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Top 5 Military Humor Pages

Justin is a combat veteran and writer who served the Marines for 13 years. Justin received a BSBA in 2015 and MBA (marketing focus) in 2017.


Out of Line

It's a different world. A sub-culture within sub-cultures. Within the 1% that make up the U.S. military lies a dark, twisted, sarcastic and hilarious realm where freedom of expression is manifested by service members. This is the world of military Facebook humor pages, and the laughter is just beginning. Brotherhood is formed by many of the rigors and challenges faced daily by the men and women of our armed forces; their hardships create a bond unlike anything known to the common man. But from those hardships come a different kind of bond, the kind that only the few and proud can relate to on a daily basis - the bond of humor. Within our armed forces, humor has always been one of the few ways to decompress from the struggles of intense training, impossible deadlines, mental exhaustion and the rigors of combat. It has become a necessity, and from the looks of these online outlets, the tougher the job, the darker the humor. If you're new to the military humor realm, strap in and get ready for boot camp. For the more experienced, here's some inside information on the admins that run 5 of the most well-known pages in the military (in no particular order).

JTTOTS: Always Watching


#1 Just the Tip, of the Spear

Perhaps the most notable and influential military humor page, JTTOTS (as they are known) may be considered one of the forefathers of military dark humor. JTTOTS has been featured in the Marine Corps Times for their hilarious content, massive following and seemingly anti-military rhetoric. A closer look at the page actually proves that although willing to speak on topics the Marine Corps may disapprove of, they are anything but anti-military.

Founded in 2011, Just the Tip, of the Spear has been “shut down” by Facebook (due to user complaints and content violations) 25 times. “We’re already on our 26th iteration, with a 27th prepared in case this one goes down again.” Being the subject of disapproval by Facebook users is part of the JTTOTS game; however, as their popularity is not just based on any content, but the kind that is sometimes publically embarrassing to the subjects of their attention. “The way we think here is, if we can help even one person a day, we’re doing it right – Granted, that help may come as something they don’t want, like shining a spotlight on someone doing something stupid. We do it so they don’t bring discredit upon themselves or the people they work with.” Although complaints by those featured on their page have caused repeated “shutdowns” throughout the years, many Marines now consider being featured on JTTOTS an honor.

Despite the intense secrecy surrounding the “admins” of JTTOTS, they agreed to answer a few questions for their followers and fans.

Why did you start JTTOTS?

“The purpose of the page has changed over the years, but it was simply created as a place for active duty, reserve, and military veterans to share and see things that, to most, would be considered morbidly funny at best. They [fans] usually have a dark sense of humor. We try to stay true to our roots, but like anything successful, we have grown and branched out. We currently try to be a resource for veterans, their spouses, and anyone curious about the military that wants an honest answer. We also offer an entirely anonymous forum for people to ask questions they might not be able to publicly, as well as counseling for veterans that may just be having a rough time.”

How much secrecy is involved with being an admin?

“Being an admin requires quite a bit of secrecy. We thoroughly check out everyone that may possibly be brought on board. We're a small, tight-knit community, and the fact that there may be backlash for the things we post makes it easier when there isn't anything to connect it to our careers.”

How do you develop your content?

“Our original content is gathered in one of two ways: we either have submissions from people following the page (which is always an anonymous process), or we search the Internet, do research, and provide information that we ensure is as accurate as possible.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve been sent in a message?

“There are honestly too many weird things that have been sent to us to even begin thinking about listing them.”

How many admins run your page?

“The number of admins on the page is always in flux. There are more than you'd expect, but less than you'd believe.”

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

“We are watching.”

Just the Tip, of the Spear Facebook

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Pop Smoke


#2 Pop Smoke

Started in January of 2015, Pop Smoke has quickly become one of the fastest growing military humor pages on Facebook; it’s easy to see why. A visit to Pop Smoke’s page will quickly reveal their immense sense of humor, a reflection of what the common military serviceman and women thirst for during their rigorous schedules. Being great at humor is not the only thing that Pop Smoke is about however, with an obvious passion for developing content that is meaningful to all veterans across the services.

For their fans, Pop Smoke agreed to give us some insight on what happens “behind the scenes.”

Why did you start your page?

“I started the page (January 21st, 2015) because my friends enjoyed my humor – I wanted to make people laugh, especially veterans.”

