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Top 5 “Writer” Anime Characters

PS has been watching anime as long as she's been living. For her, it's a perfect getaway to the cherished world where everything's possible.

Anime characters can be portrayed as anything and anyone. To make the story captivating, they are often given funny positions and weird situations to live with. You can imagine them as fugitives, high school students, waiters, sport-persons, ghost hunters, serial killers, or anything else that sounds fun and amusing. On the other hand, there would be few among you who would want their favorite anime characters to be a writer.

“Writer”, the moment you hear this word your mind processes a person sitting on his desk with spectacles on and writing either on a paper or a laptop. Sounds monotonous? Perhaps, yes. Though you may know that producing the best writing is one of the toughest jobs in the world, it still sounds dull and lethargic. If you share the same thought, then this is about to change.

Here is a list of 5 anime characters who are portrayed as writers. Not only they are ardent writers, but their undying charisma may also tempt you to pen down your own verse.

Shigure Sohma

Shigure Sohma

1. Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket

Shigure Sohma is one of the main characters of Fruits Basket. He is also one of the oldest members of the Cursed Sohmas. He is a writer by profession. Though in the anime it is suggested that he became a writer to deal with his curse, he is known to be the author of several famous literary novels. He is mostly known by his pen name Noa Kiritani, under which he writes erotic novels such as Summer-Colored Sigh.

He often acts lazy and dirty-minded, but deep down he is a smart guy with a manipulative mind. He knows his way as a writer of both romantic and academic books. He has a carefree personality and loves to tease his editor by not giving the pages on time.

Shigure has a typical writer personality. He let his thoughts run haywire. He constantly deviates from the subject when his editor asks him about the work progress. However, he enjoys great appreciation from his friends for having authored several known books.

To keep up his writing spirits intact, he regularly wears kimono inside the home. His name literally means “autumn showers month”, which is also the month of the Dog.

Junichiro Kagami

Junichiro Kagami

2. Junichiro Kagami from Denpa Kyoushi

Junichiro Kogami is the protagonist of the show. Though he is a scholar student, he spends most of his time improving his anime blog. He is also a great fan of Sachiko Tanaka, a truant student in the anime, who works as a mangaka under the pen name, Kisaki Tenjouin.

Besides his blogging skills, Kogami is highly skilled in physics. When he was just 17, he caused a great commotion in the scientific world by publishing a peculiar research paper. In this, he mentioned inventing a teleporting device quite similar to Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door”. His theory was ridiculed to a great extent, but none could disprove it.

He was offered top positions at several research centers, but he declined them all. He says he suffers from an incurable disease called “YD”, which means “let him do what he years to do”. Kagami is a great inspiration to those aspiring writers who struggle to maintain a work-life balance. He has a charismatic personality that lets him attract people and influence their lives.

Most important of all, Kagami is an extremely smart character. He knows how to find his personal benefits when he is forced to do something undesired. This is seen when he is demanded to work as a teacher and ends up encouraging his students to look into his gaming sites and so on.

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3. Jiraiya from Naruto

Jiraiya is a shrewd ninja of stupendous skill. He is an expert in intelligence gathering and can easily find information about a specific group or a person to use for his own advantage. His observation skills put him at an advantage in combat. It takes only a moment for him to understand his opponent’s moves and defend himself at his best.

These skills are the reasons which make him a great writer. He travels around the world to seek knowledge that’ll be beneficial for his friends as well as for writing his novels. He wants to help the world in whole and pass down the knowledge to his final student and godson, Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the anime.

Being a pervert, Jiraiya also wrote a popular series of adult novels and named it Icha Icha. These novels were the outcome of his peeping on naked women and the rejection he faced from Lady Tsunade. His novels gained such popularity that his account was filled with massive zeroes.

He isn’t only a good writer, but a great teacher also. He has continuously proven his worth by making each of his students a powerful and well-renowned Shinobi.

Subaru Mikazuki

Subaru Mikazuki

4. Subaru Mikazuki from My Roommate Is A Cat

Subaru is the protagonist of the anime. He is a well-known introverted mystery writer. His famous work includes the Shining in the Dark of Night and Shining in the Moonlit Night. He has a huge local fanbase. He also wrote a sequel to The Moon and The Sun.

His writing spirits go skyrocket when he adopts a stray Tuxedo cat named Haru. Initially aloof, he soon bonds with Haru and begins to learn the true meaning of love. Haru helps him become more friendly and interactive with the outside world.

It’s fun to watch a writer like Subaru Mikazuki as most of the time the story is told by his viewpoint. Clearly, an entertaining way to explore the writer’s mind. Also, half of the story is narrated by Haru who speaks about the lifestyle of Subaru as a writer as well as about his latest transformation from being an introvert to an ambivert.

Akito Takagi

Akito Takagi

5. Akito Takagi from Bakuman

Akito Takagi is one of the main characters of the series. He aspires to become a famous manga writer, though his lack of drawing skills often holds him back. Takagi is exceptionally intelligent, calculating, and quite observant of his surroundings. Due to which, he is the first to discover Mashiro Moritaka’s (another character in the anime) drawing talent. To ensure his dreams come true, he pairs up with Mashiro to write the best manga they can.

He claims manga to be the most popular medium of entertainment and thus, expects to earn plenty of money by writing it. Quite similar to other writers you must have known, Takagi gets easily frustrated when his work doesn’t produce results as expected.

He is very considerate of people’s opinions and can’t tolerate complaints about his work. He believes winning is the only option and always wants to stay at the top in the reader polls. It is mentioned in the anime that Takagi is talented enough to become a great editor someday.

It is tough to find characters who purely serve as writers in the anime. However, these five characters and also including Natsuno Kirihime from Dog and Scissors, Masamune Izumi from Eromanga-sensei, and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail are exemplary portrays of how a writer should be. A writer’s job isn’t all about writing; you need to be observant and conscious of your surrounding. These are important attributes that these characters perfectly exhibit.

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