10 years old her family immigrate to Vancouver. She represented Canada for many years internationally.She was a Canadian National Champion and Pan American Games medalist.
  • When she was training for the Olympic Games, Juliana`s got a back injury and her sports career came to the end. She turned her passion to dance, training and performing salsa, tango, ballet jazz.
  • At the age of 21, she moved to Toronto to acquire her certification in personal training, pilates.
  • You can see Juliana in such films as Smallville, Sucker Punch, Supernatural, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • Traveled to Costa Rica to study meditative and spiritual yoga...

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