How do you develop your content?

“I don’t post anything involving my personal life or my friends. I make the majority of the memes I post and I pride myself on being a fresh source of content.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve been sent in a message?

“Periodically I’ll get people offering to buy the page. I normally give a very odd and humorous reply and post it for the fans to enjoy.”

How many “admins” run your page?

“We have 4 admins – El Guapo, Iron Maiden, Zenko and Broken_Arrow.”

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

“Veterans have sacrificed so much and we wanted to give something back - Be a place where you can generally rely on something new every day that's either funny or inspirational - and at the very least relatable. After everything veterans and active duty have given, it's the least they deserve.”

Pop Smoke Facebook Page


Marine Corps Memes


#3 Marine Corps Memes

According to their page, Marine Corps Memes was established on November 10, 1775 in a bar. Since then, MCM has grown to be one of the largest military humor pages on Facebook with over 126,000 followers. With other Facebook page admins siting them as one of their major influences, Marine Corps Memes helped create the entire genre of military humor pages.

Just a quick look at their “About” section gives us some insight to the level of thought put into their content and engagement with their fans:

“Disclaimer: Views on Website don't reflect personal views. This site is a parody page. It shares no endorsement with the military, nor permission to use its likeness. All views are intended to be light-hearted mockery. Don't post hateful, racist or overly derogatory content. Use your best judgment.”

The "admins" at Marine Corps Memes were kind enough to give us some insight on what it's like to run such an influential page, here's what they had to say:

Why did you start your page?

"We started our page because there was a hole in the Facebook world. Memes were becoming a huge thing and we thought "shit why not?!" I bet veterans would like memes, I guess we were right."

How much secrecy is involved with being an "admin"?

"There's not much secrecy on my end in being an admin. I've got nothing to hide and I can hold my own in a keyboard firefight. I don't actively post who I am but if someone wants to know they can ask. All of my vet friends are like hey this is Barrett, he runs Marine Corps Memes, when introducing me to other vets. It's actually pretty funny."

How long ago did you start your page?

"We started our page about 8 years ago or so. Personally I joined the page as an admin/content creator about 4 years ago."

How do you develop your content?

"We develop our content through fan submissions, current events, and just personal experience in the corps. Personally I was an 0311 and the page creator was in the air field. I can't remember exactly what his MOS was, but it was of the POG variety haha."

What's the craziest thing you've been sent in a message?

"Craziest thing I've seen in a message would either probably be fans submitting ex-girlfriends or cheating wives to "make famous" which we kinda shy away from over here. That or people getting super butthurt about posts. It's kinda funny when someone gets upset about a post about military humor and they haven't ever served. Just makes me chuckle and be like "when you get some ground to stand on, I'll take it down!" Lol"

How many "admins" do you have?

"We have 2 admins that run the page, myself "50" and Brian. He doesn't have a cool nickname. Myself, 50 was given to me while I was in the corps because my first name is Barrett."

What would you like to say to your fans?

"I'd like to say one thing to our fans, and that's thank you. Thank you for making this page one of the best communities on Facebook. There's nothing like the bond that comes from serving, and after you're out, and miss it, or before you're in and yearn for it, there's nothing like it. We're glad that people contribute and want to laugh at the F'd up parts of the military. While I was in, I was always in a good mood and nothing ever brought me down so after I got out I wanted to continue to bring a smile to the Marines and others who supported our military. There's a lot of bad sh*t in this world, I've seen a lot of it, but if there's one thing that can bring a unit together it's laughing about messed up sh*t and coming closer as a whole. So all laughter aside, we at Marine Corps Memes just want to bring a funny side to the guys that deal with so much messed up stuff everyday."

Marine Corps Memes Facebook Page


#4 The Good Idea Fairy

The Good Idea Fairy is one of the very few pages run exclusively by Marine Corps infantryman (so you can forgive the frequency of their posts). Started after the 3rd deployment of an 03XX, The Good Idea Fairy was designed as a creative outlet for the frustrations surrounding the active duty life. With a focus on “grunt” specific knowledge and humor, TGIF has earned a hardcore following of those who “get it.” Over time, the grunts have grown into additional interests to include current events and political outlooks.

Despite the obvious lack of time available to the creative minds behind the page, we were lucky enough to get a few quick answers from their founding admin.

Why did you start your page?

