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Top 5 Greatest Tom Cruise Films

One of the best

Tom cruise is my favourite actor, I know some wont agree but I have grown from a young age watching all of his movies and there is none that I wouldn't recommend! He deserves so much respect and recognition for all the stunts that he performs himself and is a credit to his industry.

Number 1


Risky Business made Cruise famous, it's good but Top Gun, on the other hand, made him a legend, and it remains one of the greatest movies of all time. Cruise, playing “a flyboy”, took to the film’s endearingly overt homoeroticism like a natural. So many classic scenes in this film possibly one of the best soundtracks ever to be featured in a movie. This has to be number 1.

Number 2


Pure cinematic pleasure. Cruise is known as a screen-chewer, but it is too rarely acknowledged how good he is at playing second fiddle to a true ham: Hoffman in Rain Man and Jack Nicholson here. “I want the truth!” is Cruise at his Cruisiest, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

As a child I loved this movie, the end court scene was gripping and so worth the wait for when that famous line hit the screen. Typical drama film with next to no action in it but if you fancy sitting down with a glass of wine or two in the mood to watch a real tense drama then this is the film for you.

Number 3


SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!! need I say anymore....

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But I will this film is amazing, it helps if you love american football like I do but even if you dont then this is still a fantastic movie. A love film which follows a driven sports agent to leave a world where he does not agree with the way the business is being run and risks it all to go alone. But he isn't alone, renee follows him and introduces him to a family world where he falls in love with her and her cute little boy! Struggles arise as he finds it difficult to attract clients but his luck soon changes when he signs the big man Cuba. Amazing film with so many stunning scenes to enjoy.


Hear me out: Cruise should have got the Oscar for this aswel as Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman’s performance is all tricks and tics, but Cruise, as the obnoxious jerk who learns he has a brother, is subtle and true. Setting the pattern for his career, Cruise was underrated because he made it look effortless.


You can't have a top 5 Tom cruise list without having one of the mission impossible's in their. But for me it isnt the first one, my coice is mission impossible fallout closely followed by ghost protocol. I do love the originals but they really stepped there game up in recent years! The opening scene from fallout blew my mind and I had to rewind numerous times as I was not expecting it.


So this is my first article, I hope you enjoy it. Please comment with what you think to my list and please feel free to submit your top 5 in the comments section. Thank you for taking the time to read my top 5 cruise films.

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