“I started the page because I needed an outlet. The Marine Corps just does such a great job of putting you in situations that you can’t do anything about – my release was to joke about them. I knew I wanted to do something different as well as apply some original content so I started making comics in the beginning, which went over very well. As I started gaining followers and attention, I brought on an additional admin and began doing work as a content developer for other well-known pages."

When did you start?

“The Good Idea Fairy was started sometime in 2013. Since then, deployments, training and major life changes have made it difficult to put as much time into it as we should, but it’s still an outlet for us and others to enjoy.”

How much secrecy is involved in being an admin?

“The admin world is a crazy one. Most of the admins from the major pages know each other quite well, even messaging each other often. Only a handful of them allow the others to know who they really are though. There’s definitely a lot of secrecy. When I began working on content for other pages they damn near did a background check on me to ensure I wasn’t NCIS or something. Honestly, the secrecy is there to protect the personal lives of those who create content, but to some, it’s also just there because it seems cool.”

Where do you get your content?

“When the page started, 99% of the content came strictly from seeing dumb things happen all around me at work everyday, then making comics about it. Now, about half is original and half shared posts from other great pages around Facebook.”

What's the weirdest thing someone has sent your page in a message?

“This is going to blow minds, but I’m saying this as someone who managed 4 pages at once – people WANT to be made fun of on Facebook. At least 25% of the content that is sent in to admins to poke fun at some idiot doing something wrong, is sent by the person in the picture. Don’t feel bad for these dumb dumbs.”

How many admins are there for your page?

“Two admins and one baby alpaca named Gandolf – he’s in a probationary period so we’ll see how he does.”

Anything you want to say to your followers?

“We truly appreciate your support of the page – we definitely would have quit a long time ago if it wasn’t for the followers. We sincerely hope that we can make your terrible day a little happier – even if just for a moment.”

The Good Idea Fairy Facebook


Chesty Puller's Ghost


#5 Chesty Puller's Ghost

A name idolized by every active duty, reserve and former Marine since World War II, Lieutenant General “Chesty” Puller has become synonymous with hardcore wartime ethics. In the modern era, “Chesty” is referenced with both humor and love, reminding Marines to work hard and take no “BS” from anyone. It’s no wonder Chesty Puller’s Ghost has quickly caught the attention of over 76,000 followers from past and present service members – in just under 2 years.

With the spirit of Chesty Puller in mind, it was an honor to gain some wisdom and insight from the creative minds behind the page. Here’s what they had to say:

Why did you start your page?

“I started the page because I wanted to bring the essence of some of the things that Marines talk about, in places like the smoke pit, or in the field, that relate to life as a Marine - in a way that motivates and brings back that sense of pride and accomplishment of being a Marine, but enduring the everyday "suck" of being a Devil Dog.”

How much secrecy is involved in being an “admin”?

“It depends on how "private" You want to be. I only have a small circle of friends that know that I admin for Chesty Puller's Ghost and others. I like it that way. I have a "burner" account from which I run my pages. My personal profile isn't linked to my burner profile or any of my pages in any way. It's just a preference.”

Where do you get your content?

“Sometimes content comes to me at odd times, like while I'm in the porta-shitter on the range, or in the middle of the night. I have a lot of apps that I use to make different memes and videos quickly, so an idea never goes to waste. Some content flops, and some things get really popular and get shared thousands of times. Other times I just share content from other pages, or news sources or even content that people ask me to share.”

What's the weirdest thing someone has sent your page in a message?

“I've had plenty of propositions for sex or hate mail. The funniest one was a guy that wanted me to be his date to the Marine Corps ball. Some people message the page to just shoot the shit, or brag about how they were Navy SEAL Delta Rangers.”

How many admins are there for your page?

“There’s only one admin on this page. I like it that way. I can monitor my own content, there's never any conflict on how to run the page, and there's no butting heads on what the page should contain. Some pages have multiple admins, and when I tell them that I'm the only one on my page, they're a little surprised. Being an admin is somewhat tough work.”

What would you like to say to your fans?

“I want to thank my regular commenters, likers and sharers (if those are even a thing). I'm not sure any of the fans have noticed, but I try to "like" as many comments as I can. I feel that if they're going to take the time to comment on my page, the least I can do is read it, and let you know that I've read it.”

Chesty Puller's Ghost Facebook




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